Found $7,000 JET BOAT SUNK 53' UNDERWATER in the Lake!

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Recovered $7,000 Jet Boat Found 53' Underwater in the lake... 🚤💦
Scuba diving salvage lift bags successful in floating the ski boat.
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On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we head to Detroit Lake, Oregon to recover Tom's prized jet boat sunk 53' underwater.
Crazy... RIGHT?
So how did the boat sink?
Tom tells us that the jet boat stalled out and another boat passed by, creating a big wake, and within 10 seconds, Toma and the others were swimming before the boat sank.
Originally, the boat was over 121' deep when the water in the lake was up earlier this summer.
It took us 3 attempts to find the boat over the course of 4 months.
The Good News...
The water in the lake dropped over 60' and third times a charm.
We succeeded in pulling the sunken boat out of the lake, floating it back to the boat ramp.
What's our next underwater treasure hunting adventure going to find?
#scubadiving #foundboat #rivertreasure
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      Why did they lie to you about the position of the boat? I think they already were paid by insurance and didn't want it found- dirty business.

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