Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

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I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!!
If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline ( at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website ( or calling 877-382-4357.
Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
Go check out Perog's version here too-
New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara-


  1. Mark Rober
    Mark Rober
    26 dagar sedan

    Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!

    1. Musicalm Relaxation
      Musicalm Relaxation
      3 dagar sedan

      Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇

    2. Fantastic Slimetastic
      Fantastic Slimetastic
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    3. Spylent 00
      Spylent 00
      14 dagar sedan

      I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft

    4. philip coffman
      philip coffman
      14 dagar sedan

      What a scumbag you should be to take advantage of an old granny

    5. Jean-Paul
      14 dagar sedan

      @DannyX may

  2. Scrumpy Cat
    Scrumpy Cat
    5 minuter sedan

    All the thumbs downs are from scammers.

  3. Luey Sixty-six
    Luey Sixty-six
    10 minuter sedan

    Incredible work. This young man is going places, that's for sure! We're lucky to have you out there, doing the work our government should be doing! Great job!

  4. Naomi Bryan
    Naomi Bryan
    14 minuter sedan


  5. Jamshi
    22 minuter sedan

    Truely appreciate your work. You are doing more than a great job by stopping these heartless scammers

  6. Tim Killington
    Tim Killington
    32 minuter sedan

    Well done guys.

  7. tutu you
    tutu you
    40 minuter sedan

    Bravo get them all this animals

  8. Hanariel Godlike
    Hanariel Godlike
    45 minuter sedan

    I realy HATE how those scammers use the goodness on ppl heart to screw them over. Its disgusting and i think that is the worst type of ppl....

  9. Charlie Swandi
    Charlie Swandi
    57 minuter sedan

    The real you india you lose

  10. Davie504
    Timme sedan

    Use my BASS as a trap. MIND BLOWING

  11. Edward 100
    Edward 100
    Timme sedan

    Mark, you are an amazing young man. Thank you so very much for what you do.

  12. TP -Joker
    TP -Joker
    Timme sedan

    Plants vs zombies roof music thats hype

  13. Oliver Bergmann
    Oliver Bergmann
    2 timmar sedan

    I hope that glitter is biodegradable 0_0 great video tho :}

  14. Shana Abell
    Shana Abell
    2 timmar sedan

    You’re the best.

  15. Gundizer
    2 timmar sedan

    You are my role model in creating videos and soon you will see my channel in glory

  16. Munakampe Majorita
    Munakampe Majorita
    2 timmar sedan

    @MarkRober how can I contact Jim i really need help.

  17. yemin aung
    yemin aung
    2 timmar sedan

    14K dislike are Scammer

  18. Richard Moore
    Richard Moore
    3 timmar sedan

    Top work, not all heroes wear capes

  19. fire in flame
    fire in flame
    3 timmar sedan

    Thankyou very much

  20. Rob Burns
    Rob Burns
    3 timmar sedan

    Crystal should have been arrested.

  21. Tiffany Capili
    Tiffany Capili
    3 timmar sedan

    India people are something hahahaha

  22. Greg Omeike
    Greg Omeike
    3 timmar sedan

    No these people are wicked

  23. JenishTheGamer
    4 timmar sedan

    20:57 Thats true Mark

  24. JenishTheGamer
    4 timmar sedan

    This is me watching Mark Rober for the first time, and I can say, I will be watching this guy for a long time

  25. Michal Kriegelstein
    Michal Kriegelstein
    4 timmar sedan

    Whats odd is that the bank website does not require another form of authentication

  26. Marco Cardenas
    Marco Cardenas
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  27. Ryan Tomes
    Ryan Tomes
    4 timmar sedan

    Correct me if im wrong but isn't the woman who you picture as phyllis (@12:31), isn't she an actress?? I swear I saw her on a few different netflix movies, shows or something

  28. Axel Jimenez
    Axel Jimenez
    4 timmar sedan

    just imagine them watching the video edith: just saw that the video blew, pround to be subscribed before colab to have some knowladge in both channels!!!

  29. MAZZ0Murder
    4 timmar sedan

    Via safer method, I once infuriated one of these dudes. Knowing they would type the extra zeroes, I would type and quickly delete... so they'd enter the "right" amount. In this event they claim something went wrong (of course) and want you to try it again... After enough times they catch on... but at least their time is wasted! Secondly, you can opt to say "Too bad, it's my money now!" :P

  30. Jhye Power
    Jhye Power
    4 timmar sedan

    Instead of fart gas use poison

  31. Mango Bango
    Mango Bango
    4 timmar sedan

    swap the fart spray with mustard gas

  32. cer spence
    cer spence
    4 timmar sedan


    1. Gage Gault
      Gage Gault
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  33. H B
    H B
    4 timmar sedan

    You are a real life superhero🦸‍♂️ Thank you Mark❤ you truly are a wonderful person

  34. Da Mouse
    Da Mouse
    4 timmar sedan

    Doing God’s work my man. 💙

  35. Naota Kenichi
    Naota Kenichi
    4 timmar sedan

    Why would a mule move 20 thousand for a couple hundred bucks, even if they don't know whats in the parcel they have to know its valuable.

  36. Sunshine11229
    5 timmar sedan

    Mars Rover is my favorite SEgetr!

  37. Chris McIntosh
    Chris McIntosh
    5 timmar sedan

    the fbi should pay you guys a salary for doing their job :P

  38. WildFlower42 G
    WildFlower42 G
    5 timmar sedan

    Unpopular opinion: I like Mark Rober's content more than Mr. Beast's.

    1. Demy Draws
      Demy Draws
      3 timmar sedan

      I like both people's content for different reasons. I can see why some would like mark Robers more though. He actually teaches you along the way, not just help/entertain.

  39. Aim3xe
    5 timmar sedan

    FBI: We would like to hire you :P

  40. Ther oliver
    Ther oliver
    5 timmar sedan


  41. Toothless
    5 timmar sedan

    Dude! I want that plant speaker. I NEED that plant speaker. My lemon bush will be so happy to be able to tell me to give it water

  42. Toothless
    6 timmar sedan

    Even if I were gullible or knew nothing of computers. I lack proper empathy. If someone was like "oh accidental 20000 dollars, you need to send it back" I'd respond with, "ah well that's too bad. You figure out how to charge yourself back, my part of the job is done. I won't spend it, but you figure out how to wire it back."

  43. Magma Torchy
    Magma Torchy
    6 timmar sedan

    Mark rober can I have a question for you

  44. Michael Carraway
    Michael Carraway
    6 timmar sedan

    You keep the fight

  45. Angelina Lozada
    Angelina Lozada
    6 timmar sedan


  46. Aidenmceggy
    6 timmar sedan

    999 IQ

  47. TRNHardy
    6 timmar sedan

    Wow you guys are legends you two have replaced my faith in humanity.

  48. Vasylyna Soukup
    Vasylyna Soukup
    7 timmar sedan

    Thank You Mark for doing such amazing work! It is so great to see some justice served to these low lives.

  49. uno dos
    uno dos
    7 timmar sedan

    Why the USA has done nothing ????

  50. Simeon Moises P. Pulgan_1180026
    Simeon Moises P. Pulgan_1180026
    7 timmar sedan

    you should make one that plays never gonna give you up so the people get rickrolled

  51. kyur4thich
    7 timmar sedan

    dude you are the best!

  52. Zoobers7
    7 timmar sedan

    Hello! Can anyone Help me find out what this song is between these timelines: 17:58 to 18:10. Thanks

  53. gretchen606
    7 timmar sedan

    Thank you

  54. spaghetti
    7 timmar sedan

    Awesome guys. Thanks for looking out for all of us who do not know any better.

  55. Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia
    7 timmar sedan

    All of these agencies are in on it don't you seee!

  56. Tanner Braungardt
    Tanner Braungardt
    8 timmar sedan

    Everything thing this guy does is amazing

  57. Theyoungsta_209
    8 timmar sedan

    Thats what's up

  58. Mr. Mayor
    Mr. Mayor
    8 timmar sedan

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Revrend o0
    Revrend o0
    8 timmar sedan

    14k scammers don't approve.

  60. W Higgs56
    W Higgs56
    8 timmar sedan

    This is gods work. keep it up this is amazing!

  61. Mason Droese
    Mason Droese
    8 timmar sedan

    This why you can’t not trust no one in this world

    8 timmar sedan

    I noticed in these real world police examples and also noticed the persons of color being arrested. What will people accuse me of for pointing out this glaring. The Glitter-only VIDEOS Mark Rober you see a racial mix of porch pirates which does not represent real world FBI, city or county arrest records. THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

    9 timmar sedan

    Reason why i don't check emails

  64. Nick Murphy
    Nick Murphy
    9 timmar sedan

    Please make a Batman gun that wraps assailants up completely, for the police, tired of seeing them have to defend themselves for accidentally killing someone, (especially against known violent people) we should have better non lethal options by now.

  65. Nathan The Man
    Nathan The Man
    9 timmar sedan

    The fact that i recieved an email just two days ago saying that they were a banker and is willing to share 6 Million to me from a guy that "wire tansfered" it to my bank account. But the only problem is.... Man im 15 i dont have a bank account....

    1. hen ko
      hen ko
      8 timmar sedan

      9:31 How can someone do this to someone to innocent and vulnerable like a grandma??

  66. J
    9 timmar sedan

    13:46 so u skip the boring stuff

    1. hen ko
      hen ko
      8 timmar sedan

      You are the effing man!!! This is incredible! You guys are real life heroes!

  67. Cade Rouse
    Cade Rouse
    9 timmar sedan

    the only top tier snitch people fw

  68. sakura Bun
    sakura Bun
    9 timmar sedan

    I’ve got scams calling me fat🧍‍♀️

  69. Willow sandsister
    Willow sandsister
    9 timmar sedan

    My parents Really like, your creativity So Ima get the glitter bomb shirt. lol

  70. Peter Evans
    Peter Evans
    10 timmar sedan

    The solution is simple. Prevent anyone in India from ever accessing the internet for 100 years.

  71. It’s Samy Time
    It’s Samy Time
    10 timmar sedan

    We will be Executing the scammers today

  72. A Wise Old Grandpa
    A Wise Old Grandpa
    10 timmar sedan

    *F this SEget career, BE A COP!*

  73. Yanelis Santana
    Yanelis Santana
    10 timmar sedan

    you guys are literal heroes

  74. Aj Ochoa
    Aj Ochoa
    10 timmar sedan

    When I get a broadcast I start speaking Spanish and they freak out and hang up

  75. Thomas Haas
    Thomas Haas
    10 timmar sedan

    I’d rather do life in prison than get sprayed by that fart spray it reaks

  76. Devdoesitbest
    10 timmar sedan

    I can guarantee you that those dislikes are from the scammers

    1. Itz Snoobi
      Itz Snoobi
      10 timmar sedan

      And the haters

  77. The Fox
    The Fox
    11 timmar sedan

    There needs to be an option that is better than a thumbs up!!! Greatness!!!

  78. minnesota madness
    minnesota madness
    11 timmar sedan

    you are amazing sir

  79. Kyle Kaner
    Kyle Kaner
    11 timmar sedan

    Well done!

  80. Ryan Pavao
    Ryan Pavao
    11 timmar sedan

    You are the effing man!!! This is incredible! You guys are real life heroes!

  81. Bob Jo
    Bob Jo
    11 timmar sedan

    9:31 How can someone do this to someone to innocent and vulnerable like a grandma??

  82. Folland Music UK
    Folland Music UK
    11 timmar sedan

    This video is the beginning of the SEget avengers, next thing you know Mr beast will be funding the operation and handing out cash prizes to whoever catches the most scammers

  83. Petr Walla
    Petr Walla
    11 timmar sedan

    Ok, I thought to this day that nothing can and nothing is done about it

  84. Kevin Jarquin
    Kevin Jarquin
    11 timmar sedan

    14k dislikes=14kscammers

  85. pkampe femwell
    pkampe femwell
    11 timmar sedan

    Hey, I keep getting these calls that say," We are giving you a final courtesy call about your car warranty...," even though my car warranty expired in 2017! Please tell me what is going on!

  86. Advocate of Chaos
    Advocate of Chaos
    12 timmar sedan

    Or you can get rid of currency altogether. That's another way to solve the issue.

  87. Jaime Munoz
    Jaime Munoz
    12 timmar sedan

    I never thought this could be so helpful and little did I know my dad was going through this exact scene

  88. Joel Anderson
    Joel Anderson
    12 timmar sedan

    The accent is a giveaway

  89. Shannyn Walker
    Shannyn Walker
    12 timmar sedan

    Detective Rober

  90. Payia Lor
    Payia Lor
    12 timmar sedan

    Best Idea for phone smcammers

  91. Kamran Haider
    Kamran Haider
    12 timmar sedan

    Increase the quantity of glitter, I say use a pressurised container for spreading it instead of the rotary mechanism. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰🙏

  92. Jeremyv1980
    12 timmar sedan

    As much as we spend on military, I feel eliminating these subjects would be better use of the money.

  93. ReblazeGaming
    13 timmar sedan

    Look. at Mark man, so inspirational

  94. stefanie smith
    stefanie smith
    13 timmar sedan

    have you watched kitboga? oh yes i can see a crossover episode

  95. John K
    John K
    13 timmar sedan

    Thanks for taking the time to pursue and catch these evil people! I hope you get many more.

  96. Are you Serious?
    Are you Serious?
    13 timmar sedan

    ❤️ what you do Mark! You’re my hero! We’ve got to protect our grandparents.

  97. Raneah Bayad
    Raneah Bayad
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    Mark rober = 5000IQ

  98. Glampire XO
    Glampire XO
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    Wow the biggest cross over since infinity war

  99. Phillip Tretter
    Phillip Tretter
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    This isn't what I expected superheroes to actually be

  100. Kaden McCallum
    Kaden McCallum
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    Thanks for promoting team trees