Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...

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  1. Lenny Arias
    Lenny Arias
    43 minuter sedan

    3:25 me in animal crossing whenever I buy something from the tailor shop

  2. rocky the penguin
    rocky the penguin
    3 timmar sedan

    Everybody hating on ocean girl despite her being way younger then the other teens

  3. Joas Van der veen
    Joas Van der veen
    3 timmar sedan

    In the Netherlands is 40 minutes cycling normal

  4. rob van der burgh
    rob van der burgh
    4 timmar sedan

    I always feel a lot of hate towards these people they are always stupid or something

  5. Future Pope
    Future Pope
    6 timmar sedan

    she's a karen - "nina, nina, NINA"

  6. Vilshed
    6 timmar sedan

    i think i know that chick with the blonde hair white af lmao

  7. willekeurig
    7 timmar sedan

    Pewdiepie said americans dont know georgraphy i would have easily won that and im american

  8. Coralbunz
    7 timmar sedan

    "Just vote, just vote, I already know I'm gonna be out" "I don't know like everyone just has something against me" HHHHHHHH "I'm buddhist so like I do this 10 times a day" *Literally 20 seconds later she falls* "It's not fair" 😐

  9. Alexandra Sherman
    Alexandra Sherman
    8 timmar sedan

    It feels more like a manipulative contest.

  10. Arina Bradshaw
    Arina Bradshaw
    9 timmar sedan

    i was with ken the whole time about nina, i definitely saw her as manipulative during the whole process😅

  11. The Stoned Ape Gaming
    The Stoned Ape Gaming
    12 timmar sedan


  12. Ai Taoshi
    Ai Taoshi
    13 timmar sedan

    She cant ride bicycle with skirt 😂

  13. Max Härelind
    Max Härelind
    13 timmar sedan

    i bike 1 hour wtf is this shit

  14. Random E
    Random E
    14 timmar sedan


  15. Autumn Swift
    Autumn Swift
    14 timmar sedan

    Damn compared to the 7 strangers this is actually respectable.

  16. Ayan Jha
    Ayan Jha
    15 timmar sedan

    My first sentence would have been "Kick the Balenciaga right now"

  17. keegan schiffelbian
    keegan schiffelbian
    15 timmar sedan

    I wanna just do it and be honest just say I want $1000 for weed and see what happens

  18. jeiyuuu
    16 timmar sedan

    28:12: oldiepie is coming out from his cave

  19. kay kay
    kay kay
    19 timmar sedan

    Idk why they don’t ask kids who work like 3 jobs just to help their family instead of these kids who clearly come from a nice home

  20. adventuregamingvital
    Dag sedan

    Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️

  21. Flynn Cureton
    Flynn Cureton
    Dag sedan

    Water is out

  22. Dilan Fernando
    Dilan Fernando
    Dag sedan

    15:41 probably the cringiest thing I’ve heard as a Buddhist

  23. Planes At Paine
    Planes At Paine
    Dag sedan

    I wanted Nina to win just cause marine girl was bugging me

  24. ADAM's Simp
    ADAM's Simp
    Dag sedan

    i wanna punch overalls in the face 😂she just makes me so irrationally angry

  25. Alyssa Mew
    Alyssa Mew
    Dag sedan

    I walked to and from school, and didn’t have a car til almost 25 😂 American schools have to provide public bus transportation. She just doesn’t want to walk to 5-10 minutes to where the stop is, be on the bus a long time, or refuses to use the bus lol. If I was their age I’d say 1000 to help live off of while I was on my own in college before being able to find a job or go towards buying a car. I had a part time job senior year of Highschool and used it to live off of my first semester of college, buying food and hygiene stuff til I found a job for the second college semester.

  26. Forever Bored
    Forever Bored
    Dag sedan

    i swear when i was younger having a stand on your scooter was true chat shit

  27. Salma Bash
    Salma Bash
    Dag sedan

    the cat ears guy is loud and annoying

    Dag sedan

    “When I was your age, I walked 20 miles, uphill both ways. On one foot, the other foot was starting a business” -Steven He’s dad These kids: I have to take Ubers *cries*

    Dag sedan

    Steven He’s dad would say all these kids are “failures”

  30. phragment
    Dag sedan

    She literally asked what he would do with his girlfriend and then acted like he said that was his reason

  31. fazmo3415
    Dag sedan

    The short hair girl could quite literally be Erin the vegan's daughter lol

  32. The Hawk
    The Hawk
    Dag sedan

    i had to ride to school for 50mins and go up a hill thats there and back....

  33. thibautv1981
    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine kids are doing this kids:give me your money

  34. pasta.pixie
    2 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know the bg music?

  35. Emily Blott
    Emily Blott
    2 dagar sedan

    The premium intestine proportionately stir because cuticle spectacularly protect before a selective sale. weak, vivacious history

  36. Tommy Daly
    Tommy Daly
    2 dagar sedan

    Thank Heavens my high schooler is like the girl who removed herself, there were some very manipulative kids in this vid

  37. Nathaniel Vaughn
    Nathaniel Vaughn
    2 dagar sedan

    Here's a reminder:) God made everything, and he spent time on you because he knows of how good of a person you are, and jesus protects you everyday, and he hears your prayers, but if you don't belive God or what jesus have done, it is not to late to start today, so please turn to the lord, it will be the best decision of your life, and you are alive today because God has a plan for you, so never give up and start living for god!

  38. Joe John
    Joe John
    2 dagar sedan

    𝔗𝔬 𝔟𝔢 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯

  39. Chelsey S
    Chelsey S
    2 dagar sedan

    There are kids at the high schools in my town driving in G Wagons to school.

  40. jackson
    2 dagar sedan

    I bike 40 minutes to school everyday

  41. living dead final girl
    living dead final girl
    2 dagar sedan

    Say what you want about these kids but they are so much more mature, respectful and understanding than the people in the "Strangers decide who gets $1000".

  42. tory c
    tory c
    2 dagar sedan

    that one girl who had to take ubers, my school didnt let me ride the bus because where i lived was “too dangerous” to stop in the middle of the road because of the road being two curves and you cant see around them. living there for 6 years there were 20+ wrecks in front of our house we had to call 911 for (including someone hitting me and my sister coming down the curve too fast). so i understand her saying the bus wont come. it was AWFUL we had to rearrange everyone’s schedules just to take me to school :/

  43. Bratt Rox
    Bratt Rox
    2 dagar sedan

    I lived out of bounds for my highschool. I wasn't too far from the farthest bus stop though, so I rode 2 miles on my bike (15 or 30 min ride depending on how tired you) to the school bus and stashed my bike in some bushes, locked against a tree lol.... I mean my bike got stolen once and I had to stay over at my friend's place (he's recently become my husband so yay him. Being the nice guy worked well lol) and then I got a new bike and kept doing that until I got a license and started driving me and my brothers to school lol.

  44. Knut Ennio Pelagalli
    Knut Ennio Pelagalli
    3 dagar sedan

    Kids really be havin cars at the age of 16

  45. BlåMeese
    3 dagar sedan

    Who else wants to go one one of these just to make them less painful to watch?

  46. Golden Pathways
    Golden Pathways
    3 dagar sedan

    Right off the bat I would be "I get $400, you all get $100 each if you pick me. Or you get nothing."

  47. James Stalnaker
    James Stalnaker
    3 dagar sedan

    Holy S**t, I used to live in Mcpherson Kansas. BRO THAT'S CRAZY!!!

  48. Alena Mikheeva
    Alena Mikheeva
    3 dagar sedan

    She could cycle to the bus stop... Also in the Netherlands some people cycle for an hour to school... xD 🇳🇱

  49. thatminer
    3 dagar sedan

    Meanwhile dutchies cylcle 40 mins

  50. Noor Alshamlan
    Noor Alshamlan
    3 dagar sedan

    All the dislikes are from the belt owner

  51. JungleWalker
    3 dagar sedan

    I'm cool with the girl getting the 1K to go to the Bahamas as long as the kid with the $350 belt doesn't get it.

  52. sqwish 007
    sqwish 007
    3 dagar sedan

    "I really wanna look at comments" doesn't look at comments

    1. bba sae
      bba sae
      2 dagar sedan

      The video has no comments, they knew people were coming for those kids so they were never on

  53. Queen
    3 dagar sedan

    Honestly, none of them deserved it. Just give it to charity, so actual struggling kids living in war and poverty can benefit from it.

  54. killer__beatz
    3 dagar sedan


  55. Alex Russell
    Alex Russell
    3 dagar sedan

    i biked 20-30 minutes to school and back everyday sophomore year to senior year.... it wasnt bad at all..

  56. mr goldfish
    mr goldfish
    3 dagar sedan

    Where is the ebay link man

  57. Soup Wafflez
    Soup Wafflez
    4 dagar sedan

    The fucking ocean girl smh

  58. p_ulse
    4 dagar sedan

    That belt could be fake

  59. That Girl Goof
    That Girl Goof
    4 dagar sedan

    Dude I would so bike 40min that’s just me😂

  60. pillie eyelash
    pillie eyelash
    4 dagar sedan

    y did the buddhist kid get eliminated ...this shows religious indifference between the kids...and they just the chose the most privileged kid to ge the dumb

  61. Kaylyn Cast
    Kaylyn Cast
    4 dagar sedan

    Sweet lord, can somebody just mute Bahama girl’s mic? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  62. Luis Isaias Montes Rico
    Luis Isaias Montes Rico
    4 dagar sedan

    Kihn ah kuez ye ahn oshen fahcs?

  63. Timeliness
    4 dagar sedan

    It's shocking how the teenagers are way more grown up than the millennials and elders who have way more experience than them.

  64. Truckdude 6.7L
    Truckdude 6.7L
    4 dagar sedan

    How the heck does that one girl not get a bus like I live an hour away from my school and that’s when driving like bruh she gotta be capping or something

  65. Alex Oracolo
    Alex Oracolo
    4 dagar sedan

    I'd vote the Asian guy out immediately and tell him to be ashamed of begging for money with these clothes

  66. mira azar
    mira azar
    4 dagar sedan

    Felix was rooting for Nina🥺

  67. Joeriety
    4 dagar sedan

    Who else watched the whole thing? And they said it was too long...

  68. Smiling Man
    Smiling Man
    4 dagar sedan

    The bahamas girl will definitely grow up be either a hardcore Karen or a serious blue haired twitter feminazi. I guarantee it.

  69. Pix
    4 dagar sedan

    How do i not know about this invention?? New way of spoiling children....

  70. Starry
    4 dagar sedan

    I'm so jelly of Nina's hair it's fucking gorgeous

  71. RedK5
    4 dagar sedan

    I got click baited. The title said kids. These are not kids

  72. ash
    4 dagar sedan

    I agree with ken tho like I'm getting those vibes from her

  73. Mah Boi
    Mah Boi
    4 dagar sedan

    Pewds it right about all this

  74. Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray
    5 dagar sedan

    Jordan grew up to be that lady from the 1 secret meat eater video

  75. Jocularr Josh
    Jocularr Josh
    5 dagar sedan

    The Bahamas girls says it's unfair when she had the upper hand with Buddhist training and still lost lmao

    5 dagar sedan

    If they just said i’d share it with everyone instead of their personal reasons everyone would’ve been happy

  77. ツEbk
    5 dagar sedan

    ngl i am pretty spoiled, and ive noticed it too, so im trying to humble myself and pewdiepie and ctken are really helping :’)

  78. Mehdi Chakir
    Mehdi Chakir
    5 dagar sedan

    Kids turned out more human than adults

  79. Sol Button
    Sol Button
    5 dagar sedan

    Unpopular opinion (I think): Gucci’s stuff is nasty-looking and tacky.

  80. Robert Demir
    Robert Demir
    5 dagar sedan

    The fake cry 😭

  81. J N
    J N
    5 dagar sedan

    how about they work???

  82. Bandit S
    Bandit S
    5 dagar sedan

    14:59 (im marking my spot dont mind me)

  83. Ollie Senkow
    Ollie Senkow
    5 dagar sedan

    The guys just simped and turned on eachother

  84. LB x Medic
    LB x Medic
    5 dagar sedan

    If we did countries I’m American and would win.

  85. andrew Connolly
    andrew Connolly
    5 dagar sedan

    the asians are in cahoots.. theyre the last ones standing

  86. Aaron C
    Aaron C
    5 dagar sedan

    If anyone has ever deserved to be bullied it's Bahamas girl

  87. Charmz
    5 dagar sedan

    I lived in another city from my school for two years and my mom still had to drive me there I think you can live with being a lil far from school

  88. Muhammad Areeb
    Muhammad Areeb
    5 dagar sedan

    The marine biologist hits me cuz I wanna be an animal biologist and I really think she should've won cuz she would've been a real investment for the frogression of humanity , even though the bahamas seems like a vacation but that's a place where ocean life is diverse , the others were like popular kids who I don't think are that serious about life

  89. Dan Dancer
    Dan Dancer
    5 dagar sedan

    These kid don’t deserve sh*t

  90. Morning Milk
    Morning Milk
    5 dagar sedan

    Pewds: "don't bully the fish girl." Comments: "let's just ignore that part and call her immature and dumb."

    1. Morning Milk
      Morning Milk
      4 dagar sedan

      @ash there is a possibility of that, as someone that is autistic, I didn't understand social cues all the time, and I was a teen, so emotions were always high bc of puberty, so it seems very ignorant if she does have a mental disorder to be so mean to her. Personally, even if she doesn't, I don't care, it's still not called for and actually more childish for them to be nasty. Many people did dumb things as teens, what makes a person better is realizing how dumb it was and learning from it.

    2. ash
      4 dagar sedan

      i feel like a lot of these comments can be ableist since she may not understand social cues as well as the others or sumn

  91. req
    5 dagar sedan

    my house is literally falling apart and the bahamas girl is literally playing the victim card to win

  92. Zero Jackson
    Zero Jackson
    5 dagar sedan

    I was friends with a girl like Jordyn in highschool and she was fun but staying friends with her was hard. Edit: So, it turns out Jordyn was 14 when this was filmed. And she wasn't crying cause she lost but because she had just shared something personal but editing for views is a thing.

  93. julian3
    5 dagar sedan

    9:40 he was actually right

  94. Jacob Lineberry
    Jacob Lineberry
    6 dagar sedan

    The self-vote made me flashback to circle game

  95. Jacob Lineberry
    Jacob Lineberry
    6 dagar sedan

    "You can be the biggest piece of shit. Just talk and people listen." U.S. presidential music plays.

  96. Muskrat!!!
    6 dagar sedan

    as the video progresses kalid reminds me of Hiccup from how to train your dragon

  97. SafDaBoss Gaming
    SafDaBoss Gaming
    6 dagar sedan

    "I have to ride ubers" ummmmmm, yea?

  98. X11
    6 dagar sedan

    That's where I live bruuh

  99. Purpill
    6 dagar sedan

    You can’t even get a car for 1000

  100. meme machine
    meme machine
    6 dagar sedan

    23:00 pewds is actually right about the "different" person shes somewhat neuro divergent so marine biology is a hyper fixation