How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

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Full Detail! Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. In this video I show you how to clean your carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner. The super clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we vacuuming the carpet but we are also shampooing it with an extractor to remove all the embedded dirt and smells.
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How to Super Clean your Seats:
SuperClean Exterior:
SuperClean Engine Bay:
SuperClean Windshield:
Carpet Cleaner:
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Interior Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Shine Protector:
Waterless Wash and
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  1. ChrisFix
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    I just posted the newest Interior Super Clean video covering the Dashboard, Door Panels, Center Console, and windows:

    1. Veer Veer01
      Veer Veer01
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      Why do you use micro fibre towels?

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      johnson Johnson
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      Save A. Buck
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      Hey Chris, excellent videos, your results are amazing! Can you do a headliner installation/replacement video? I have a 2007 Accord on the liner is falling done. thanks dude.

    4. Save A. Buck
      Save A. Buck
      11 dagar sedan

      Chris, excellent videos. Your results are amazing. Have you considered doing a headliner install/replacement video? I have a 2007 Accord and the headliner is falling down. Thanks dude.

    5. Gou Gaming
      Gou Gaming
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      There is dog in my car!

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  3. Teigue McCormack
    Teigue McCormack
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    Great video, but my car (2011 CVPI) has a rubber floor and mats instead of carpet. What would you recommend to clean this surface?

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  10. A brother in Christ
    A brother in Christ
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    Did you say in one of your other videos that this vacuum will convert to a blower easily?

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    John from tennessee
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    03:20 How will it kill the battery over time?

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      John from tennessee
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    Hard Core
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    Pretty much how I clean stuff and also learned a little! Definitely need a drill brush. Thanks for all the helpful vids Chris! Actually I learned the most about the head liner and glad this video popped up in my feed the day of doing it.

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    Cristina Monte
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    A simple life with Teej
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    Car you recommended any other good spot cleaner for car? Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC, Red is unavailable.

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    Steve Eaton
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    Best, easiest, quickest way to keep interior reasonable: drive by yourself. NOT! Lookit: it's ez. Clean as you go. Empty trash bin b4 full. Tell yer gkids to use it. Shake out carpet pads a couple times a week. Use damp chamois to clean up hard surfaces; use a dab of goo-gone if needed. Use a barely damp clean sponge to touch up upholstered surfaces. Wash windows inside and out. Add a couple squirts of deodorizer. Cheap tools, quick clean, 15-20 min max by my experience. I used to wash maybe every 3 weeks, wax completely 2xyr...i live in san diego county.. 😉. Use vacuum to reach beneath front seats, use brush head for upholstery and around door jambs. Gopher it and good luck....🙃🙂🙃

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    Kemoreay Hicks
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