Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...


  1. SmarterEveryDay
    2 månader sedan

    Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

    1. AnhThy Nguyen
      AnhThy Nguyen
      14 dagar sedan

      Do you have the link for the pool table? Thank you.

    2. Martin Croft
      Martin Croft
      16 dagar sedan

      yes, but can he get the ball to go supersonic?

    3. yaldram muqadis
      yaldram muqadis
      17 dagar sedan

      Destin knows so much yet he's still surprised by literally everything he sees

    4. Moonlight Gaming
      Moonlight Gaming
      18 dagar sedan

      I KNEW I recognized you in the video

    5. Aravind kumar s
      Aravind kumar s
      19 dagar sedan


  2. Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival
    Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival
    2 timmar sedan

    Awesome video, I have always loved billiards. I watched the part about the sponsor as well, unfortunately that does me no good since they don't have a store in my state. I would have loved to check it out, it almost reminds me of the Radio Shack back in the day, yea I'm old lol anyway thank you for everything you do 🙂 Take care and stay awesome!

  3. theRIPPLER
    2 timmar sedan

    This was freaking AWESOME!

  4. Kain Hayter
    Kain Hayter
    2 timmar sedan


  5. STiTCH Lam
    STiTCH Lam
    3 timmar sedan

    Just look how much calculations our brain do in milliseconds, sub7ana Allah.

  6. Viktor H
    Viktor H
    4 timmar sedan

    you could me the next tony stark

  7. Joseph Jimenez
    Joseph Jimenez
    6 timmar sedan

    Now I wanna see Efren "Bata" Reyes vs your Cue :P

  8. darkcloud
    13 timmar sedan

    .....your wife looks like the evil twin of Kirsten Dunst. and that's cool

  9. Clément Baron
    Clément Baron
    22 timmar sedan

    Wow this is next level

  10. Mike
    23 timmar sedan

    I want one...

    Dag sedan

    Why does his wife keep losing? She must be doing it on purpose.

  12. Sports4u
    Dag sedan

    Everything is in God’s plan

  13. bigbassjonz
    Dag sedan

    Extreme trick shots or solving the table in the least amount of strikes would be fun to see.

  14. Jackson Lima
    Jackson Lima
    Dag sedan

    I thought I was smart at the beginning of this video. Now I've got depression.

  15. PK
    Dag sedan

    Please make a basketball rebounder so 1 guy can shoot hoops without having to go back under the basket, grab the ball, then walk back out 15 or 20 feet and shoot again. Have you ever seen a vibrator for harvesting nut trees? There’s a thing that looks like a round tarp that wraps around the tree to catch all the nuts when they get vibrated out of the tree. If you have something like that under the basket to catch the shots then feeds it back into the ball shooter that tracks you wherever you are on the court, then immediately fires the ball back at you. You could even have the ball shooter loaded with 4-5 balls and have it fire a ball at you as soon as it detects the ball bouncing into the retrieval net. If you got this thing to work like I know you can, you could patent it and sell millions. 3 point shooters like Larry Bird was would have loved something like this considering he used to shoot 500-1,000 shots while practicing.

  16. 3970xRocks
    Dag sedan

    Ok - you've got the job of building my robot girlfriend.

  17. Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson
    Dag sedan

    #☺ 👏:💛: 💌 1% 🎅 💝

  18. joesph houde
    joesph houde
    Dag sedan

    if the stick could move itself into position could build a bunch of tables and have an online real tornament.

  19. JKelliPjona
    Dag sedan

    imagine calculating it the way that in one shoot u can win whole game

  20. Chris M
    Chris M
    2 dagar sedan

    "Robots are better than us" Show me a robot that ever built a human even a robot that created, built, and programmed itself to do something for that matter....

    1. Chris M
      Chris M
      Dag sedan

      @genci cano Which came first the robot or the human?

    2. genci cano
      genci cano
      Dag sedan

      robots can build robots but it's physically impossible to build a human

  21. virtual-adam
    2 dagar sedan

    12:36 This part where he used it with a normal cue would make a great commercial product, similar to Pool Live Aid that some students from Portugal made. That seems to have stalled, maybe it was too expensive to develop?

  22. Shinigami13
    2 dagar sedan

    My guy said which implies I'm an idiot. I'm just like bruh you built a robot and created code what? Am I mentally challenged?

  23. θοδωρης τεο
    θοδωρης τεο
    2 dagar sedan

    What a brain

  24. MeowC
    2 dagar sedan

    Bring in a pro

  25. Enki Callosa
    Enki Callosa
    2 dagar sedan

    Have you tried giving a thought using multiple cameras where it will digitally stitch the image and correct the image distortion? Could increase image precision and efficiency of imagw guessing. Anyway nice vid. Thanks

  26. Bob Kowalski
    Bob Kowalski
    2 dagar sedan

    Introduce RNG and better RNG gamepass alongside with it.

  27. Bob Kowalski
    Bob Kowalski
    2 dagar sedan

    "wife mode"

  28. Gadzooks27
    2 dagar sedan


  29. Syahril
    2 dagar sedan

    How could this man, has the audacity to call himself an idiot. If he is an idiot, then what am I?

    1. genci cano
      genci cano
      Dag sedan


  30. Juan Rousselot
    Juan Rousselot
    2 dagar sedan

    you are my new hero.

  31. Muthukumaran Parathasarathy
    Muthukumaran Parathasarathy
    3 dagar sedan

    My question is how much storage does his software’s take Rip his computer

  32. Pietro Moopy
    Pietro Moopy
    3 dagar sedan

    Wow 2.67M subscribers. Last time I was here it was around 200k.

  33. Eljo Toci
    Eljo Toci
    3 dagar sedan

    Ok honestly... I do not know much about coding but is it required to set the linear equations your self on coding or is it like a "preset" formula that you can just insert in the code and the computer sets up everything...

    1. Raspberry
      8 timmar sedan

      It depends on the programming langauge and is it a common formula. He is using python so chances are he just has to call a function with the right parameters to get the results Edit: Looked at where he showed the code and now it looks like he wrote it himself (i think) but with the right libraries (basically code someone else already wrote) he wouldn't have

  34. Roger Deutsch
    Roger Deutsch
    3 dagar sedan

    So many fantastic Engineering challenges exposed and explained. It's fantastic that the author took on the challenge and then even better that he exposed the challenges that he struggled with. Such a cool project -- beyond words really -- and a really great and entertaining video. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Pablo Kahura
    Pablo Kahura
    3 dagar sedan

    Haven't subbed to anyone for over a year now but this, this I had to sub to

  36. عودة باب الحارة
    عودة باب الحارة
    3 dagar sedan

    i have one single question ... how much time did this project take ? you are the most genius person on SEget.

  37. The lucky one
    The lucky one
    3 dagar sedan

    Coming from an engineer who did his degree in one of the most prestigious universities in the world... you sir are one hell of an engineer. Much respect

    3 dagar sedan

    When he didn't mention undistorting the camera I knew something bad was gonna happen there lol

  39. Senseless Babble
    Senseless Babble
    3 dagar sedan

    Taking shots without chalk on the cue tip is killing me!!! :-p

  40. Video Superhero
    Video Superhero
    4 dagar sedan

    The internet society is broken because this video should have more value, awesome stuff.

  41. Aaron Lin
    Aaron Lin
    4 dagar sedan

    "getting this done was about as hard as labor"

  42. zachary kennedy
    zachary kennedy
    4 dagar sedan

    I think the ability to connect to online pool games elevated this project from something amazing to something marketable. I could absolutely see the kind of person who puts a pool table in their basement shelling out a couple grand for a more refined version of this. Obviously not everything cool needs to be commodified though.

  43. CV M
    CV M
    4 dagar sedan

    increadible, great. I can't believe sby just builds a robot like this in his garage - simply genius.

  44. Kai Y
    Kai Y
    4 dagar sedan

    This guy is just one lab accident away from becoming a super villain!

  45. Gabriel Cowley
    Gabriel Cowley
    4 dagar sedan

    what's a fancy word for mistake?: 12:18 lol

  46. Axel Foley
    Axel Foley
    4 dagar sedan

    This fkn guy's brain humbled the hell out of me! 😖

  47. vad199
    4 dagar sedan

    Какая бесполезная херня :)

  48. Axel Foley
    Axel Foley
    4 dagar sedan

    5:09 😆😆😆😆

  49. T Bow
    T Bow
    4 dagar sedan

    Does anybody ever notice the 3rd monitor on the top alway has something funny/random?

  50. L S
    L S
    4 dagar sedan

    Wife: "The robot is not your kid. We've talked about this..."

  51. Alaric Hanson
    Alaric Hanson
    4 dagar sedan

    What are your computers specs?

  52. Seannie Trent-Cannon
    Seannie Trent-Cannon
    4 dagar sedan

    The microcenter ad was amazingly surprising. I didn't expect them to do this! When I worked for them, they never did advertisements.

  53. Robert Vosburg
    Robert Vosburg
    4 dagar sedan

    Mark Rober enters chat

  54. Fiyak Hue
    Fiyak Hue
    5 dagar sedan

    I honestly wanted to see the pool stick making insane shots in this video, (Longer demonstration of the stick working). I feel like most of it was just explaining the pool stick, and not showing it work.

  55. KwikDraw 35
    KwikDraw 35
    5 dagar sedan

    crazy video glad i found this

    1. tev
      4 dagar sedan

      1 like yet 4th comment down cause youre verified bruh

  56. SuperPro Cz
    SuperPro Cz
    5 dagar sedan

    Wow so genious👏👏👏

  57. SuperPro Cz
    SuperPro Cz
    5 dagar sedan

    What app are you using for that drawing?

  58. Mark Panya Wienands
    Mark Panya Wienands
    5 dagar sedan

    This guy in another different trip than the rest of us.

  59. Joe Salmi
    Joe Salmi
    5 dagar sedan

    Attach the auto cue to the robot arm and have it play you...

  60. Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis
    5 dagar sedan

    If Bill Gates was 21 years old….

  61. TheBronf
    5 dagar sedan

    imagain going to a real tourament and bringing this to it. your still using skill. just your brain power skill.

  62. Jon Masters
    Jon Masters
    5 dagar sedan

    Your videos are inspiring and wonderful

  63. Anshaj Shukla
    Anshaj Shukla
    5 dagar sedan

    This is the best thing I ever got before pursuing my Engineering

  64. RectalSniff
    5 dagar sedan

    Crazy idea have everyone in the crowd aim a shot and take an average of them all and that's the crowds shot

  65. Alex Uhrin
    Alex Uhrin
    5 dagar sedan

    so much respect for you man, I know how much pain is it to program something but this is on entirely new level. It is something I would never be able to do myself so big up man.

  66. Tonton Gahu
    Tonton Gahu
    6 dagar sedan

    Overengineering pool just the right amount 😂

  67. Ashley Walls
    Ashley Walls
    6 dagar sedan


  68. Achitha Kithsindu
    Achitha Kithsindu
    6 dagar sedan

    She don't appreciate your knowledge... Why is she don't care about you ?

  69. ZombieMayhem53
    6 dagar sedan

    "I want to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played." *Builds robot pool cue*

  70. Roee Almog
    Roee Almog
    6 dagar sedan

    Just Amazing!!!!

  71. Ian Naschke
    Ian Naschke
    6 dagar sedan

    Punch yourself in the face for 5 days? Just blame parents.

  72. dpsay pisr
    dpsay pisr
    6 dagar sedan

    it can be a great business if develop in a single normal size stick but yes no one wants to involve robot in their own entertainment but maybe people like it!

  73. Dennis Aguilar
    Dennis Aguilar
    6 dagar sedan

    Most stupid invention in history of universe

  74. Unspeakable Minion
    Unspeakable Minion
    6 dagar sedan

    Wonder how much he could charge for tutoring lessons? With his skills, a private lesson/session would be hella expensive

  75. Max Dax
    Max Dax
    6 dagar sedan

    9:02 - this is some highly complex project, every little thing here matters. interesting.

  76. Abhinav Bommareddy
    Abhinav Bommareddy
    6 dagar sedan

    next time VR instead of a projector

  77. Abraham Elder
    Abraham Elder
    7 dagar sedan

    I really enjoyed this, even though at my skill level I couldn't develope 1/20th of this. Thank you for showing it to me. It encourages me to pursue robotics and STEM for the pure sake of enjoyment.

  78. Samuel Southcombe
    Samuel Southcombe
    7 dagar sedan

    I'd love to work for you man you're work is awesome I'm a qualified builder in New Zealand love you're content!! What did you do basically ,,course wise,, to acquire these skills?

  79. Slyger
    7 dagar sedan

    or you could attach it to a robot arm

  80. Romarain public
    Romarain public
    7 dagar sedan

    This is one of the greatest video I've seen since months. The guy is so smart and talented that I can't barely believe what I see. There is many technologies involved here, and how many hours of hard work ? Jesus. If I had a friend like him, I would spent all my free time conceiving stuffs to change the world. YOU SHOULD MAKE A WEBPAGE with all the programs you used, all the softwares (the one with graphs and simulations). How can someone visualize the camera lense deformation like he did, and make the appropriate algorithm (based on maths) to recompose the true image ? You should work with NASA or Elon Musk or Boston Dynamics. Hope you're enjoying life, you diserve it. People like you are so valuable.

  81. ltmesq
    7 dagar sedan

    7:17 had me cracking up - “I want to be unencumbered. I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played.”

  82. Phyzxengr Moore
    Phyzxengr Moore
    7 dagar sedan

    Now build an overhead turret robot. This was done in the movie Silent running.

  83. The C. Tyson Synopsis
    The C. Tyson Synopsis
    7 dagar sedan

    I feel like a dolt after watching this guy's videos... Absolute Genius level skills.

  84. Yedy Booz
    Yedy Booz
    7 dagar sedan

    I want to face you in pool

  85. Adam Jonsson
    Adam Jonsson
    8 dagar sedan

    the automatic side chaining on the music is harsh, man very clever though.

  86. Copy Caleb
    Copy Caleb
    8 dagar sedan

    Make a pineapple that senses people walk though your door

  87. Rico
    8 dagar sedan

    I agree, building a robot is about as hard as labor

  88. Magsons Investments Ltd Mil
    Magsons Investments Ltd Mil
    8 dagar sedan

    The world needs you to create prothesis, your amazing amazing

  89. Akshai
    8 dagar sedan

    11:09 👌 Sometimes it's best to move on: why quitting is nothing to be ashamed of Noted 👌🙏

  90. Mathiassss
    8 dagar sedan

    Have you considered the element Chaos? What happens if force provided exceeds table capacity? It doesn't how much you calculate, because it will always leave the table F-

  91. shane Christopher Perkins
    shane Christopher Perkins
    8 dagar sedan


  92. Steve Hartley
    Steve Hartley
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  93. icy hot
    icy hot
    8 dagar sedan

    sounds like a good idea to just use the software to calculate the shots and just hit it with regular pool sticks. it sure would make a great trainer for people.

  94. JMUDoc
    8 dagar sedan

    Microcenter spot. *cries in UK.

  95. Rachit Kumar
    Rachit Kumar
    8 dagar sedan

    As a nerd I find this so funny and satisfying, really made my day. :) Thank you.

  96. wayne berry
    wayne berry
    8 dagar sedan

    I bet this dude never misses the g spot. Does a quick formula... BOOM! *edit* Why on earth would anyone dislike this video?

  97. Joseph Le May
    Joseph Le May
    8 dagar sedan

    We've talked about this.

  98. Samridh Tuladhar
    Samridh Tuladhar
    8 dagar sedan

    destin vs. big brain algorithm full video pls

  99. Вова Янчич
    Вова Янчич
    8 dagar sedan

    This guy should be secured by UNESCO.

  100. Elliott Gorrell
    Elliott Gorrell
    8 dagar sedan

    You could use this program software to be the finger of a robotic hand. ❤ love your success and struggle.