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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we are debunking viral Tik Tok and facebook videos that have been sent in to me. Fake food videos seem to be on the rise because they re being rewarded by the platforms with views. In this episode lets look at does Pepsi make worm parasites come out of pork? Can you dice strawberry with razor blades? Can you make pear jelly using lemonade? Does storing strawberries in a jar make them last longer? Can you cook steak in a toaster? Join me for food science, creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every second Friday.
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  1. carlos bleh
    carlos bleh
    39 minuter sedan

    queen ily

  2. Huntress _
    Huntress _
    6 timmar sedan

    But did the bucket of water balloons become jelly??

  3. Amelia Roark
    Amelia Roark
    7 timmar sedan

    I just listen to your videos when I fall asleep, and man how you describe the dumb stuff these people do. 😂😂😂

  4. Phileas Cattermole
    Phileas Cattermole
    9 timmar sedan

    I hate Rick Lax. I reported his account

  5. abbysnowmist
    9 timmar sedan

    Will definitely get your cookbook!

  6. Rachel Dunsworth
    Rachel Dunsworth
    12 timmar sedan

    How can 5 min crafts still be allowed on social media?? I get so mad when I see that they make a completely fake video and Anne can do the same thing, just as easily, but it actually works! 5 min crafts and all their other fake channels should be banned. It's just crazy they get rewarded for fake and bad content.

  7. Alessandra Serpes
    Alessandra Serpes
    13 timmar sedan

    Can you please try making mashed potatoes out of salted lays

  8. Crimson Sky
    Crimson Sky
    15 timmar sedan

    I knew that name was familiar. Drew Gooden has made a couple videos about Rick Lax and his magic tricks

  9. Argon Sol
    Argon Sol
    16 timmar sedan

    5 minute crafts should not exist in this world anymore

  10. Jehmarxx
    17 timmar sedan

    Just took a break from doing my physics experiment to watch some cooking videos. Didn't expect to see physics at the start. Cool.

  11. BlackEyedIncubus
    17 timmar sedan

    So the strawberries... I'm sure that the shaking will push the razor blades into the strawberries but they will never cut through the whole strawberries. And other strawberries will probably get stuck

  12. Hagglebag
    18 timmar sedan

    *Many water-balloons were harmed during the making of this video*

  13. Troy Robinson
    Troy Robinson
    Dag sedan

    Can you please react to Olympia Avalanche's parody of you?

  14. 96clarity
    Dag sedan

    Whatever gross meal that "no kitchen" girl was cooking in her very existent kitchen in her second video, was an instant sign that nobody should ever take any food-related advice from her

  15. unadormilona
    Dag sedan

    7:40 I laughed so hard at Dave's reaction to the seawater🤣🤣🤣

  16. Nanna
    Dag sedan

    "I must have a different humour" yup, thinking that every day!!

  17. Turdly Poop
    Turdly Poop
    Dag sedan

    I can't believe you've been doing these debunking videos for years and these videos just keep getting stupider and stupider. It's like an exercise in futility but at least you've got endless debunking material.

  18. Deenadayalan Perumal
    Deenadayalan Perumal
    Dag sedan

    Omg...she literally scared me with that pork

  19. ishaal imtiaz
    ishaal imtiaz
    Dag sedan

    4:00 I always get worried that you'll get hurt while trying to test one of these stupid trends...I get why you're doing it, but I kinda wish you'd stop doing it for the ones that are really obviously dangerous.

  20. Charis MW
    Charis MW
    Dag sedan

    I would purchase the book but i really hate cooking and baking so i avoid it so a cooking book is useless with my stupidity. But of COURSE people were going to buy it!!! You are incredible and I’m sure that cook book is as well!! Hope you show videos of people recreating the recipients. Maybe make it a challenge to see who recreated the meals the best!

  21. Zenen Himes
    Zenen Himes
    Dag sedan

    The jelly thing didnt even need to be a lie. They could just say it was the gelatin thing.

  22. No Name
    No Name
    2 dagar sedan

    11:06 if you need that much bbq sauce then there’s something wrong with ur steak

  23. Washy Rose
    Washy Rose
    2 dagar sedan

    Especially with the sugar number, a lot of Ann’s solutions to make these fakes actually work aren’t even difficult to do. ~_~ Thanks Ann for being a voice of reason in a wind tunnel echo chamber.

  24. lazy demon lord
    lazy demon lord
    2 dagar sedan

    Guys this is one dangerous woman, she's giving out full set knives watch out men😣😣😣

  25. Whale Sharko
    Whale Sharko
    2 dagar sedan

    3:59 this made me laugh

  26. Mitchy Bee
    Mitchy Bee
    2 dagar sedan

    I so appreciate your information.. so nice to see an honest person.. with a lot of subs.. successful ❤️. Now I need to grab your book!!

  27. Emba 4
    Emba 4
    2 dagar sedan

    I like how you give better versions of the cake decorating hacks, which would actually work!

  28. Microphone Man
    Microphone Man
    2 dagar sedan

    The blow tortch wasn't even on...

  29. DTJDK Kraemer
    DTJDK Kraemer
    2 dagar sedan

    It is centripital such thing as centrifugal. Highschool physics

  30. Austin
    2 dagar sedan

    Congratulations mr and mrs reardon on the successful cookbook.

  31. Jenniebean
    2 dagar sedan

    I absolutely love your debunking videos, but also how you show us how to do something if it’s possible.

  32. Kit Cross
    Kit Cross
    2 dagar sedan

    I'm. So confused how the first pair got away with doing that... in the store. or why anyone would waste money on that many razors... or put razors near food you intend to eat...humans already scared me. Quarantine has done no favors for my faith in humanity;;;

  33. Kai the toxic Wolf
    Kai the toxic Wolf
    2 dagar sedan

    Bless her, all the reason and knowledge as to how most of them won't work right away. But trys it anyway

  34. Lucky Ashu Art
    Lucky Ashu Art
    2 dagar sedan

    Never trust these fake hack videos. Some of them are good recipes to ruin your pans and have no choice but to torture yourself into cleaning it before your mother finds out. 😬 Love your videos that expose them

  35. lego chewbacca
    lego chewbacca
    2 dagar sedan

    her cook book: has Celsius and Fahrenheit me using kelvin: *big sad*

  36. low-key jesus
    low-key jesus
    2 dagar sedan

    The first strawberry one looked gory

  37. Meisha Carlson
    Meisha Carlson
    2 dagar sedan

    You're wonderful, thank you

  38. BOWSER K.
    3 dagar sedan

    I thought the Pepsi was to marinate the pork... well granted I've only seen it happen with beef, but still it is possible to marinate meat with soda.

    1. BOWSER K.
      BOWSER K.
      3 dagar sedan

      Oh and a way to get rid of pork taste when you need to do so would be just cooking it in chicken stock.

  39. Dorottya Deák
    Dorottya Deák
    3 dagar sedan

    I really want to unsee that pork larvea bit...

  40. Ryan Tyndall
    Ryan Tyndall
    3 dagar sedan

    Lmao, I love that toaster steak girl is just trolling the whole interview.

  41. Idiot Animations
    Idiot Animations
    3 dagar sedan

    My family makes something called popki! It is made in a specific metal bowl spoon thing and you use baking soda and sugar, put it in the spoon bowl thing and when it melts, put it on some baking paper, wait for it to set, and boom you have sugar candy that you can make at home! It should be an opaque caramel color and it's really good!

  42. Rowena Ramsaran
    Rowena Ramsaran
    3 dagar sedan

    Who cooks raw meat or fish in a toaster? Clearly not someone who knows Anything about cooking.

  43. Wadud Hassan, M. Ed.
    Wadud Hassan, M. Ed.
    3 dagar sedan

    could you make a giant skittle

  44. Junji Creates
    Junji Creates
    3 dagar sedan

    I pre-ordered your book ann! Love your recipes and creativity, you help me get closer to chefdom thank you @howtocookthat

    1. Junji Creates
      Junji Creates
      2 dagar sedan

      @How To Cook That keep at it, you're amazing!!

    2. How To Cook That
      How To Cook That
      2 dagar sedan

      Yay! Thank you!

  45. generallykaiden
    3 dagar sedan

    I remember seeing that first one on facebook a few weeks ago, and I all I kept thinking about was why the staff at the grocery was just letting them use power tools in the store. I guess it's an America thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  46. Kawaii Goomy
    Kawaii Goomy
    3 dagar sedan

    Mmm, Pop-Steak. ❣️

  47. OofingRound
    3 dagar sedan

    Wait i thought the strawberry had tomato sauce

  48. Chezza Chezza
    Chezza Chezza
    3 dagar sedan

    Should be illegal because they are lying

  49. Brett Peachey
    Brett Peachey
    3 dagar sedan

    So, the two key differences: centripetal is real and pushing towards the center of the circle. Centrifugal is fake and pushes away from the center. just a heads up that these are two different forces that people constantly mix up. Doesn't change the fact that the orange the is BS.

  50. The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition
    3 dagar sedan

    If you put steak in a toaster, I will personally make sure you lose your steak privileges.

  51. Ramona Sunny
    Ramona Sunny
    4 dagar sedan

    Love the hack with the strawberries in a Glas jar I’m definitely using that one ☝🏼♥️👍🏻

  52. Peanut Budda
    Peanut Budda
    4 dagar sedan

    It's just a prank bro. Don't be so uptight. I ran you over as a prank. Like why are you even dead? So dramatic...

  53. Sana Shroff
    Sana Shroff
    4 dagar sedan


  54. Spleenface
    4 dagar sedan

    Ann tricked everyone. You thought it was going to be a roast of Tik Tik videos, SURPRISE, remedial physics.

  55. Aria
    4 dagar sedan

    Oooh I didn’t know you’d released a book how cool! Good video ^-^

  56. Joel Yoeli
    Joel Yoeli
    4 dagar sedan

    Can we all just appreciate that Ann types the subtitles for her videos

    1. Joel Yoeli
      Joel Yoeli
      14 timmar sedan

      @La La She is the most wholesome youtuber ever, she is my favourite one.

    2. La La
      La La
      14 timmar sedan

      @Joel Yoeli yeah she is amazing:)

    3. Joel Yoeli
      Joel Yoeli
      14 timmar sedan

      @La La I always watch her videos with subtitles even though I have no reason to, ann is so kind that she writes the subtitles so that deaf people can watch her amazing videos, she is genuinely concerned about five minute crafts dangerous "life hacks" and she always hearts early comments and sometimes replies to them as well.

    4. Joel Yoeli
      Joel Yoeli
      14 timmar sedan

      @Whale Sharko yeah

    5. La La
      La La
      17 timmar sedan

      Now that i know that i almost feel guilty for clicking "dont show subtitles"

  57. Syeda Noor Fatima
    Syeda Noor Fatima
    4 dagar sedan

    If she was my mom my worst fear would be lying to her..

  58. Arthur Arboleda
    Arthur Arboleda
    4 dagar sedan

    You’re such a blessing on this god forsaken website. Thank you for al your work !!!

  59. Russinka 1984
    Russinka 1984
    4 dagar sedan

    Oh man, thanks Anne, Mum got sucked in by the coke/Pepsi on pork thing. Was so nice to be able to show her it was fake.

    1. Shini Shiny
      Shini Shiny
      6 timmar sedan

      That's too precious

  60. Eloise
    4 dagar sedan

    I'm more angry about the sheer volume of bottled sauce that girl put on her steak. It looked like ketchup. What is wrong with her?

  61. Sad doot
    Sad doot
    4 dagar sedan

    16:54 i love how you can so clearly see the bottle just like spin instatnly showing that they split the video

  62. Musi The Kitty Cat
    Musi The Kitty Cat
    5 dagar sedan

    Oh, I hope I can ask my mother to get me the cookbook! It looks very interesting!

  63. James Play Minecraft
    James Play Minecraft
    5 dagar sedan

    the strawberries are gross

  64. Postghost
    5 dagar sedan


  65. Dawood Binholaiel
    Dawood Binholaiel
    5 dagar sedan

    We need to like these type of videos more often hoping to fix the algorithms and stop spreading the misinformation.

  66. Midnight Unicorn
    Midnight Unicorn
    6 dagar sedan

    Do NOT be careless around sharp objects. Today my pencil sharpener broke and the blade fell out. It caught my finger and left a deep cut. Please be careful

    1. Musi The Kitty Cat
      Musi The Kitty Cat
      5 dagar sedan

      Oh no are you ok?

  67. Deontay Ginger
    Deontay Ginger
    6 dagar sedan

    I can't not think about how we would physically see parasites if they were that big, it's great living in the age of misinformation and being a sheep for believing "exactly what they want you to think"

  68. Jessica Peyton
    Jessica Peyton
    6 dagar sedan

    I cringed so hard when he ate the salt jelly 🥲😆

  69. JoyfullNoise93
    6 dagar sedan

    Their final product for the sugar 5 cake topper looked a lot like what you got from your method (which wasn't very complicated) but instead of them showing their actual process for success they showed something totally ineffective 🤦‍♀️

  70. Tiny Goomba
    Tiny Goomba
    6 dagar sedan

    How are they allowed to take an orange from the store and burn it without buying it. That doesn't seem right

  71. FiNNiK
    6 dagar sedan

    "Cook it really really well" Meanwhile Germans eat raw pork with Onions and black pepper called "Mett", which is delicious.

  72. Melissa Mathias
    Melissa Mathias
    6 dagar sedan

    Is the hard cover book going to be available in India anytime soon!?

    1. How To Cook That
      How To Cook That
      2 dagar sedan

      Soon I hope! 😀😀

  73. Gemma Larbey
    Gemma Larbey
    6 dagar sedan

    The first one was Rich more needs to be said

  74. Chester Gervacio
    Chester Gervacio
    6 dagar sedan

    Maybe if they wrapped the steak in foil and put it in toaster? Maybe it could be less stiff

  75. Ashton Willson
    Ashton Willson
    6 dagar sedan

    You are my favorite SEget aunty! Definitely pre-ordering the book! Much Love!

    1. How To Cook That
      How To Cook That
      2 dagar sedan

      You're the best!

  76. William Shaffner
    William Shaffner
    6 dagar sedan

    We need to cancel culture these stupid videos!

  77. Color Wheel
    Color Wheel
    6 dagar sedan

    Ik why the first one didn’t work because u weren’t in a grocery WITH OUT a mask welcome!

  78. Eric T
    Eric T
    6 dagar sedan

    I want to marry James 😍😏 handsome!

  79. Tamala Rovaris
    Tamala Rovaris
    6 dagar sedan

    I’m in America and I immediately had it preordered because I know you can cook! I am looking forward to your recipes!

  80. Kendra Helmes
    Kendra Helmes
    6 dagar sedan

    you should use this video for debunking!

  81. Kendra Helmes
    Kendra Helmes
    6 dagar sedan

    Lol yeah

    7 dagar sedan

    I love the knife sets

  83. 선지여왕
    7 dagar sedan

    Trichinella larvae be like: party party party

  84. Rock girl
    Rock girl
    7 dagar sedan

    Australian accent?

  85. Mei Pearlman
    Mei Pearlman
    7 dagar sedan

    It would take way less time, effort, and money to just chop the strawberries

  86. Grace
    7 dagar sedan

    2021 and people are putting shrimp into toasters great 👍

  87. r p
    r p
    8 dagar sedan

    Fail. On the orange video you failed to control all variables. They were using a drill/driver. You used a drill. Your results are invalid and this video should be considered fake news.

    1. Rock girl
      Rock girl
      7 dagar sedan

      Why didnt they just show the correct way to make a sugar 5, the world will never know

  88. Lee James Broadwood
    Lee James Broadwood
    8 dagar sedan

    Is it in gas marks too? 😂

  89. Ben C.
    Ben C.
    8 dagar sedan

    It’s people like her that suck the fun out of life.

  90. Nexius Reign
    Nexius Reign
    8 dagar sedan

    The jelly one was rediculous, They could do something just as easy but make it actually work.

  91. MoonByulida
    8 dagar sedan

    They just dumb people

  92. SavageXGhost
    8 dagar sedan

    i’ve never liked rick lax

  93. Johnny Stone
    Johnny Stone
    8 dagar sedan

    I love the science in your videos!

  94. 1 1
    1 1
    8 dagar sedan

    The sugar one at the end baffles me. How is boiling a water and sugar solution and then pouring it that more difficult then melting sugar? I feel like you could make a 5min craft style video with that

  95. Adrian Gibbons
    Adrian Gibbons
    8 dagar sedan

    When Ann wants a new toaster 😂

  96. drewbarrie
    8 dagar sedan

    I love that she not only debunks them, but also shows you a method that works!

  97. Alp Tuna Tuncer
    Alp Tuna Tuncer
    8 dagar sedan

    0:34 “ThE cEnTrIfUgAl FoRcE iS pUlLiNg It DoWn” Everybody with even the smallest bit of understanding of physics: Pretty sure it doesnt

  98. EJ Edwards
    EJ Edwards
    8 dagar sedan

    Can we appreciate that she cooked a steak in a toaster, ruining a toaster for us, just to debunk a video.

  99. Eamon Quinn
    Eamon Quinn
    8 dagar sedan

    Thank you for being a sensible human being! x

  100. LNhart
    8 dagar sedan

    The steak in toaster girl is honestly a pretty funny troll