Micro Pelton Turbine

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  1. marc kerger
    marc kerger
    3 timmar sedan

    try giving the ringed bucket "blades" an airfoil shape

  2. GCB
    16 timmar sedan

    Can we run a Honda Gas Electrical Generator with Compressed Air which can Power as a UPS

  3. Zan gryomani
    Zan gryomani
    18 timmar sedan

    i have a idea, multi phase turbine, you have one pelton wheel at the top, a reversed stationary turbine that diverges the air into another moving pelton wheel, thus giving a tourqe boost

  4. kim torvs
    kim torvs
    Dag sedan

    Can u make a COMPRESSED AIR airplane? but using a CO2 cartridge

  5. 110801biker
    Dag sedan

    and what you create from them is even better

  6. 110801biker
    Dag sedan

    where do you buy these devices? These devices are great! 😃 and what you create from them is even better!😎😎

  7. 110801biker
    Dag sedan

    where do you buy these devices? These devices are great! 😃

  8. Peter Smythe
    Peter Smythe
    Dag sedan

    You might be able to use something like Liquid CO2 as your power source. Pretty good energy density for low tank weight.

  9. Peter Smythe
    Peter Smythe
    Dag sedan

    I'd be curious if the nozzle would still suffer from such poor performance with a large bell nozzle?

  10. ImAGermanBlue
    Dag sedan

    You should take air from the, well the air around it and use it to power the engine for sustained flight

  11. GGWB RC
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  12. Haven DeZeeuw
    Haven DeZeeuw
    2 dagar sedan

    Can you try to make a plane that runs on a stirling engine? You could use a candle for the heat source, and have the airflow cool the other side. Perhaps some compressed air and some water spray could use evaporation to supercool one side, while the candle heats the other for peak efficiency.

  13. superbladen
    3 dagar sedan

    Omg U have the trees from Harry Potter

  14. Renan Barros
    Renan Barros
    3 dagar sedan

    Try using a small metal bottle insted of this big plastic one, and insted of compressed Air, you can use dry Ice. Maybe this way you can have a longer pressure suply with the same or less weight. The metal bottle is needed to make the heat transfer more efficient between the dry ice and the outside so It can transform into gas faster. A small portion of dry Ice has a lot of gas potencial.

  15. The Eternal
    The Eternal
    3 dagar sedan

    *U r so white and ur eyebals are so black.* Thats unique

  16. Вася Васов
    Вася Васов
    3 dagar sedan

    Спасибо за видео. Очень интересно смотреть. С нетерпением жду новые видео !!

  17. Kenny Day
    Kenny Day
    3 dagar sedan

    Hi Tom I stumbled on this channel - The Science Guinea Pig. he is like a small version of you he is brilliant please go and check him out.

  18. Timmy Martin
    Timmy Martin
    4 dagar sedan

    Just a thought, it might look pretty neat to have dual tanks as floating skids.

  19. My name is Bugalugajugaduck
    My name is Bugalugajugaduck
    4 dagar sedan

    Me with the garden hose on the pedal on my push bike when I’m washing it

  20. Yadnesh Kaduskar
    Yadnesh Kaduskar
    4 dagar sedan

    Hello your latelyn genius do continue all your research I hope so you will invent something very evolutionary thing I hope and wish for your success brother salute to you

  21. D Baques
    D Baques
    5 dagar sedan

    Hey Tom, you have to try it with mist nozzle or spray nozzel thats have an amazing momentum.

  22. gagemccrillis
    5 dagar sedan

    3:30 GuYs GuYs! I’vE gOt It He’S mAkInG a PlAnE tHaT dEfInEtLy IsNt A hElIcOpTeR

  23. Malthe Andersen
    Malthe Andersen
    5 dagar sedan

    NASA: we Will hire you me: wtf you: finally

  24. Soullord 222
    Soullord 222
    6 dagar sedan

    Hi I was going to advice against making a helicopter, as achieving proper balance with one would be extremely hard, but I see that you are actually an aerospace engeneer, so no worries there. I also had a suggestion to perhaps improve the previous air powered piston motors. I believe that you could an extra piston on the crank shaft and add an extra bottle. You probably need to add an extra bottle, and perhaps re-introduce a gear ratio to make up for the added weight, but the extra piston should help produce a more constant trust. The grafs now show that the trust is fluctuating strongly. It should also help with a smother vent and cycle. (I'm sorry if i missed any spelling or gramatical errors, English isn't my first language)

  25. Samuel Stonehouse
    Samuel Stonehouse
    6 dagar sedan

    Spring plane

  26. Jose Carlos M.
    Jose Carlos M.
    6 dagar sedan

    Hey Tom! By any chance would you share have the designs for the differents wheels! I would love to try some adjustments to them and experiment. Thanks!

  27. moonlite x
    moonlite x
    6 dagar sedan

    next: stirling engine powered aircraft

  28. Ezio Donati
    Ezio Donati
    6 dagar sedan

    You can improve your turbine by change the turbine configuration. Check for centrifugal turbine and blade design (they are in function of air flow angle and speed). You might also want a stator stage before rotors.

  29. Thianesh INDIAN AERO
    Thianesh INDIAN AERO
    7 dagar sedan

    You have done the test at 6.9 Bar of pressure, greater than the critical pressure ratio, the flow probably chocked at the nozzle design a convergent-divergent nozzle with proper area ratio for the P0/P [6.9 Bar] then redo the test again... Now flow will be supersonic at the outlet Make sure you don't get any shock at the downstream.. Now I'm pretty sure you will see a difference in Graph.

  30. dy
    8 dagar sedan

    Turbine is definitely better on aircraft because it's simpler, has smoother operation, and much higher rpm from the engine, which could be reduced by the gear ratios by a lot, and thus making some extra torque.

  31. Ritesh Singh Parihar
    Ritesh Singh Parihar
    8 dagar sedan

    It means we can also make a drone using this turbine. Hmm seem nice. Please try to make a drone using this turbine

  32. Keef Junior
    Keef Junior
    8 dagar sedan

    Let asymmetry be your friend for round two

  33. Steve Holt
    Steve Holt
    8 dagar sedan

    Hi Tom, nice videos. Ever thought of making a Stirling engine ? I'd like to see that !

    8 dagar sedan


  35. Rogério Pazetto
    Rogério Pazetto
    9 dagar sedan

    0:43 😂😂😂

  36. Waddles Pines
    Waddles Pines
    9 dagar sedan

    Hey tom, I heard that ducted props are more efficient than unducted ones because they reduce vortex formations. I don't have the tools to test this at home but what if you integrated the "duct" into the propeller like a ring around it? Just an interesting idea

  37. XxMlody xX
    XxMlody xX
    9 dagar sedan

    bro u have 666k subs

  38. Limes2
    9 dagar sedan

    666k subs, nice

  39. ZenakuShinobi
    10 dagar sedan

    so.....When are you making an air-powered mech? :P

  40. Nathan
    10 dagar sedan

    Try different nozzles; also, using air intake channels and the air being vented to draw in air and push the full volume is what will net you more thrust. Think jet engine, but without the combustion.

  41. MC Osprey
    MC Osprey
    10 dagar sedan

    My man got the Satan subscriber count

  42. gheckolock81
    10 dagar sedan

    Have you considered trying gas generation with hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate?

  43. Wood Ant
    Wood Ant
    11 dagar sedan

    Dat Tom Scott on-location self-filming

  44. Kristoffer Ludvigsson
    Kristoffer Ludvigsson
    11 dagar sedan

    What would happen if you do not redirect the air by curved blades but it instead hits a flat surface which leans slightly with an edged corner in the end of the direction the air choses when it hits the blades, so that the air has to completely change direction when hitting this corner? You do not give the air a smooth way out, but forces it to redirect when it hits this corner

  45. Panagiotis Athanasopoulos
    Panagiotis Athanasopoulos
    12 dagar sedan

    still waiting for that V8 compressed air engine 0.0

  46. Randolph Torres
    Randolph Torres
    12 dagar sedan


  47. J
    12 dagar sedan

    Subscribed to your channel,watched many vids,please get some face protection,as when things let go you will get hurt buddy.Back in 1990's i built helicopter blades from thin tin (no 3d printing then) so i could solder and modify angles etc,this helicopter used slotted light sensors and a gimble to keep the helicopter stable,one blade let go and went straight through a 2.5mm x 3 mains cable,which blew the shed fuse,(which cut the blade motors thankfully)the tin blade was a good 5mm into the chipboard behind the severed mains cable,,from then on ,face protection was a must.It would of easily done some real damage if it had hit me.Take care buddy.

  48. Schuckmeister
    13 dagar sedan

    Just watched Code 8 on Netflix and admired the drone design. The engine structures could move in and out for added stability. I thought you might have a go at this in one of your projects so see if it was the case?

  49. Claudio Cuqui
    Claudio Cuqui
    13 dagar sedan

    Perhaps if you add another low pressure turbine after the 1st high pressure turbine, it would be possible to harvest the remaining energy in the now, low pressure air.....Something like fig. 7 and 8 in: www.researchgate.net/publication/283831474_Modelling_study_efficiency_analysis_and_optimisation_of_large-scale_Adiabatic_Compressed_Air_Energy_Storage_systems_with_low-temperature_thermal_storage Or use a multi-stage low pressure turbine like GE9X turbofan engine: www.researchgate.net/figure/The-low-pressure-turbine-on-the-cutaway-of-a-GE9X-turbofan-engine-2_fig1_338840613 Regards ! Claudio

  50. Ian DiSalvo
    Ian DiSalvo
    13 dagar sedan

    Hey Tom, is it possible to make a pneumatic engine with more than one cylinder? It would be cool to see.

  51. Jake Stanbro
    Jake Stanbro
    14 dagar sedan

    This is kind of like a turbo, what if instead of shooting a loose jet of air you had the inlet flush, flat against the surface of the wheel, and then the channels through the wheel designed to get slightly thinner towards the exhaust, then your outlet pressure is adjusted by changing the size of that opening, which would vent the air at an angle but pressurized slightly. I feel like the amount of energy lost in the initial blast traveling between the nozzle and the bucket presents a huge opportunity for energy loss. I feel like with the right exhaust, gear ratio, prop size, air pressure, you could actually get a flight time with a comparatively flatter output, and overall more efficient. Or maybe I don't know how to physics... probably that..

  52. Saif Ali
    Saif Ali
    14 dagar sedan

    What is the software used to simulate and show video presentations

  53. MoBiLe_g4mer :3Tv_ cc
    MoBiLe_g4mer :3Tv_ cc
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    Integza I'm your the best viewer

  54. MoBiLe_g4mer :3Tv_ cc
    MoBiLe_g4mer :3Tv_ cc
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  55. Luke Di Berardino
    Luke Di Berardino
    15 dagar sedan

    You should try some type of turbo system

  56. Samuel Lavallee
    Samuel Lavallee
    17 dagar sedan

    Make a steam turbine powered bike

  57. Ethan Abbott
    Ethan Abbott
    17 dagar sedan

    for the nosil it is only 1 sqwer inch wile the pripeler hase more grams per sqwer inch

  58. Andrew
    17 dagar sedan

    these are some good sims

  59. AlternateMusicAddict
    18 dagar sedan

    That fluid sim doe

  60. Luisa Cañavate
    Luisa Cañavate
    19 dagar sedan

    Make a Ion Propulsion Airplane

  61. windaddiction
    19 dagar sedan

    Multi stage turbine.... Or single stage steam reaction turbine

  62. Vito Andorra
    Vito Andorra
    19 dagar sedan

    That's a Stanton turbine

  63. Brandon Edward
    Brandon Edward
    20 dagar sedan

    You'd be surprised how much pressure you can store before vessel failure on that bottle if you wrap it in a few layers of tightly-wrapped electrical tape. Maybe the added weight and reinforcement/elasticity would be worth the added compression.

  64. Assassinamento
    20 dagar sedan

    Why I didint see the bottle flying to the sky? I feel betrayed

  65. Mehmet Sahin
    Mehmet Sahin
    20 dagar sedan

    How about placing the nozzle into the radius of the turbine to get a better point of blast?

  66. John John
    John John
    21 dag sedan

    I want to contact you via email?

  67. Travis Collins
    Travis Collins
    21 dag sedan

    and i can store piss in pwastic watew bottwes uwu

  68. Jehoiakim Eli Doronila
    Jehoiakim Eli Doronila
    22 dagar sedan

    Greetings from the Philippines. Hey, amazing video of using gas as a medium. I have this idea of putting a turbine, directly connected to an engine's crankshaft & using the exhaust gases, to hopefully give it a bit more torque among other things. It's essentially a turbo-compund engine but I was wondering what the turbine would look like. I.e.: the diameter, shape of blades, how much it weighs (also I want the mass to be much more centered inside the turbine to spin quickly and to keep the engine load to a minimum.) Sadly it's not gonna happen in the meanwhile because of the pandemic, complete lack of funds, jobless, and corruption running rampant here in my country. And also the complete lack of empathy of the people here.

    22 dagar sedan

    TOM STANTON ..I have a unique design to be used in a drone..will you have look at the patent-pending design and do a 3d print for a video

  70. Liberated Amon
    Liberated Amon
    23 dagar sedan

    Would it be faster if the nozzle produced laminar flow?

  71. Ian Mwangi
    Ian Mwangi
    23 dagar sedan

    have you tried to use helium but its lighter than air but can be compressed more huh?

    1. Ian Mwangi
      Ian Mwangi
      11 dagar sedan

      @Ron Burgundy thanks

    2. Ron Burgundy
      Ron Burgundy
      11 dagar sedan

      There's a shortage of Helium going on, so this would be inefficient in comparison to compressed air.

  72. the_washingmachine
    23 dagar sedan

    I wonder what would happen if the shape of these "buckets" was not round but rather like a triangle? You should try different lenghts for the sides though...

  73. Alex Barry
    Alex Barry
    24 dagar sedan

    "small projects" lol

  74. nosegrind v
    nosegrind v
    24 dagar sedan

    hi, why dont you like tesla turbing? thx

  75. Cole McNaughton
    Cole McNaughton
    25 dagar sedan

    If you use different gear ratios you can get better results so if you use a gear with more teeth on the input the output will move fast and if you use a gear system you can get even better proportion

  76. Сергей Теликов
    Сергей Теликов
    25 dagar sedan


  77. Chris G The Patriot
    Chris G The Patriot
    26 dagar sedan

    You should just use the design you have, but close off the other side so the air can't escape out, so it presses up on itself and pushes more!!

  78. Zeen Alabdeen AL Gezany
    Zeen Alabdeen AL Gezany
    26 dagar sedan

    i think in ur air-powered plane video I think you should add a longer bottle so the air-powered plane could promote it's aerodynamics and it would last longer in the air please do a second video of this i promise you i did it

  79. pontiacg445
    26 dagar sedan

    You're really making me want a stinky resin printer, please (don't) stop...

  80. Chevy : } Sears
    Chevy : } Sears
    26 dagar sedan

    You need a gear multiplier system. Your gear set on the propeller should be smaller than you have it. Think mountain bike gear sets. Most have 3 sets on the crank gears, and between 4 and 8 gears of varying sizes arranged from larger to smaller and it corresponds with the gear up front. So if you have the crank gear at 3 and the rim gear at 1, that means for every 1 rotation of the crank that rear gear is roatating 3 times. A 3:1 ratio. Your setup seems to have it reversed. With the crank being set at 1 and your rear gear at -3, meaning for every 3 cranks the prop only turns 1 time.

  81. Jonali Sharma
    Jonali Sharma
    27 dagar sedan

    where is the next video

  82. XxColorzGamingxX
    28 dagar sedan

    0:48 ahem... doesn't that water pipe look a little bit weird to you?

  83. Hector Flores
    Hector Flores
    28 dagar sedan

    You do understand that the whole world does not use the metric system.

  84. Gospodin Jean
    Gospodin Jean
    29 dagar sedan

    THIS, my friends. is a display of real engineering

  85. Ron Baldwin
    Ron Baldwin
    29 dagar sedan

    SOme thoughts -- Gas Mass differences: Helium vs SF6. Gas Generation: from solids or liquids, Dry ice powered?

  86. Joaquín Aramendía
    Joaquín Aramendía
    29 dagar sedan

    Curtis turbine wheel FTW!

  87. Reddyeswara Reddy
    Reddyeswara Reddy
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    Nice very interesting channel

  88. Reddyeswara Reddy
    Reddyeswara Reddy
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    Sir can you make water powered helicopter .

  89. Josias Cloete
    Josias Cloete
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    Leland Dutcher
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    SUJAL S1
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    Imagine if he became our science sir ☺

  92. Uxellodunon
    Månad sedan

    Well, you basically built a laval turbine without the laval nozzle. The jet from your nozzle will never get faster than Mach 1 if there is only a converging shape. To get a faster jet, you need a convergent-divergent nozzle (known as laval nozzle). Maybe you can print one with the resin printer but the shape has to be optimized for your specific pressure difference.

  93. ATLHooligan
    Månad sedan

    Fake and gay

  94. Mango Builds
    Mango Builds
    Månad sedan

    Would a cone splitter work better? If you’re splitting the current into two, would this increase it more? Since it’s being split onto all sides of the cone? I’m not a doctor

  95. fm00078
    Månad sedan

    You're dumping your air & water into the air, maybe partially enclose it as an expansion chamber? In other words, think transmission "torque converter".

  96. Techpriest Salok
    Techpriest Salok
    Månad sedan

    A guess from a hopeful future engineer here, but I think the venting air is less efficient then the turbine because a given area of air can only be pushed off of with a certain amount of force, so spreading the force means less is wasted.

  97. Russell
    Månad sedan

    Does efficiency drop with pressure/speed deviation from design? Could you get more impulse/bottle if you could regulate output?

  98. gopal saha
    gopal saha
    Månad sedan

    You are look lick lasterr 😯😯

  99. Alex C
    Alex C
    Månad sedan

    It's also about as areodynamic as a plastic bottle

  100. taufiq suraman
    taufiq suraman
    Månad sedan

    Interesting, what if you make a small project like to make a powerplant of energy?