50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

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Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  1. AGN
    2 timmar sedan

    That guy is constantly dancing around. Looks like his cocaine dealer is doing great.

  2. it'sMsMCCreeps
    2 timmar sedan

    As an Asian, I find it amusing and weird that other people use strainers, measuring cups for water and such.

  3. Kranch
    3 timmar sedan

    Just what the doctor ordered

  4. Opiuchi
    4 timmar sedan

    I just noticed gordon's dirty nails. please have clean nails when u cook pls

  5. Jacob Onilongo
    Jacob Onilongo
    4 timmar sedan

    when im watching this vid his dislikes likes are at 666

  6. swati krishna
    swati krishna
    4 timmar sedan

    Now that's what I call a salmon slap Dishhhjjjjj

  7. Gonzalo Rayo
    Gonzalo Rayo
    5 timmar sedan

    You never ever add oil to the water, British think they know everything and they actually do every thing not correctly...

  8. Christian Brobst
    Christian Brobst
    7 timmar sedan

    Is it just me or did Gordon seem more excited cooking rice than normally?

  9. 94andrea
    7 timmar sedan

    There's absolutely no need to add oil in boiling water to cook pasta, that's just a waste of extra virgin olive oil that's also quite expensive if it's pure and of high quality; just use big pots, stir when you put pasta into the pot and keep stiring every 2/3 mins. Indeed, from a chemical point of view, water and oil form a mixture when stired, not a solution, therefore the two will remain separate and all of the oil will float on the water very soon, so adding it it's simply pointless and wasteful. Also, add salt just in the water and in the condiments, not when you drain the pasta otherwise it won't be evenly distributed and, also, it's the best way make it over salted.

  10. Paty Chaquinga
    Paty Chaquinga
    8 timmar sedan

    Yo viendo todo lo maravilloso de este chef no lo entiendo nada xq no se nada de inglés pero me gusta verlo ❤

  11. Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher
    8 timmar sedan

    Oil in pasta water??? Nooooo!

  12. Princess Malak
    Princess Malak
    10 timmar sedan

    People don’t like clumps in rice-

  13. dabadaba
    10 timmar sedan

    Wash your hands after dealing with chilies .If you don't think you need to then rub your eyes next time .

  14. Colette Chisholm
    Colette Chisholm
    10 timmar sedan

    His dancing around always make him look like he has to pee!

  15. turtle4614
    11 timmar sedan

    The difference between amazing chefs and most others is the level of passion they involve.

  16. Andrew Taveira
    Andrew Taveira
    13 timmar sedan

    Tip for leftover bread: açorda 😉 your welcome

  17. Olubunmi Adeola
    Olubunmi Adeola
    13 timmar sedan

    Gordon ramsay is the best chef in the world , if you think so live a like and comment thanks

  18. Vale
    13 timmar sedan

    13:04 *SNAP!*

  19. Kerry O'Brien
    Kerry O'Brien
    13 timmar sedan


  20. Ardi Noka
    Ardi Noka
    13 timmar sedan

    These tips have helped me a lot and saved me a lot of time . Day by day im getting better on my chef adventure and learning new stuff.

  21. xMrDesmond
    14 timmar sedan

    Tip Nr. 100-51 use a lot of Butter

  22. PotatoMC
    14 timmar sedan

    The fucking cameraman. Dude I am getting dizzy just watching this wtf is up with the insane zooming

  23. Maxi Aguirre
    Maxi Aguirre
    15 timmar sedan

    18:55 that doesn't work if you have the hand of a pro musician

  24. Kaladin Stormblessed
    Kaladin Stormblessed
    15 timmar sedan

    Isn't that a knife honer not a sharpener?

  25. Vera Tan Burks
    Vera Tan Burks
    16 timmar sedan

    I love this guy, he’s not just know how to do it, he put his heart onto it, he just loves what he’s doing. Learned alot today Gordon, thank you.

  26. mohammad abdulah
    mohammad abdulah
    16 timmar sedan

    Anyone can cook but not all can cook professionally. I am the latter 😥😥

  27. Dominykas Wallat
    Dominykas Wallat
    18 timmar sedan

    Gordon has the "i have to pee very hard" energy

  28. Si1ver Acc.
    Si1ver Acc.
    18 timmar sedan

    Can I ask you about a Peruvian way of cooking rice? Grandma style

  29. Ramses V
    Ramses V
    18 timmar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen --- never ever stay still. Always bounce around like you had WAY TOO MUCH Caffeine and sugar. Remember Dance like a butterfly

  30. Sandi Elefant
    Sandi Elefant
    19 timmar sedan

    I love the heart of the Tips message "no waste". Wonderful, helpful tips. Thanks GR!!

  31. Audrey Beeler
    Audrey Beeler
    19 timmar sedan

    💕 all your tips, thank you much, learned alot.

  32. Marisol Reyes
    Marisol Reyes
    20 timmar sedan

    Thank you Ramsay the way you manage you skill with rules, is the way to have a good kitchen and meals for your family.... Hands down.

  33. maryam radmehr
    maryam radmehr
    20 timmar sedan

    Such a waste of rice

    21 timme sedan

    i was hoping that gordon would wipe his face after rubbing the chillies lmao

  35. sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty
    22 timmar sedan

    eat that.

  36. Sunset Animator
    Sunset Animator
    Dag sedan

    Slapping the salmon onto the table... very slappable

  37. Rose Klingenschmid
    Rose Klingenschmid
    Dag sedan

    The Italians always say - Never put oil when cooking pasta!!!!! Put salt in the water, that's it.I learned it w/ all my Italian Friends.

  38. Petrea Potlog
    Petrea Potlog
    Dag sedan

    My god, You are a god ! 😂😅😄

  39. Craig Relyea
    Craig Relyea
    Dag sedan

    Gordon, probably should've gone pee before shooting this video. You look like my 5-year old not wanting to stop playing to take a potty break.

  40. GG Supps men
    GG Supps men
    Dag sedan

    quality looks like something straight out of 2011

  41. JD Bimmer
    JD Bimmer
    Dag sedan

    I learned a lot! Thank you, Chef!

  42. Shayne Kreitzer
    Shayne Kreitzer
    Dag sedan

    Love the enthusiasm Gordon has in everything cooking. Thanks for sharing.

  43. A R
    A R
    Dag sedan

    Gordon, you're a really good chef. What makes you so good imo is, that you love what you do and I can see that in every food you prepare. I grew up in a restaurant. My whole family consists of good chefs (from the Mediterrenean). I dare to say that I know, when I see a person that knows very well about cooking. I'm one of the guys that were at the stove when grandma and mother cooked food from as long as I can think back. Just by watching you prepare food I know what it tastes like...and I love it. Funny: Your tip for the Vanilla is exactly what I do since...always. Coffee with vanilla infused sugar tastes so much better...and of course food as well. What I also do is infusing salt that way. Maybe you could try this for yourself? Vanilla doesn't always have to be prepared sweet. ;-) I whole heartetly disagree with oil in the water for boiling noodles. Oil covers the noodles and they can't absorb the sauce anymore. Yeah, they stick together when there is a surplus. It doesn't matter, because you don't keep cooked noodles. You prepare the amount you need and not more and in the circumstance you have a surplus you just cook them a minute to loosen them up...or put them in the sauce. They will separate. There is another way of telling how firm the meat is. Thumb and ring finger pressed against each other=blue - touching the flesh between thumb and pointer. Thumb and middle finger= medium rare Thumb and pointer= done I am by no means a chef...I just watched my family cooking food. We're from Dalamatia by the sea where they grow mussels and oysters, produce sea salt, wine and olive oil. I'm sure you've been there and if not...well, it's worth a visit. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ston see for yourself...

  44. Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler
    Dag sedan

    You can keep your pasta from sticking by pulling it out of the water with tongs rather than dumping all of the starchy water back over it in a colendar. Do NOT add oil to it if you plan mix it with a sauce, because the sauce won't stick to the noodles. The primary purpose for a noodle is to grab the sauce. Other than that, these are all good tips.

  45. giovmi
    Dag sedan

    After seeing you cooking pasta, I can't understand how you are considered one of the best chef in world. Please watch Massimo Bottura, hopefully you'll learn how to cook pasta properly...

  46. Josh Turner Guitar
    Josh Turner Guitar
    Dag sedan

    Eggs exception re salt: Scrambling/omelets. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt suggest salting early, and it's truly great. Also, the hottest part of the chili is not the seeds. it is the white part that the seeds are attached to, the membrane. excellent video though, love this dude

  47. Peter G
    Peter G
    Dag sedan

    What bloody awful sharpening technique. Please don’t follow this.

  48. Olga Ursu
    Olga Ursu
    Dag sedan

    Sa se traducă.

  49. Touched by a Guru
    Touched by a Guru
    Dag sedan

    that COOKING TIPS graphic is appearing way too often ! omg !!

  50. ParamboyTV
    Dag sedan

    il sale sulla pasta neanche in africa

  51. jhtb j
    jhtb j
    Dag sedan

    Why would I have wine leftovers?

  52. Carol Vasseur Scanu
    Carol Vasseur Scanu
    Dag sedan

    Very interesting except.... oil in the pasta water? Will NEVER happen in italy and you know better! WTF!

  53. A table Juju
    A table Juju
    Dag sedan


  54. Gerry Laksono
    Gerry Laksono
    Dag sedan

    "A good cook wastes nothing." Damn, I respect him so much.

  55. Guillermo Parraguez
    Guillermo Parraguez
    Dag sedan

    To make pasta never add salt into water before it boils

  56. Rosita Novela
    Rosita Novela
    Dag sedan


  57. nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy
    Dag sedan

    What’s really interesting about this video is he didn’t know it was being filmed. He was just hanging out alone in his kitchen.

  58. Henrik Orre
    Henrik Orre
    Dag sedan

    Gordon Ramsay: 9:08 Do not lift that lid up Also Gordon Ramsay: 9:11 Lid off

  59. Sedzani Thilivhali
    Sedzani Thilivhali
    Dag sedan

    Dude said "nice long strokes" 3 times in this video

  60. Sedzani Thilivhali
    Sedzani Thilivhali
    Dag sedan

    If you ever had any doubt that Gordon was a pro, this is your answer

    1. nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy
      Dag sedan

      Why does he look like always in a rush 😂

  61. gaurav shah
    gaurav shah
    Dag sedan

    You've already got loads of money. Four ads on a single video? Really?

  62. Vork81
    Dag sedan

    'left over wine' what a laugh!

  63. Maverick
    Dag sedan

    What kind of nife do you recommend

  64. XRailgun Gamer
    XRailgun Gamer
    Dag sedan

    Watching so I'll become a Wise Sandwich.

  65. umi sarah
    umi sarah
    Dag sedan

    indonesian mom seeing gordon de-seeding the chili 😏 😏😏 don't make me laugh

  66. Zaakie
    Dag sedan

    People from kitchen nightmares: This is absolutely useless!

  67. N S
    N S
    Dag sedan

    But isn’t oil on pasta like a huge no-no?😭

  68. Roula ِAjib رلى عجيب
    Roula ِAjib رلى عجيب
    Dag sedan

    Nice to be reminded with these tips every now and then 😊👌

  69. The Push
    The Push
    Dag sedan

    Fillet... "fill-it"?

  70. Gadsya Angela
    Gadsya Angela
    Dag sedan

    Gordon washes his rice .. and he just earned asian badge 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 whoohooo

  71. Gsiwytw Xhsuwyhs
    Gsiwytw Xhsuwyhs
    Dag sedan

    The silly forest systemically applaud because archaeology methodically smile minus a assorted crack. half, waiting athlete

  72. Damorin
    Dag sedan

    Step one: learn swearing

  73. TheLegit TUBER
    TheLegit TUBER
    Dag sedan

    I read the the thumbnail as 50 000 cooking tips lol

  74. Xiiandali
    2 dagar sedan

    Every time Gordon moves around while taking, I just feel like he really needs to take a piss.

  75. bamers
    2 dagar sedan

    Why does he look like always in a rush 😂

  76. Sartika Sy
    Sartika Sy
    2 dagar sedan

    I think your rice is too wet. Need a lil bit more time in small heat. Or just cook it in rice cooker. Very easy

  77. Selin
    2 dagar sedan

    it feels very ironic to hear a man who wastes food in many creative ways for reality cooking shows saying "no waste".

  78. Asphalt - Cowboy94
    Asphalt - Cowboy94
    2 dagar sedan

    I'd kill for Gordon's energy.

  79. Blockshift 757
    Blockshift 757
    2 dagar sedan

    The rice...

  80. Amy Jensen
    Amy Jensen
    2 dagar sedan

    I love how he’s so keen about cooking that he can’t even stand still

  81. SafDaBoss Gaming
    SafDaBoss Gaming
    2 dagar sedan

    "Lightly seasoned" *Throws in Mt. Everest*

  82. Ethan Shepley
    Ethan Shepley
    2 dagar sedan

    I've always added salt and pepper before cooking eggs. New routine thanks to Gordon.

  83. Vanessa Labossiere
    Vanessa Labossiere
    2 dagar sedan

    How do I print out this video to put in my kitchen ?

  84. Baby Bop
    Baby Bop
    2 dagar sedan

    Did he do 80 lines of coke before they filmed him?

  85. low life Aquarium
    low life Aquarium
    2 dagar sedan

    I can already see Uncle roger judging Gordon Ramsey making rice!😅😂

  86. Runaway Cat
    Runaway Cat
    2 dagar sedan

    Cant listen to this the same after hearing 'Gordon Talks Dirty' hahaha

  87. Marni Parni
    Marni Parni
    2 dagar sedan

    First time watching this. I really enjoyed it. It was informative and calm. I didn't like Hells Kitchen. It stressed me out. This though is absolutely awesome!!!🙂

  88. Asche
    2 dagar sedan

    "just like a perfect snake skin. Tss"

  89. Lemon Nonsense
    Lemon Nonsense
    2 dagar sedan

    no introduction lol

  90. hpsfl
    2 dagar sedan

    Is... Gordon Wearing true religion jeans? In 2021?

  91. johnhamlin
    2 dagar sedan

    Did Gordon and the camera guy do like three rails each before filming?

  92. iCntThnk
    2 dagar sedan

    13:52 "Just like a perfect snakeskin... *Ssssss* 🐍"

  93. z z
    z z
    2 dagar sedan

    Oil prevents from the sauce sticking to the pasta !!!! Do not put oil with your pasta when boiling it

  94. z z
    z z
    2 dagar sedan

    I learned not to put oil in the pan when cooking pasta...

  95. felixG83
    2 dagar sedan

    "tea towel"? I didn't know I'd need a translator

  96. Kath Smith
    Kath Smith
    2 dagar sedan

    Never noticed he was left handed before. Yay team lefties.

  97. No Name
    No Name
    2 dagar sedan

    Why is he bouncing so much

  98. smathfury
    2 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsey: Inspiring chefs and cooks to be total egotistical assholes ever since his mum plopped him out of her Pusbox.

  99. Shorty ETM
    Shorty ETM
    2 dagar sedan

    4:04-4:18.... most important tip ever

  100. Ghost Dagger
    Ghost Dagger
    2 dagar sedan

    Do the kids ever get wasted grabbing a glass of ice water?