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Cardi B
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Cardi B - Up

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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Director: Tanu Muino
Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Producer: Tay Hawes
Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
1st AD: Jonas Morales
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Color: Dave Hussey
Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
Choreography: Sean Bankhead
Styling: Kollin Carter
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika LaPearl
Nails: Marie Nailz


  1. Dionata Matteo
    Dionata Matteo
    33 minuter sedan

    Las pérolas del a ostra. 🤭😍🎶🔥😍

  2. Courtney
    34 minuter sedan

    I just got on my bathroom counter and danced in the mirror. I have to go to work rn. I’ll listen to this song again when I’m mature enough to handle the beat.

  3. Dionata Matteo
    Dionata Matteo
    34 minuter sedan

    Queen Cardi B 😍🔥🎶🇧🇷

  4. TK_Asriel
    41 minut sedan

    A word for the fathers of these Daughters 🙏

  5. Simply Unicorn
    Simply Unicorn
    44 minuter sedan

    The song: it up and it stuck Me: play that back!!

  6. charles joseph
    charles joseph
    45 minuter sedan

    I love this remake of wipe me down. Imitation is the fondest form of flattery. Boot up!!!

  7. Cody Newberry
    Cody Newberry
    51 minut sedan

    Every girl singing “I know that’s right!” Is broke af.

  8. Mobbin Slobs
    Mobbin Slobs
    53 minuter sedan

    I cannot believe society has come to this

  9. Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins
    53 minuter sedan


  10. Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins
    53 minuter sedan


  11. Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins
    53 minuter sedan


  12. Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins
    53 minuter sedan


  13. Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins
    53 minuter sedan


  14. シҠට
    55 minuter sedan

    1:07 I-

  15. Phillippians Green
    Phillippians Green
    55 minuter sedan

    One of my favorite music video love you Cardio B.

  16. Santiago Pineda
    Santiago Pineda
    56 minuter sedan

    UP by Pixar was kinda stranger

  17. Reece Pellegrino
    Reece Pellegrino
    Timme sedan

    This how slaps can’t lie

  18. Melisa Nalbantoglu
    Melisa Nalbantoglu
    Timme sedan

    Card b 💞👑 nick mimaj 💩👆

  19. K P
    K P
    Timme sedan

    Mir Fontane looks different here 🧐

    Timme sedan

    i bet the migos have run a train

  21. dylan phatha
    dylan phatha
    Timme sedan

    r.i.p old 2016 : best pop and rap sinnger TAYLOR SWIFT AND NICKI MINAJ. 2021 new singers ariana grande and cardi b. like if u agree

  22. Syephoj Kale
    Syephoj Kale
    Timme sedan


  23. Lucky Little Lady
    Lucky Little Lady
    Timme sedan

    I love me some Cardi, but the tongue touching part made me uncomfortable with this Rona still raging. But anyway, great song & video

  24. Laiana Medeiros
    Laiana Medeiros
    Timme sedan

    From you are you can you have a good luck with you know between them to see you

  25. Philippe Gomes
    Philippe Gomes
    Timme sedan

    Nul a chier !!

  26. iTz xM1k3
    iTz xM1k3
    Timme sedan

    This video definitely made me go 'up'

  27. Evie Griffin
    Evie Griffin
    Timme sedan


  28. Георги Петров
    Георги Петров
    Timme sedan


  29. life lessons want be no fool no more
    life lessons want be no fool no more
    Timme sedan

    i really like this cardi b it took some time but i love it

  30. Celia Maria Caraguay Romero
    Celia Maria Caraguay Romero
    2 timmar sedan

    cardi b lesbian and zealously on that ball

  31. Neon Jikook
    Neon Jikook
    2 timmar sedan

    Loved it!

  32. Roberson Twins
    Roberson Twins
    2 timmar sedan

    I 💞 cardi

  33. Raissa Sidibe
    Raissa Sidibe
    2 timmar sedan

    Cardi B:broke boys no deserve no pussy Me:I know that’s right 🙌🏻

  34. Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan
    2 timmar sedan

    Covid 19 rip ☠️

  35. Brenda Brent
    Brenda Brent
    2 timmar sedan


  36. Nikki O
    Nikki O
    2 timmar sedan

    i can't look away

  37. fara fara
    fara fara
    2 timmar sedan

    I hear this song every where and finally I loooovveeee it Up BITCHIS..

  38. UrMomGay !
    UrMomGay !
    2 timmar sedan

    a moment of silence for all the kids searching for the Disney movie

  39. fara fara
    fara fara
    2 timmar sedan


  40. Stryker977
    2 timmar sedan

    It’s only the flow that’s decent

  41. Ninos Moshe
    Ninos Moshe
    2 timmar sedan


  42. Maleah Reynolds
    Maleah Reynolds
    2 timmar sedan

    Period sis

  43. Random Channel
    Random Channel
    2 timmar sedan

    Cardi b is the Queen of rap

  44. All Elite Wrestling on TNT channel Wednesday nights
    All Elite Wrestling on TNT channel Wednesday nights
    2 timmar sedan

    cant wait till All Elite Wrestling on TNT channel Wednesday tonight when: ShaquiLLe O'Neal and Jade CargiLL versus Cody Rhodes Feat. The Big Show and Red Velvet happens. WooooHoooo!!!!

  45. Kalie Evans
    Kalie Evans
    2 timmar sedan

    Lol I love that she did the hood ornament thing. That's dope af.

  46. African Violet
    African Violet
    2 timmar sedan


  47. Future Memory
    Future Memory
    3 timmar sedan

    She is the goddess of nasty

  48. Mr. Mark.Oliver
    Mr. Mark.Oliver
    3 timmar sedan

    Ou ok cool Beach 🤪

  49. arthur Justino
    arthur Justino
    3 timmar sedan

    Very powerful people loved it

  50. Vivi Alves
    Vivi Alves
    3 timmar sedan


  51. ryan santos
    ryan santos
    3 timmar sedan

    Lá reina del rap

  52. mhm chile
    mhm chile
    3 timmar sedan

    well I'm not a bardi but I do love this song and a few others by her

  53. Textual Predator
    Textual Predator
    3 timmar sedan

    *She sounds the same in every song since bodak.* Switch it up a little gurlllllll.

  54. yesmarlin 24
    yesmarlin 24
    3 timmar sedan

    Te amoooooo cardi b

  55. Gab Strond
    Gab Strond
    3 timmar sedan


  56. Spicy Meatball!
    Spicy Meatball!
    3 timmar sedan

    Wow good job ripping off stuck

  57. Datrelle Snell
    Datrelle Snell
    3 timmar sedan

    If it's up then it's stuck it's a stupid saying

  58. flora LUMIERE
    flora LUMIERE
    3 timmar sedan

    C'est quoi ce clip ??? 😑😑😑 #TROPCTROP

  59. Robert Stone
    Robert Stone
    3 timmar sedan

    Just love it

  60. andrea
    3 timmar sedan ..

  61. privatelos
    3 timmar sedan

    Speak on it B frfr

  62. Ricardo Pegro
    Ricardo Pegro
    3 timmar sedan

    Cardi, u can't rap.

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      I think her 16.5M subs and millions of dollars disagree with you. Would she really be so famous if she couldn’t rap?

  63. privatelos
    3 timmar sedan

    Pressure bihhhhh💯💯💯 yup

  64. Danny Cold ‡
    Danny Cold ‡
    3 timmar sedan

    What has the world come to...

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      Some music that is hella catchy

  65. Sandro Ammann
    Sandro Ammann
    4 timmar sedan

    Best Song Forever❤️

  66. Cadre Entertainment RSA
    Cadre Entertainment RSA
    4 timmar sedan

    Cardi iss stoo much

  67. Jordan Michal
    Jordan Michal
    4 timmar sedan

    love it

  68. Cláudia Tavares
    Cláudia Tavares
    4 timmar sedan

    N Mnnjjj .ln

  69. nikolina spasojevic
    nikolina spasojevic
    4 timmar sedan


  70. Natalia Depp
    Natalia Depp
    4 timmar sedan

    u can say what u want, but this video is really entertainment to watch

  71. Fedi Tissaoui
    Fedi Tissaoui
    4 timmar sedan

    Her persona and shtick will grow so old so faaaaaaast...

  72. Jordan Roopnarine
    Jordan Roopnarine
    4 timmar sedan

    Yesss Cardi love it u earn all the gd things await u this song is sooo catchy !!!

  73. 1Leggo9my9Eggo2
    4 timmar sedan

    It’s just getting more and more fucked up, I’m out of here when I plan to have kids.

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      What’s wrong with it?

  74. Nihal Islam
    Nihal Islam
    4 timmar sedan

    Coronavirus: *exists* Cardi B: 1:08 - 1:11 - 2:39

  75. Giggles
    4 timmar sedan

    Barbies in her hair? Hmmm...subliminal shade for Nicki Minaj, maybe? LoL 🤔🤔🤔

  76. chantal davel
    chantal davel
    4 timmar sedan

    Heaven isn't approving.

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      Luckily heaven isn’t real

  77. girl crushie jeongyeon
    girl crushie jeongyeon
    4 timmar sedan


  78. Maria Perez
    Maria Perez
    4 timmar sedan

    La amo🌟🤙😍

  79. Shanae Bingham
    Shanae Bingham
    4 timmar sedan

    Nice I like it

  80. geraldine
    4 timmar sedan

    my mind 24/7: i KNOW THAT'S RIGHT

  81. lene fernandes
    lene fernandes
    4 timmar sedan


  82. Samuel Moreno
    Samuel Moreno
    4 timmar sedan

    La Cardi rompiéndola siempre :D

  83. Swa gger
    Swa gger
    4 timmar sedan

    1:31 u r welcome 😂😂

  84. Jay Boothe
    Jay Boothe
    4 timmar sedan

    Isn’t it great we live in a world where Cardi B’s WAP can be a number one hit song while 80 year old children’s books are being canceled? We’ve finally got our priorities in order, haven’t we?

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      Well some old children’s books are racist and homophobic, but Cardi is just here making good music.

  85. The Coverists
    The Coverists
    4 timmar sedan

    Offset watching 1:12 like 👁👄👁

  86. bow bow
    bow bow
    4 timmar sedan

    everyone:start singing the song me: gross out when carbi B wearing c;ear clothes i really hope u are wearing bra or something under the clear clothes but rest was good but only clear clothes makeing shock how brave u are carbi B is brave i cant even stand wear a dress little to high while carbi B wearing clothes that show so much skin but i to scared i

  87. Bre The cherry
    Bre The cherry
    5 timmar sedan

    I do not like this song

    1. Allfie
      4 timmar sedan

      Then leave

  88. Bre The cherry
    Bre The cherry
    5 timmar sedan

    This song is too inappropriate

    1. Quizotix
      3 timmar sedan

      If it is too inappropriate for you, you are too young for it :)

    2. Allfie
      4 timmar sedan

      Yea little kids like u can’t watch

  89. Sofia Mcnamara
    Sofia Mcnamara
    5 timmar sedan

    kulture" MOM WTF IS THIS "

  90. Aubree McWhorter
    Aubree McWhorter
    5 timmar sedan

    hi cardi you have my mom love your videos

  91. Mary Corado
    Mary Corado
    5 timmar sedan

    Alguien más reproduce la canción todos los días, cardi una diosa💖

  92. Arefeh Najary
    Arefeh Najary
    5 timmar sedan


  93. SeenZay X
    SeenZay X
    5 timmar sedan


    5 timmar sedan

    NOBODY is touching this joint

    1. SeenZay X
      SeenZay X
      5 timmar sedan


  95. Johlynn Ware
    Johlynn Ware
    5 timmar sedan


  96. Aaliyah Yearwood
    Aaliyah Yearwood
    5 timmar sedan

    Nice up dong

  97. Ana Salomon Yunes
    Ana Salomon Yunes
    5 timmar sedan

    El diablo

  98. Brooklyn Singleton
    Brooklyn Singleton
    5 timmar sedan

    Honestly really pretty and her dancing is amazing and don’t get me started on her white hair like usually I think like singers with white hair I’ll be like you’re trying to old or something like that but like she’s actually really pretty with white hair I mean not my favorite look of her and then her dancing I love that outfit when she’s dancing I didn’t know she could dance like that geez Cardi B but low-key I love her so much and I’m so proud

  99. Darthchopper
    5 timmar sedan


  100. scott walton
    scott walton
    5 timmar sedan

    I herd this for the first time at 5am in my car... It got me ready for work