Hitting This Lamborghini Aventador With A Skateboard.. #Shorts

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  1. Timo
    Timme sedan

    One question why dues that have 1million likes?

  2. ManOnTheRun
    Timme sedan

    Budak 46

  3. Beastboysam 101
    Beastboysam 101
    2 timmar sedan

    43m views You kidding me!?!?!?!?

  4. Massimiliano Tonghini
    Massimiliano Tonghini
    2 timmar sedan

    Tik tok is cancer

  5. 矢野稜
    3 timmar sedan


  6. Redneck Josh_vape_dip
    Redneck Josh_vape_dip
    3 timmar sedan

    Second video titled “smashing a Lamborghini” first I saw screamed mrbeast vibes just wasting money and then I see this one screaming “I’m useless without my parents money”

  7. Youssef Melhaoui
    Youssef Melhaoui
    3 timmar sedan

    Madre mia enserio esque la envidia mata

  8. ItsDaves
    3 timmar sedan

    I hope that you drop it one day

  9. Badrul Hisham
    Badrul Hisham
    6 timmar sedan


  10. Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown
    7 timmar sedan

    This guy did it perfectly

  11. Noor Alsaidi
    Noor Alsaidi
    8 timmar sedan

    I knew U won’t hit it

  12. Akshansh Shukla
    Akshansh Shukla
    9 timmar sedan

    Google search : how to flex my car which I didn’t even earned with hardship

  13. Nandru karunakar
    Nandru karunakar
    10 timmar sedan


  14. SUVIR GaMiNg
    SUVIR GaMiNg
    11 timmar sedan

    At the when u were hitting lambo I thought that was slow Mo

  15. Toni man
    Toni man
    13 timmar sedan

    No balls

  16. Amin Asghar
    Amin Asghar
    14 timmar sedan

    His arms movement speed already showed me he will never hit this iron box glass.

  17. Scandinavian Aviation
    Scandinavian Aviation
    15 timmar sedan

    everyone gangster until he actually hits it

  18. Rhmwt 25
    Rhmwt 25
    15 timmar sedan

    Nilainya zero

  19. warung kopi sugiono
    warung kopi sugiono
    16 timmar sedan

    Itu baru namanya homemade slow motion.... Bangke 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Sharon Sy
    Sharon Sy
    17 timmar sedan

    If you actually did that I'll be mad

  21. Hell jumper
    Hell jumper
    18 timmar sedan


    19 timmar sedan


  23. Insane unstoppable cat Meow
    Insane unstoppable cat Meow
    20 timmar sedan

    You alimony but that’s 😎

  24. Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson
    21 timme sedan

    I love has he does not realize that he was not in slow motion

  25. Addison DeWolf
    Addison DeWolf
    22 timmar sedan

    Cute fit my guy

  26. • skylex •
    • skylex •
    Dag sedan

    The song made me feel so excited

  27. Samuel Teles
    Samuel Teles
    Dag sedan

    Tik Tok = cancer

  28. Man Ali
    Man Ali
    Dag sedan


  29. Coolmurphy09
    Dag sedan

    I already knew it wasn’t slow motion and I also knew he was not gonna hit it because it wasn’t on slow motion.

  30. Spencer Neely
    Spencer Neely
    Dag sedan

    If your not gonna hit it don't post

  31. Nikusha Akhvlediani
    Nikusha Akhvlediani
    Dag sedan

    This is how many people thought it was in slow motion \|/

  32. Desirable_Guy
    Dag sedan

    Oh I've got a new video idea. "Smashing my mom's face in with a baseball bat." Something this guy would do.

  33. Marcelo Riva
    Marcelo Riva
    Dag sedan

    Vai parar

  34. Karen Acosta
    Karen Acosta
    Dag sedan

    You got me

  35. Diego Rodrigues
    Diego Rodrigues
    Dag sedan

    Se vc bater nesse carro eu vou aí e bato em vc 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mais foi legal 👍🏻

  36. Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh
    Dag sedan

    Man.. those cars look so ugly . Lamborghini is so hyped yet it doesn't have a good design ..

  37. Hazamaki
    Dag sedan

    We don't care

  38. Romasni Sinaga
    Romasni Sinaga
    Dag sedan

    🤔, not slomo 😐.

  39. Dawg
    Dag sedan

    You can tell he has that skateboard just to look cool

  40. Christine Poelman-Gordon
    Christine Poelman-Gordon
    Dag sedan

    That's suspicious

  41. Pencil tip Art
    Pencil tip Art
    Dag sedan

    I can see his heart beating faster 🤣😅🤣😅

  42. Carola Ast
    Carola Ast
    Dag sedan

    oh men it is so grazy

  43. Киндер про
    Киндер про
    Dag sedan

    Вот эта даа

  44. roger ayoub
    roger ayoub
    Dag sedan

    You freaking me out bro

  45. スライ厶
    Dag sedan


  46. Bhavan Jangir
    Bhavan Jangir
    Dag sedan

    Disliked 😌

  47. Jemma Jacela
    Jemma Jacela
    Dag sedan

    Bruh I knew from the start...Ur let's were wobbly *^*

  48. Rynn Irene
    Rynn Irene
    Dag sedan


  49. mak kau hijau
    mak kau hijau
    Dag sedan

    U got me man😂😂

  50. Erin Jones
    Erin Jones
    Dag sedan

    Carter sharer

  51. さと坊
    Dag sedan


  52. Esmeralda Rios
    Esmeralda Rios
    Dag sedan

    Stop! 😑

  53. Sherif Meawad
    Sherif Meawad
    Dag sedan

    NONONONONO o thank goodness 😅 😅😅

  54. 紅べに
    Dag sedan


  55. yolanda frontana
    yolanda frontana
    Dag sedan


  56. jemar gaming
    jemar gaming
    Dag sedan

    Shut up

  57. Freshy YT
    Freshy YT
    Dag sedan

    Imagine him slipping ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  58. Deadlyflower Rose
    Deadlyflower Rose
    Dag sedan

    Oh thank god

  59. Danie Field
    Danie Field
    Dag sedan

    I only want the skate

  60. Khadija Khadija
    Khadija Khadija
    Dag sedan


  61. Chi Rhys
    Chi Rhys
    Dag sedan

    He almost touch the Lamborghini and literally broke the glass

  62. GraffyPlayz
    2 dagar sedan

    The absolutely disgusting thing is that SEget chooses these to be our recommendations

  63. Sachin ms
    Sachin ms
    2 dagar sedan

    No timing

  64. Zorica Filipovic
    Zorica Filipovic
    2 dagar sedan


  65. فوز الجربوع
    فوز الجربوع
    2 dagar sedan

    هذا الفديو يقهر الاولاد النها سياره

  66. Pothiag_ Thiago Moreno B2
    Pothiag_ Thiago Moreno B2
    2 dagar sedan


  67. Veenisa Ramnarine
    Veenisa Ramnarine
    2 dagar sedan


  68. 15-DHEER SHAH-8D
    15-DHEER SHAH-8D
    2 dagar sedan

    This guy loves to break Lamborghini

  69. Bella Rosario
    Bella Rosario
    2 dagar sedan

    Omg I got like so scared for a second

  70. Eva Bokor
    Eva Bokor
    2 dagar sedan


  71. STEAPHYumm
    2 dagar sedan

    Who else was like: just do already

  72. War Brick Studios
    War Brick Studios
    2 dagar sedan


  73. Ra Lina
    Ra Lina
    2 dagar sedan

    O god

  74. عبد الله
    عبد الله
    2 dagar sedan


  75. Fachry Nadhiv22
    Fachry Nadhiv22
    2 dagar sedan

    Sick person

  76. Tamás Takács
    Tamás Takács
    2 dagar sedan

    So you made a video of break a car with a skateboard, but you didn't broke it soooo this videos didn't supposed to exist. = You made it for money, and views aren't you?

  77. MooN LīNGHT
    MooN LīNGHT
    2 dagar sedan

    Lo sabia

  78. cps spc
    cps spc
    2 dagar sedan

    What's the song name

  79. Royce Li
    Royce Li
    2 dagar sedan

    Why tho...

    2 dagar sedan

    Hitting that car window is a little boring.

  81. Linda Davis
    Linda Davis
    2 dagar sedan

    I know what you did you just did you just slowly did it like it was in slow mode but it wasn’t

  82. Joseph Tomlinson
    Joseph Tomlinson
    2 dagar sedan

    No fucking do it

  83. Killer Don
    Killer Don
    3 dagar sedan

    I just knew he wasn’t gonna do it

  84. Shivansh Shukla
    Shivansh Shukla
    3 dagar sedan


  85. Qingep
    3 dagar sedan

    TikTok = Cancer

  86. Hayden Tay Jun Wen Student
    Hayden Tay Jun Wen Student
    3 dagar sedan

    Give me you skatebord

  87. Niel
    3 dagar sedan

    This is why i hated donald trump for banning tiktok. Tiktokers are now in youtube..

  88. spectre el medio pro
    spectre el medio pro
    3 dagar sedan


  89. 냉정한냥냥이
    3 dagar sedan

    또 나만 속았지

  90. Batsuh Ganzorig
    Batsuh Ganzorig
    3 dagar sedan


  91. موسى فراج
    موسى فراج
    3 dagar sedan


  92. Alex Mavros
    Alex Mavros
    3 dagar sedan

    clickbate alert

  93. Kuba Gieroń
    Kuba Gieroń
    3 dagar sedan

    Czy za przeproszeniem możecie nie marnować mojego życia takim czymś ? Tego jest pełno.....

  94. Home AMS
    Home AMS
    3 dagar sedan

    No for dislike ty

  95. Romchat Time
    Romchat Time
    3 dagar sedan

    Are you crazy

  96. Christochat
    3 dagar sedan

    Ah yes, let me make a video, that entirely defeats the purpose of it's title

    1. Christochat
      5 timmar sedan

      @phish it's not funny

    2. phish
      7 timmar sedan

      That’s the joke...

  97. purnama alfendi
    purnama alfendi
    3 dagar sedan

    Ayo meninggal dunia semua !

  98. Marissa ainul
    Marissa ainul
    3 dagar sedan

    Hmm.. its like a real slowmo

  99. Samanta Jůzová
    Samanta Jůzová
    3 dagar sedan

    OH no

  100. r ambek xq 10
    r ambek xq 10
    3 dagar sedan

    Why he dont hit?