I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Sponsored by Dragon City!
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Modpack Used:
Fast Zombies:
Slow Zombies:
Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
Edited by Wisefish:
Covert, Kittyrules, PapiCats, Shinigami, Torp & Canniestbarrel for help with the map!
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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    1. Aubrey Reifenrath
      Aubrey Reifenrath
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    2. ninja nocode
      ninja nocode
      Månad sedan

      oooh look at this guy go

    3. Andrew Blonski
      Andrew Blonski
      Månad sedan

      Laughs in floating dirt hut and bucket of water

    4. Dog Water videos
      Dog Water videos
      Månad sedan

      I didn’t get it 😭

    5. Professionally Retarted
      Professionally Retarted
      Månad sedan

      @ThemysteriousG gib cookie :)

  2. Harikesh M
    Harikesh M
    3 minuter sedan

    Yo bro your quality FIRE

  3. oLizard
    8 minuter sedan

    14;15 you should make ahouse and make a lava pit around it

  4. Caerbannog
    9 minuter sedan

    What’s the shader pack ur using

  5. • YuYu
    • YuYu
    17 minuter sedan

    I’m from Taiwan 🇹🇼 your video is so*9999999 nice 😊

  6. Sagnik
    27 minuter sedan

    I am legend vibes

  7. u!ƃƃɐ
    34 minuter sedan

    Subbed :)

  8. KillinAssault12
    39 minuter sedan

    "these men cant take down a man like me" feminists : *where equality*

  9. NxYmO
    50 minuter sedan

    this was amazing (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

  10. Miss.Mr_ Cheshire Cat.
    Miss.Mr_ Cheshire Cat.
    51 minut sedan

    I love zombie hole 1.0 and 2.0 this mod looks scary by the way

  11. Jairus Farren David
    Jairus Farren David
    Timme sedan

    1000 in minecraft wow

  12. Phantomnxc
    Timme sedan

    I want to get a group of people to play this now

  13. Josh
    Timme sedan

    In the end it is just World War Z

  14. Luciaus Cas
    Luciaus Cas
    Timme sedan

    I thought he didn't said he was going to put that there i was like wait he can put lava in the trap and like this happens 41:57

  15. Muhammadplayz roblox
    Muhammadplayz roblox
    Timme sedan

    I already play Dragon city

  16. Evita Kinca
    Evita Kinca
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  17. Muhammadplayz roblox
    Muhammadplayz roblox
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  18. Kashif Fayyaz
    Kashif Fayyaz
    2 timmar sedan

    Sean’s next 100 days video should be: I survived 100 days in Space or the Wild West.

  19. Gamer DEVIL
    Gamer DEVIL
    2 timmar sedan

    Bro you can craft wepons. I crafted an rocketluncher

  20. Ocean Black
    Ocean Black
    2 timmar sedan

    Awesome introoo

  21. Maria Aizabelle Labayo
    Maria Aizabelle Labayo
    2 timmar sedan

    A man who survived the zombie apocalypse but can't survive winter. Why not do both? That will be interesting 😜

  22. KriegerTiger
    2 timmar sedan

    to this day i wonder how people fall in caves and holes and stuff. I never fell in one.

  23. Phoenix Dening
    Phoenix Dening
    2 timmar sedan

    How to survive 100 day step one make nether portal step 2 get prepared to go there step 3 enter then destroy the portal there they can't kill you

  24. Reimark Griño
    Reimark Griño
    2 timmar sedan

    Can you create 200 days this is do awesome sir!!!!

  25. Jim Low
    Jim Low
    2 timmar sedan

    When everybody thinks it hard but u can just hide to a hole and wait until 100 days

  26. Vaareth
    2 timmar sedan

    you should try 7 days to die

  27. T&C
    3 timmar sedan

    Zombies killed: 243,090,000

  28. Aspect
    3 timmar sedan

    lol after the 100 days the zombies turn into humans and celebrate his achievement

  29. Heera Parmar
    Heera Parmar
    3 timmar sedan

    How should i play

  30. Meg Ranica Modina
    Meg Ranica Modina
    3 timmar sedan

    why he dint use the lave hall thing

  31. I just needed a drink
    I just needed a drink
    3 timmar sedan

    *the mustard virus*

  32. Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson
    3 timmar sedan

    This is the most Canadian Minecraft video I’ve ever seen

  33. debamg
    3 timmar sedan

    how did you do this

  34. honey and glass
    honey and glass
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  35. Tøxictraits
    4 timmar sedan

    Chickens be like: *peace was never an option*

  36. heloberry 76
    heloberry 76
    4 timmar sedan

    If u play this and u want a ez win just build up 4 blocks (but if phantoms are in this it doesn’t work )

  37. Oscar Jennings White
    Oscar Jennings White
    4 timmar sedan

    Wooo look at this guy go

  38. TAROT-T
    4 timmar sedan

    We need more of that stuff👊🏻

  39. Erick Rosa
    Erick Rosa
    4 timmar sedan

    He sounds like Kermit the Frog.

  40. Joseph Shoemaker
    Joseph Shoemaker
    4 timmar sedan

    Do parasites

  41. Tan JinWu
    Tan JinWu
    4 timmar sedan


  42. yes noob
    yes noob
    4 timmar sedan

    The fact that he did it in hardcore is just fascinating

  43. Matas
    4 timmar sedan

    59:57 it was for content that we didn't want.

  44. Loukah
    4 timmar sedan

    I was glued to the screen That was fun to watch

  45. Mya brook
    Mya brook
    4 timmar sedan

    u can hear his Canadian accent when he says worry

  46. J R C S N
    J R C S N
    4 timmar sedan

    when Igore(s) dies why I cried

  47. J R C S N
    J R C S N
    4 timmar sedan

    goodbye Igores

  48. mr. white gibus
    mr. white gibus
    5 timmar sedan

    actually u didn’t have to live on a ground base right? like just build up high still love it tho

  49. Jayma Miranda
    Jayma Miranda
    5 timmar sedan

    you need more light

  50. cj tarife
    cj tarife
    5 timmar sedan

    this is the most epic episode in the world pls do it again we love it good job man

  51. Phoenix Dening
    Phoenix Dening
    5 timmar sedan

    You have mods from RL craft that mod must've scarred you big

  52. Tyler Wiseman
    Tyler Wiseman
    5 timmar sedan

    Ohh look at this guy go.

  53. J R C S N
    J R C S N
    5 timmar sedan

    also zombie holes are mutating

  54. CombatFrog
    5 timmar sedan

    21:33 Logan Paul! I’m your biggest fan!

  55. Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
    Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
    5 timmar sedan

    I love zombie hole 2.0

  56. Stellar Cosplay
    Stellar Cosplay
    5 timmar sedan

    What shaders does this man use

  57. Feitansforehead
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  58. Pumpkin Guy
    Pumpkin Guy
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  59. Lazepic
    6 timmar sedan

    Oh yes. 0 deaths in a zombie apocalypse yet 1000 deaths in Canada.

  60. Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
    Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
    6 timmar sedan

    "Hey man's. I uh.. I created a virus *cuts*" Well it's so hilarious considering he said it in this year

  61. Nathan Diveley
    Nathan Diveley
    6 timmar sedan

    Wooh, look at this man go

  62. Mr Miner
    Mr Miner
    6 timmar sedan

    i have to say its a very big brain move to both have your bunker entrance not connected to your bedroom (for quick escape when things look bad) and to have an entrance that you constantly get stuck on (in case your still curious you were stepping ontop of the ladders, simple fix is to just build one more layer...)

  63. Ezekiel Gragera
    Ezekiel Gragera
    6 timmar sedan

    200 days?

  64. Sophy
    6 timmar sedan

    Eu desajustei todo meu horário de sono e sinceramente não me arrependo nem um pouco

  65. Lauren Marrinan
    Lauren Marrinan
    6 timmar sedan

    Zombie hole is a great idea

  66. peyton biscoe
    peyton biscoe
    6 timmar sedan

    The game Minecraft is just fucked up when you add a mod like why the hell would you do that

  67. killian myer
    killian myer
    6 timmar sedan

    I love zombie hole

  68. Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox
    7 timmar sedan

    32:26 looks like into the dead

  69. panda gamer
    panda gamer
    7 timmar sedan

    I always call my golems RFF,why because RFF is retarded friendly fire

  70. Yinghui Zhang
    Yinghui Zhang
    7 timmar sedan

    I love zombie hold 2.0

  71. Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox
    7 timmar sedan

    I like how when in-gameplay his voice sounds like vhs

  72. Anisul Islam
    Anisul Islam
    7 timmar sedan

    You should try to survive 100 days in Ark: Survival Evolved.

  73. jaydyn gagnuss
    jaydyn gagnuss
    7 timmar sedan

    can we get this mod

  74. neema S
    neema S
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    23453432w2445523442424232424142424313414242424242242r432413214323454323456= 123456787654323456543234567876543234567

  75. Mango Sanchez
    Mango Sanchez
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    I love zombie hole 3.0

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    why does this guy kinda sound like kermit

  77. Mango Sanchez
    Mango Sanchez
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    I love zombie hole 2.0

  78. FAREL 5
    FAREL 5
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    Farm zombie :v

  79. god player
    god player
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    40:57 omg near death moments 😂😂

  80. FAREL 5
    FAREL 5
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    No villager zombie

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    Springtrap Girl ÙwÚ
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  90. These Idle Hands Music
    These Idle Hands Music
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  92. These Idle Hands Music
    These Idle Hands Music
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    It was actually three blood moons lol

  93. Grundig Avila
    Grundig Avila
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    Next do 100 days in a alien invasion

  94. These Idle Hands Music
    These Idle Hands Music
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  95. These Idle Hands Music
    These Idle Hands Music
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    Rqymynf Lofamia
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    codyn kinlicheenie
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    Bowser Junior
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