Burna Boy - 23 [Official Music Video]

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Burna Boy - 23
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  1. Burna Boy
    Burna Boy
    Månad sedan

    Remember that YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY 🦍

    1. Am-Juden- Rayce___
      Am-Juden- Rayce___
      20 dagar sedan

      Sure Oluwa Burna 💯🕊

    2. Big Ben
      Big Ben
      Månad sedan


    3. victor azamesu
      victor azamesu
      Månad sedan

      You are not ordinary either. This song is 🔥

    4. D Wilks
      D Wilks
      Månad sedan

      Thanks for the reminder, stay bless🙏🏾

    5. David Chigozie
      David Chigozie
      Månad sedan

      Baba I got a remake of this track , I’d want you to listen to it. It contextual like all your song. I call it 23.

  2. Prince Escalus
    Prince Escalus
    47 minuter sedan

    All time Favorite 🤩

  3. Guichard Kelly Bekale Eyi
    Guichard Kelly Bekale Eyi
    Timme sedan

    Salut bourna ici stan du Gabon jeu tadmir bocou

  4. Franciska Milicaj
    Franciska Milicaj
    2 timmar sedan

    Is nobody wondering what 23 means? or why 23? what does the Number Mean. Because in Fact everybody in the Music Industry or even in The Film Industry use this Number . Its everywhere and its conected with the Antichrist. We lost another One

  5. Janet Willima
    Janet Willima
    3 timmar sedan

    There is enough space for everyone to win🙌

  6. El_ChuLo Real DoMi
    El_ChuLo Real DoMi
    4 timmar sedan

    Am fall in love with this song 💖💕🤗🙏🏽

  7. Tintin Hyde
    Tintin Hyde
    7 timmar sedan

    Good tune

  8. Abibatou Inoussa
    Abibatou Inoussa
    22 timmar sedan

    Les francofone

  9. RoseCloéZoé Zoe
    RoseCloéZoé Zoe
    Dag sedan

    NAIJA Port Harcourt💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 we dey here😝

  10. chance lavigna
    chance lavigna
    Dag sedan

    This songs make me cry😭 I feel it in my soul omg love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2 dagar sedan

    Merci Burna pour cette belle mélodie Ma fille de 8 ans adore cette mélodie merveilleuse. 🤩🤩🤩

  12. Katongo Mulenga
    Katongo Mulenga
    2 dagar sedan

    Burna boy 😍😍😍 you are the best

  13. Sunday Olawoyin
    Sunday Olawoyin
    2 dagar sedan

    O kare. Keep it up Oluwaburna👍

  14. Mariam zzz
    Mariam zzz
    2 dagar sedan

    Im 23 years old 😃😃😃

  15. Samuel Adebisi
    Samuel Adebisi
    2 dagar sedan

    More strength... OluwaBurna🔥🔥🔥

  16. Akomolafe Olaide
    Akomolafe Olaide
    2 dagar sedan

    This music needs personal award.

  17. BOBBY
    3 dagar sedan

    oluwa burna gets a million views from me alone//// repeat all day/

  18. John Corbett
    John Corbett
    3 dagar sedan

    Yea boi👌🏾

  19. Otiss Erhabor
    Otiss Erhabor
    3 dagar sedan


  20. Gibson Tech
    Gibson Tech
    3 dagar sedan

    I respect you burna Boy

  21. Toni Jean
    Toni Jean
    3 dagar sedan

    If you're here in 2040 I was here 19 years ago

  22. Melissa Garvey
    Melissa Garvey
    3 dagar sedan

    This is angel music me n my bae fuck to dis😘

  23. Bernard Steele
    Bernard Steele
    4 dagar sedan

    Burna, I could listen to you all day, big up

  24. Lechèvre Paula
    Lechèvre Paula
    4 dagar sedan

    I know one day WE all make it

  25. Blessing ABRAHAM
    Blessing ABRAHAM
    4 dagar sedan

    M'en ! This guy is genius. I am a proud Nigerian.

  26. Agbom Chukwudi
    Agbom Chukwudi
    4 dagar sedan


  27. Phoever Music
    Phoever Music
    4 dagar sedan

    Great Vibrations my Bruddah....

    5 dagar sedan

    You deserve 3 grammy's all at once

  29. Khadijah Halilu
    Khadijah Halilu
    5 dagar sedan

    No go do like say I don’t deserve am

  30. Khadijah Halilu
    Khadijah Halilu
    5 dagar sedan

    Smart ass 🥺❤️🥰

  31. Eunice Rovah
    Eunice Rovah
    5 dagar sedan

    This song makes me feel like I can do and be anything ♥️✨✨🌹

  32. Ryan Loony Lee Woods
    Ryan Loony Lee Woods
    5 dagar sedan

    my music make me feel like im jordan, wooooooow!!!!!!!! and i still dont completly understand what hes sayin but ive been in tears this whole time for the simple fact that i can probably guess what hes talking about!!! ....Cuuuuuuzz ON MY BABIES my break is soon. Thank You For this Bro!!

  33. Lucky Ilekhomon
    Lucky Ilekhomon
    5 dagar sedan

    Nice one bro

  34. yagid man
    yagid man
    5 dagar sedan

    Like the Js🔨🔨🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Willd Shab1
    Willd Shab1
    5 dagar sedan

    No call mi iPhone mi no trust no one

    5 dagar sedan


  37. Susan Bhatti
    Susan Bhatti
    6 dagar sedan

    I love his voice 💯💕

    1. Susan Bhatti
      Susan Bhatti
      6 dagar sedan

      Even though I don't quite understand it

  38. Slick Black
    Slick Black
    7 dagar sedan

    Can't stop listening to this

  39. walter eusebio
    walter eusebio
    7 dagar sedan

    I’‘don’t understanding the lyrics but this song makes me happy every day

  40. Felix Imala
    Felix Imala
    7 dagar sedan

    #Gistoff music good one

  41. Nadia Haroun
    Nadia Haroun
    7 dagar sedan

    BURNAAAA 👊🏾👊🏾

  42. Dare Tees
    Dare Tees
    7 dagar sedan


  43. Stephen Matiko
    Stephen Matiko
    7 dagar sedan

    You never chill me down

  44. Black soul 71
    Black soul 71
    7 dagar sedan

    🔥🔥🔥🖤🇳🇬Clip music flow everything is awesome! Big UP from Poland 🇵🇱👊

  45. Jude k
    Jude k
    8 dagar sedan

    Peaceful and extraordinary

  46. Yoofi Derby
    Yoofi Derby
    8 dagar sedan

    I'm a Ghana boy but nobody can touch Nigeria when it comes to Afrobeats.

  47. Football Tutorials HD
    Football Tutorials HD
    8 dagar sedan

    thank you for blessing my ears

  48. Fabro Nerro
    Fabro Nerro
    8 dagar sedan

    This music brings joy 🎶🎼🎧. Afrobeats to the world. Comment your country 🇨🇲🇳🇬🇬🇭🇿🇦🇸🇸🇹🇬🇨🇮🇿🇲🇲🇱🇬🇦🇬🇲🇨🇩🇨🇬🇹🇿🇪🇹🇰🇪🇸🇳🇲🇱🇯🇲🇦🇴🇬🇶🇷🇼🌍

    1. Fabro Nerro
      Fabro Nerro
      8 dagar sedan

      ...Without forgetting 🇱🇷🇸🇱🇲🇬🇲🇼🇱🇸etc. Burna boy is here to United us.

  49. Olwethu Ntshangase
    Olwethu Ntshangase
    8 dagar sedan


  50. Olwethu Ntshangase
    Olwethu Ntshangase
    8 dagar sedan


  51. Nnamdi N.
    Nnamdi N.
    8 dagar sedan

    Wow.....Burna, as natural as Buju Banton.

  52. Afam Hosea
    Afam Hosea
    8 dagar sedan

    Bro..this vibe is pure😊🙏

  53. Chidera Orji
    Chidera Orji
    8 dagar sedan

    I came here to watch 'THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE Vr HEADSET EVER ;vid by thrillseeker.' . .....but am still stuck on this video😥 (this is my 6th replay 🤣) edit: Am on the 8th one now.........

  54. Lance Mkhokheli Dube
    Lance Mkhokheli Dube
    8 dagar sedan

    Music make me feel some typo way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. luke Last Steelo
    luke Last Steelo
    8 dagar sedan

    Love from Auckland, New Zealand

  56. PanchoKhalifa Music
    PanchoKhalifa Music
    8 dagar sedan


  57. KingKairo
    9 dagar sedan

    Living legend ... I knew from the beginning

  58. yolifa Mveng
    yolifa Mveng
    9 dagar sedan


  59. Vanessa Peter
    Vanessa Peter
    9 dagar sedan

    J'adore cette chanson ❤️❤️

  60. Single Don
    Single Don
    9 dagar sedan

    shout out to odogwu 1 of Nigeria. oluwa burna keep making us proud.i dey feel this vibes.

  61. Isshak Iddrisu Innocent
    Isshak Iddrisu Innocent
    9 dagar sedan

    The style of His Music is on different level. More respect 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. lobecosc
    9 dagar sedan

    Loving this song.

  63. Kingston RichAffair
    Kingston RichAffair
    9 dagar sedan

    Congo Aso Ayepo 🔥

  64. Mouzaoir BOUSRY
    Mouzaoir BOUSRY
    9 dagar sedan

    Comoros islands love burna boy !

  65. Richard Gourgousse
    Richard Gourgousse
    9 dagar sedan

    So i 'doubt if you are Real Christian ,but now i kwon ! BIG UP 👋🤛✋

  66. Russell Andrews
    Russell Andrews
    10 dagar sedan

    Straight from the Virgin islands . St.croix we biggup this chune yah suh

  67. Rika Twins El Twinini
    Rika Twins El Twinini
    10 dagar sedan


  68. Jay A Styles
    Jay A Styles
    10 dagar sedan

    This song gives me chills in the best possible way

  69. yt official
    yt official
    10 dagar sedan

    Boss 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Toluwase Shorun
    Toluwase Shorun
    10 dagar sedan

    Good music

  71. Black European
    Black European
    10 dagar sedan


  72. Black Man
    Black Man
    10 dagar sedan


  73. Abe Hussein
    Abe Hussein
    10 dagar sedan

    Great Job Bro. I don't see other Afro artist winning Grammy's. Just continue and please don't get big head. You like Manchester United. Be the Sir Alex of this 🎵 man. Congratulations Bro.

    1. Abe Hussein
      Abe Hussein
      5 dagar sedan

      @Danny Girard I understand and I'm very happy for them. I am just glad he opened a door for their music to be considered from here forward.

    2. Danny Girard
      Danny Girard
      5 dagar sedan

      Watch out some young chaps are coming ...fireboy,tems,omah lay just to name a few

    10 dagar sedan

    Hit like if you agree Burnaboy is the 'African Giant' 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. miles Daniel Ayo
    miles Daniel Ayo
    10 dagar sedan


  76. Mr Julius
    Mr Julius
    11 dagar sedan

    Favorite song 🎵 ♥

  77. Dafa MG
    Dafa MG
    11 dagar sedan

    He already enter the club .💀

  78. gomolemo mokoka
    gomolemo mokoka
    11 dagar sedan

    This song should be in the next 2k22 basketball game...💯

  79. Razr Sliq
    Razr Sliq
    11 dagar sedan

    My favourite song.

  80. Sunny PunsTV
    Sunny PunsTV
    11 dagar sedan

    steflon don, how you dey?

  81. Sunny PunsTV
    Sunny PunsTV
    11 dagar sedan

    parkville knights 23" jersey number

  82. sadiemcauslin
    11 dagar sedan


  83. Anderson Echodike
    Anderson Echodike
    11 dagar sedan

    1.4k dislike? Some people are really sad when they see good things …. Burna ur a blessing to the world 🌎

  84. Osei-Mensah Okyere Donkor
    Osei-Mensah Okyere Donkor
    12 dagar sedan

    Trust me my mind dey rough.. BurnaBoy❤️💡

  85. Aboxan Aila
    Aboxan Aila
    12 dagar sedan

    this song is so deep man from the start till the end . The vocals are just on another level big king burna

  86. Eddy Mwas
    Eddy Mwas
    12 dagar sedan

    Much love from Kenya♥️🇰🇪

  87. #Spit it Out
    #Spit it Out
    12 dagar sedan

    i no tire to listen to burna boy....oluwaa buuurrrnaa

  88. Skippy The Turtle
    Skippy The Turtle
    12 dagar sedan

    2:13 - 2:31🔥 you can remove nr 1, bcuz there is only 1 crown... = 23

  89. Lisa Lastshot
    Lisa Lastshot
    13 dagar sedan

    i love this song

  90. precious Oketikun
    precious Oketikun
    13 dagar sedan

    I just realised Burna waited till he won the Grammy to drop this video 😂😂pure cruiseee

  91. max b
    max b
    13 dagar sedan

    This was my 2020 anthem

  92. Hamza Golden
    Hamza Golden
    13 dagar sedan

    You’re the King others follow you

  93. Scarface Petty
    Scarface Petty
    13 dagar sedan


  94. Kessy Olushola
    Kessy Olushola
    13 dagar sedan

    Burna boy kill this..music make feel my selfo[ooo burna ma kpa miooo

  95. Julyo Narciso
    Julyo Narciso
    13 dagar sedan


  96. turky film
    turky film
    13 dagar sedan


  97. Abdul Sesay
    Abdul Sesay
    13 dagar sedan

    I took this very personal King........... I am a gorila

  98. sandra kabwana
    sandra kabwana
    14 dagar sedan

    Congolese i love Burna boy

  99. Favour Ehighelua
    Favour Ehighelua
    14 dagar sedan

    Burna Boy, you deserve it all

  100. Sunny PunsTV
    Sunny PunsTV
    14 dagar sedan

    my jersey number was 23" a lightskinnedkeisha, stole my shorts befoee a home game" #dreamchasers #chinli #cierrabrooks #cierrabetts #taneshakapesh #janeyepenn $tosin1111 %bitcoin

    1. Sunny PunsTV
      Sunny PunsTV
      11 dagar sedan


    2. Sunny PunsTV
      Sunny PunsTV
      14 dagar sedan