I Just Bought My $100,000 DREAM TRUCK!!! (CHEAPEST IN THE COUNTRY?!)

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Today, Jared shows us how he fixed his broken 2016 Nissan Titan XD, by buying a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD! This is by far the best truck he could have bought...but that doesn't mean it's perfect.
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  1. pweilnau
    11 dagar sedan

    I'll be dipped!

  2. Wingdwolf 56
    Wingdwolf 56
    11 dagar sedan

    Huh! I got rid of my Titan be got a ........DENALI too!

  3. mike seguin
    mike seguin
    12 dagar sedan

    The car wizard strikes again!

  4. captinhoop
    12 dagar sedan

    I’ll be dipped

  5. 2H80vids
    12 dagar sedan

    Just subscribed today. Derek from ViceGripGarage introduced me to Jarred and I like the way the guy works. Not so sure about Tavarish though. I've never felt the need to subscribe to his channel. Does he have to argue with 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 Jarred says? I met Pyrrah earlier today though and that clinched the deal for me.👍👌😁

  6. Robert Guevara-Amaya
    Robert Guevara-Amaya
    16 dagar sedan

    His first mistake was ever buying a Nissan vehicle. Lol

  7. No Sleep Transport
    No Sleep Transport
    17 dagar sedan

    Shoulda got a ford!

  8. Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller
    17 dagar sedan


  9. Hnat Automotive
    Hnat Automotive
    18 dagar sedan

    You deserve it man! Congrats!!

  10. ThaSouth Garcon
    ThaSouth Garcon
    20 dagar sedan

    Pretty extreme fix 🤣🤣🤣, I approve !?

  11. Starnes and cars
    Starnes and cars
    20 dagar sedan

    That truck was about 60k new. About 57k with discounts plus That’s a early 15 because it’s got the old mirrors. Sharp tho.

  12. Scott Jorgenson
    Scott Jorgenson
    20 dagar sedan

    Lol 60k truck my truck is 100k

  13. Danny O’Regan
    Danny O’Regan
    21 dag sedan

    I’m sure autotempest is all good and fine in the states but in Canada autorempest has got to be one of the most useless websites I’ve ever used

  14. Adam Gibson
    Adam Gibson
    21 dag sedan

    Congrats Jared the truck looks great

  15. TheCobruhAlienat0r
    23 dagar sedan

    Fully loaded, doesn't have push button start.

  16. Nef
    24 dagar sedan

    Your full coverage insurance will cover that windshield damage if it happened near a construction site or a dump truck incident....make a report and get it fix...

  17. fred V
    fred V
    24 dagar sedan

    Hate to burst your bubble. But I paid that for 2014 Ram 3500 dually laramie 4x4 with 6.7 Cummins and Aisin 11.5 rear new. Only things I don't have is gooseneck hitch, dvd player and maybe you have a few more usb outlets. 85k on it now. But nice truck

  18. TAP001
    25 dagar sedan

    Like 2 kids with a new toy! LOL CONGRATULATIONS JARED! You got rid of a Newer Nissan which is a Bomb!

  19. Albert Harris
    Albert Harris
    25 dagar sedan

    Look like Taylor ray old trailer

  20. Carstuff111
    25 dagar sedan

    Hahahahahaha!!! $50,000.00 for a used pickup..... HELL NO! And I sure as HELL would not pay $100,000.00 ( or even $68,000.00) for a new pickup!!! Screw all of that! But... at least you got rid of that garbage modern Nissan. The engine wasn't the only thing about that truck that was garbage..... Nissan these days is just pure garbage all around.

  21. Roger Hundley
    Roger Hundley
    25 dagar sedan

    Boasting that you drove a 6 year old < 100K diesel truck across country without an inspection? Really?

  22. Eric Loll
    Eric Loll
    26 dagar sedan

    I’m from the future. It needs and oil pain gasket and new front tires and Idler arm and pitman arm lol.

  23. a wiseman
    a wiseman
    26 dagar sedan

    I see a 2015 King Ranch F-350 super clean 75k for $44k. You bought the wrong truck Jared :(

  24. Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee
    26 dagar sedan

    2016 Super Duty 350 DRW 22k miles, almost every option but heated steering wheel, got in August at peak of the market on these. $56k out the door. For the record, you paid L5P price for a LML. Be sure to update soon the soon-to-be failure parts. Got rid of a LML last year because got tired of fixing it

  25. Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee
    26 dagar sedan

    How is this truck ever a $100k? Looked at this same truck new in 2019 and sticker was $72k fully loaded and even had dealer add-ons and was in South Florida the high price no deals dealerships of the world. 😂

  26. Local Brand It
    Local Brand It
    26 dagar sedan

    Nissan just doesn’t cut it anymore. The last good Nissan I owned was A 1986 1/2 Hardbody 4x4. My 2008 Nissan Titan sucked balls. Always had front end problems. Now its only Toyota for me.

  27. David Bryer
    David Bryer
    26 dagar sedan

    How much did you get for your Titan

  28. J Bettis
    J Bettis
    26 dagar sedan

    new tee "Shudda bought a Denali."

  29. Cycle Sensei
    Cycle Sensei
    27 dagar sedan

    As an LBZ (2006) Duramax owner with almost 400k on the odometer, you definitely made the right decision. Love the 6.6L engine. And obviously you can't buy better than Allison.

  30. Erick Almaraz
    Erick Almaraz
    27 dagar sedan

    Shouldn't it have chrome mirrors, it being a denali and all.

    27 dagar sedan

    i almost clicked off the video when i saw the titan i was so confused

  32. Kaleb B
    Kaleb B
    27 dagar sedan

    5in straight pipe, a good tuner, and since it's a dually you need to lower it 😏

  33. OutsideTheBox
    27 dagar sedan

    To Jared it's like a compact car.

  34. BankerDog LovesHoribos
    BankerDog LovesHoribos
    27 dagar sedan

    Best example of ClickBait ever! Accompanied by worst justification ever. I’m switching over to Daddy Doug.

  35. MarioDIY
    27 dagar sedan

    Hey Jared, definitely consider putting a wireless charger into your center console lid. There's a video online. Definitely a neat feature to add sometime in the future...

  36. Efrain Sanchez
    Efrain Sanchez
    27 dagar sedan

    My dream truck gmc

  37. Lee Paulison
    Lee Paulison
    28 dagar sedan

    You guys need to get with Banks and mod the truck.

  38. Rob Price
    Rob Price
    28 dagar sedan

    Can't go wrong with a GMC or Chevy.

  39. Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen
    28 dagar sedan

    I have no need for it, but now I want this truck.

  40. Zach
    28 dagar sedan

    These 100k sticker price trucks aren’t 100k trucks after a year let alone 5 years lmao but you know because Jared is such a stand up guy and so helpful I’ll let it slide

  41. Evan
    28 dagar sedan

    Good luck with the duramax had 14’ Solid power train way better then the garbage you just had!

  42. Im Mikeey
    Im Mikeey
    28 dagar sedan

    Overpriced pick up i got my 2016 Denali for 47k 2 years ago with 59k on the odometer in grey

  43. Matt dirty denim Conrad
    Matt dirty denim Conrad
    28 dagar sedan

    Wow I missed this channel

  44. Sara Allen
    Sara Allen
    28 dagar sedan

    So happy for you Jared! That’s an awesome truck!!

  45. Nahun Diaz
    Nahun Diaz
    29 dagar sedan

    They are showing off a truck and I’m looking at the gtr’s in the back

  46. Trevor Pinkston
    Trevor Pinkston
    29 dagar sedan

    Msrp on that truck was around 73k new and you could buy them for about 10k off msrp brand new. I was a manager at a gmc dealer in 2015. Not a smoking deal at all for $51 used with 55k miles. Plus it doesnt look right. Those arent factory denali tow mirrors. Theyre aftermarket. The factory denali mirrors are chrome. A brand new 2021 3500 denali fully loaded msrp is $82k and you can buy them all day long for 75.

  47. Trevor Neal
    Trevor Neal
    29 dagar sedan

    Just found one on autotrader for $66k and 31 thousand miles. I’d say that’s the better deal

  48. Tim Wick
    Tim Wick
    29 dagar sedan

    is that Taylor Ray's old trailer?

  49. sabre2112
    29 dagar sedan

    That’s not even funny. It’s sad $100K for a truck it at a point a working man can’t buy a new vehicle or truck

  50. J B
    J B
    29 dagar sedan

    $100,000 Chevy😂😂😂😂 You couldn’t pay me $100,000 to drive a Chevy

  51. Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz
    29 dagar sedan

    For $100K ???? I would go with the Ram TRX 😁 but nice truck I really like it not hating it.

    1. Angel Cruz
      Angel Cruz
      29 dagar sedan

      Also just saw that you only paid $50K, that’s a great deal

  52. Jason Barnwell
    Jason Barnwell
    29 dagar sedan

    Always liked this era of trucks. Truck looks great guys. Good purchase.

  53. Mitchell Clark-Heiter
    Mitchell Clark-Heiter
    29 dagar sedan

    Those are not the stock mirrors, they look worse tbh no lights or anything

  54. Bill Rose
    Bill Rose
    29 dagar sedan

    I build one on GMC's webside with every option included exept accessories because i dont know if you got any and that would have been 86,369 USD net total, and visualy there is almost no difference. So yeah that is a pretty good deal what you got there

  55. chris devito
    chris devito
    29 dagar sedan

    You got fk’d

  56. Kenneth Carnie
    Kenneth Carnie
    29 dagar sedan

    Poor Jared. His best buddy Tavarish just gave him the coolest gift of paying off the titan, it blew up and now he's got another monster car note.

    1. Immaculate Reflections
      Immaculate Reflections
      27 dagar sedan


  57. Gabe Jacobs
    Gabe Jacobs
    29 dagar sedan

    congratulations!!! now dump all of that emissions bs

  58. Scott Clayton
    Scott Clayton
    29 dagar sedan

    Just buy Jared the dam the truck

  59. Alan Flint
    Alan Flint
    29 dagar sedan

    Where the 100k truck at ?

  60. Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson
    29 dagar sedan

    i can see all this at the dealership

  61. Adams_1998
    29 dagar sedan

    Congrats on the new truck! I can confirm that AC seats are one of the greatest features out there, it is a good replacement for those vents that came in the 90s gm cars.

  62. Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson
    29 dagar sedan

    no pickup truck is ever worth a 100 grand , I talked to a owner of a big dealership and even he says that but its what the people will pay they will charge it

  63. Jesus Ruiz
    Jesus Ruiz
    29 dagar sedan

    Not 100k truck

  64. Technik Meister
    Technik Meister
    29 dagar sedan

    Heap of junk. It will be in the shop in 3 months.

  65. Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman
    29 dagar sedan

    Why the hell does this cost 100 grand... wtf, is it made out of gold?? Car manufacturers have lost touch with reality

  66. Will Gaines
    Will Gaines
    Månad sedan

    An F-350 Platinum 6.7 Powerstroke makes a significant amount more power and torque, has a much better interior than anything GM, and you can get one for around the same mileage and price as your Duramax pretty much anywhere in the country.

  67. jedinachos
    Månad sedan

    14:44 that's how you know he's a real pro - same place every stock diesel exhaust in history genius

  68. 07lbzdmax
    Månad sedan

    The L5P duramax I'm pretty sure is a all new motor that is more powerful and can handle alot more added power compared to the LML. I like the truck.

  69. lil mojito skoolie
    lil mojito skoolie
    Månad sedan

    Don't appreciate the click bait. Just say the truck was 51,000

  70. Taylor Waligora
    Taylor Waligora
    Månad sedan

    Interesting how the old owner put the old body style tow mirrors on it

  71. Josh Cushner
    Josh Cushner
    Månad sedan

    My pops had a 2016 3500hd high country and the first time I got behind the exhaust while it was running, I said the same thing. Is smells like Rose's coming out the back end.

  72. didafm
    Månad sedan

    You could of bought 2004-2008 Chevrolet 2500 or 3500 with the Vortex 6.0 or 6.2 for like 10 grand LOL

  73. Antonio Ayala
    Antonio Ayala
    Månad sedan

    You guys should upgrade the media center(radio) to a 12.1" Linkswell 4th generation, I installed it on my truck last month and it looks amazing....

  74. Archie The Dog
    Archie The Dog
    Månad sedan

    My Mazda CX-5 has air-conditioned seats except they blow in the opposite direction. No joke

  75. Roger Mutha Truckin Perkins
    Roger Mutha Truckin Perkins
    Månad sedan

    Nothing like a $100,000.00 cure for the low price of $51,000.00. Nice truck for sure.

  76. keethan m
    keethan m
    Månad sedan

    Key words “ it was 100k”

  77. ogon bio
    ogon bio
    Månad sedan

    My dads 2006 Nissan Titan has over 250,000 km and it’s been so reliable except for the transfer case wiring always needing to be fixed. Northern driving too it’s the only vehicle we have that starts in -40c and it fired right up with a new battery after sitting for 4 months

  78. Jenkins Family Racing
    Jenkins Family Racing
    Månad sedan

    Leaves a Titan because it left him stranded for a truck that has a Isuzu engine and also massive parts availability issues. I own a large repair facility and specialize in diesel repair. This guy is in for a rude awakening! lol

  79. Andrew
    Månad sedan

    New trucks are so expensive man it's driving used truck prices up like crazy

  80. Jamal Daniels
    Jamal Daniels
    Månad sedan

    It has apple carplay

  81. redneck wreck
    redneck wreck
    Månad sedan

    It is easy to beat there deal you get an s10 and put a lift kit on it

  82. wysguytequilero
    Månad sedan

    I have the same truck and those are not the original mirrors, the original ones are chromed and extended also

  83. John Clamshell SP
    John Clamshell SP
    Månad sedan

    Why would anyone in the USA spend $50,000 on a GM vehicle, that 77% of all parts are made in China? Are you stoned?

  84. Its_seany13
    Månad sedan

    I found a 2012 that were dually Sierra Denali 3500hd Duramax turbo diesel with 90k miles and it was 43k in Georgia

  85. don savard
    don savard
    Månad sedan

    You should try shaving your head I have the same receding hair line as you and I shaved my head and looks much better

  86. James Bruce
    James Bruce
    Månad sedan

    I was looking and i found a lot of Ram 3500's in that price but no Denali GMC or High Country Chevy.

  87. Rick Moises
    Rick Moises
    Månad sedan

    I am not gonna lie, last video with the titan, I was excited thinking you guys got the v8 gas engine....then I saw that you got the Cummins v8 titan.....then I feared for the worst, which unfortunately happened. Then this video came up and you said you were gonna trade in the titan.....for a Sierra with a LML 6.6L duramax....with the CP4 injection pump failure issue...gotta live up to the wrench everyday motto somehow. Not hating I love the content I will still watch it because it’s fun to watch , but it brings me back nightmares personally, with the diesel titan and the LML Sierra.

  88. The white Demon 07
    The white Demon 07
    Månad sedan


    Månad sedan

    Man, they have gone up in value. Mine was the same year/spec in Black, 82k highway miles, and it resold for $44k. It would pull my 35' travel trailer all day long and still averaged 14mpg. 45 fits under that cup holder.

  90. Brett Pinkston
    Brett Pinkston
    Månad sedan

    biggest waste of money i’ve ever seen

  91. Backer Farms
    Backer Farms
    Månad sedan

    That motor was replaced with the l5p in 2017, which has 445 HP and 910 tq. Gained a 10 speed in 2020.

  92. Tyler Mayo
    Tyler Mayo
    Månad sedan

    CP4 pump in the LML are terrible. Watch out. Nice truck though!

  93. Ali Saleh
    Ali Saleh
    Månad sedan

    You need to cut your finger nails 🤢

  94. G Smith
    G Smith
    Månad sedan

    I just subscribed because I saw the GMC on the grill. Thank you lord of trucks my man came to the dark side! Haaa! Welcome. Kidding aside, Cool channel boyz !

  95. Aaron Mann
    Aaron Mann
    Månad sedan

    So you replace junk with more junk

  96. IntelliPocalypse
    Månad sedan

    That’s pretty good. Cars and trucks around here ain’t cheap. They try to get that much for a truck like that with double the miles! Like a truck would have over 200k miles and they’d still want $40k. It’s ridiculous

  97. Andrew1995bah
    Månad sedan

    Should of bought American trucks from the start

  98. Mid South Pressure Wash
    Mid South Pressure Wash
    Månad sedan

    I came here looking for a 100k truck?

  99. Grey Beard Wrenching
    Grey Beard Wrenching
    Månad sedan

    WAIT... Story on that sharp looking C6 possibly a Z06?? Share please :)

  100. Tim datoolman
    Tim datoolman
    Månad sedan

    There is a reason why there are not very many Nissan trucks on the road... it's a Nissan