Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview

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Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  1. Aileen Hunt
    Aileen Hunt
    4 minuter sedan

    I totally believe what you are saying. M.Markle is a Compulsive Liar. A Nasty Woman, she will give Harry Hell.

  2. D Reads
    D Reads
    6 minuter sedan

    He wasn't canceled he quit! He clearly did so as a publicity stunt.

  3. Raven Moonsinger
    Raven Moonsinger
    6 minuter sedan

    The alt-left wants to silence us all! Now, I respect Sheryl Underwood enormously because she served in the military and she served during a time where there was no draft. I understand now because of Sharon Osbourne's outburst that sources are claiming that Sheryl now suffers from PTSD because of it, is ridiculous and slap in the face of every veteran that actually suffers from the disorder due to being in combat. I also respected Sharon Osbourne for standing up for a friend's right to free speech. I don't respect the fact that she was coerced into apologizing for her feelings. If someone all but called me a racist because I stood up for another person's rights, I might have reacted the same way. Every time someone disagrees with a person of color, they're labeled a racist. It's such B.S.! Maybe it has nothing to do with their color and everything to do with having a different point of view. Not even married couples agree on everything. I know married couples that can't discuss politics because one of them is a Republican and their spouse is a Democrat.

  4. David Neyens
    David Neyens
    7 minuter sedan

    Look at the common denominator here - Orpah. BTW the couple were out trying to make money deals back in 2019

  5. Lorrain Loots
    Lorrain Loots
    12 minuter sedan

    your truth is that you seem to be hatefull. Harry chose her. What is that to you?

    1. Lorrain Loots
      Lorrain Loots
      8 minuter sedan

      Free speach is not the privilage position you had and using it to grind your personal feelings on someone. She did not marry you and it's clear why.

  6. Ray Davis
    Ray Davis
    13 minuter sedan

    Good riddance to the Markels, oh no the duke and duchess, oh no netflix stars, etc etc

  7. Gareth H
    Gareth H
    21 minut sedan

    Piers Morgan now defending the truth, he is right about this but in the past he has been the biggest liar nearly getting British soldiers prosecuted for war crimes they never did to sell stories. I'm in the UK people hate the royals they couldn't care who the bride was and the sheep who worship the royals did not want a black bride. Can't believe Piers is still pushing the fake pandemic..

  8. Courtney Walcott
    Courtney Walcott
    23 minuter sedan

    Piers I loved your show on Gm Britain but you did go too far. You would gain more respect by going after the paedophilic community starting with Prince Andrew.

  9. anthony wilson
    anthony wilson
    28 minuter sedan

    Once again we are all being taken for fools, not just Harry. So obvious we are now believing highly privileged , very wealthy, young, healthy people are victims. I wish I was !! What do they or she want?

  10. Ric Wynn
    Ric Wynn
    29 minuter sedan

    Hahahaha serves u right piers. I remember what u did to Tommy Robinson. He quoted Churchill too, and u called him a lunatic. How's it feel now. Karma!

  11. Tennisfreak54
    30 minuter sedan

    Democratie 😂😂😂😂 keep wishing!!!!

  12. bg anonimouse
    bg anonimouse
    37 minuter sedan

    Hold on, I thought he quit. Why are they both saying that he was fired?

  13. Internet Viewer
    Internet Viewer
    39 minuter sedan

    If only he believed this when he interviewed Tommy Robinson. Karma.

  14. Noelene
    40 minuter sedan

    Great to see Piers Morgan continuing to stand his ground

  15. Ion Pribeagu
    Ion Pribeagu
    42 minuter sedan

    Piers we do not like you .. we watch Tucker... you are an anti America and we know that

  16. Peggy Ivey
    Peggy Ivey
    Timme sedan

    Megan is trickster. I give then less than five years and she will kick Harry to the curb

  17. Gema W
    Gema W
    Timme sedan

    Piers was not forced off the TV and he wasn't fired..

  18. Carol Sauzier
    Carol Sauzier
    Timme sedan

    Meghan markles lies in the oprah interview in saying couldn't get councelling Harry was in therapy when they met and both princes went to therapy when their mum died and harry helped setup a organisation that helps people with mental health issues....also she had a blog called tig and blogged about the royal family and kates wedding...narcissistic personality on her making harry believe she will be sales as his mum knowing it's his greatest fear..

  19. Prick, Scumbag College
    Prick, Scumbag College
    Timme sedan

    Piers is a journalist? Yeah right

  20. Xyz
    Timme sedan

    Markle is a liar. Harry is a woke Warrior. Dislike Piers all you like but he isn't wrong regarding this. Piers stood his ground & I respect him for it.

  21. Andrew Fair
    Andrew Fair
    Timme sedan

    As a British person. We all don't believe that Megan. We all HATE her. We would prefer Harry divorce her and disregard the children.

  22. Lady Diva
    Lady Diva
    Timme sedan

    I agree, they should give up their titles. I think they're rather pointless. Well done and well said Piers!

  23. wegowest1
    Timme sedan

    The tables have turned, he got tommy Robinson on calling him a racist with no evidence. Now he's getting it done to him!

  24. peter guthrie
    peter guthrie
    Timme sedan

    I am so tired off hearing people drone on about free speech ....the point is , speech is not free , it has consequences and costs !!! wake up

  25. Jax J
    Jax J
    Timme sedan

    Piers wasn't 'forced' off the air, he freely walked off the set.

  26. Welcome to the show
    Welcome to the show
    Timme sedan

    Big fan of Meghan 🇬🇧 & Piers 🇬🇧 NOT a big fan of that Oprah woman she’s a nobody can’t understand why peeps think she’s great,tho she was good in The colour purple 😁

  27. MrMinima86
    2 timmar sedan

    Piers did this to himself and made this worse in the UK, go watch good morning Britain and pick any episode from the last few months with this moron in it. Spouting left wing rhetoric, having nothing but anti Brexit guests on and pushing the racism propoganda on anybody that would watch. That's why he's had to come on US TV because nobody in the UK wants anything to do with him, he's burned all his bridges on the left and the right...enjoy piers, you deserve it.

  28. gokarengo
    2 timmar sedan

    I think they set Sharon up and l believe Piers may have had a crush on Meghan and she's black. The media keeps the racism b.s. pumped up

  29. My 2 Cents
    My 2 Cents
    2 timmar sedan

    Piers you continue to trash her every chance you got just because she cut you off when she meet Harry. No-one didn't say you can't be objective as a journalist but you over did the joke

  30. willmart4321
    2 timmar sedan

    Stand up on your own piers why are you bringing other people into it,typical wimp

  31. willmart4321
    3 timmar sedan

    He wasn't forced off the air 🤣🤣 you can't make this stuff up,oh yes they can.

  32. PipersSon
    3 timmar sedan

    *The real test for Meghan is flying into Heathrow Airport London, and she's got to stand in line to produce her passport then collect their luggage. If I was the Passport Officer I'd love to say to her "Have you anything to declare?" My guess is she would reply: "Things are so bad in this country, I had to go on TV to make an appeal for some privacy." PS: Thanks Piers you're a Brit*

  33. Louisa Young
    Louisa Young
    3 timmar sedan

    Can't believe you were put through that, from woke Markle

  34. Bulou Vuso Nawalowalo
    Bulou Vuso Nawalowalo
    3 timmar sedan

    PH betrayed his family, the British people and the commenwealth.

  35. Adam B
    Adam B
    3 timmar sedan

    The red pill is real here.

  36. Instant Crush
    Instant Crush
    3 timmar sedan

    Piers is a joke.... he throws his toys over “comments” But when the health secretary of the UK is found GUILTY of giving back hand deals to friends regarding PPE contracts which resulted in delays resulting in deaths he doesn’t react... To me that should of been the moment to quit. This man only cares about himself not the people he claims to represent. Feel free to take him off our hands.

  37. Pebble Ripple Tsunami
    Pebble Ripple Tsunami
    3 timmar sedan

    They are being managed by hillary clinton's old manager.... What's that tell you? Your not a journalist Tho peirs your a puppet! And we know winfrey is a slave keeper .... just distraction. Piers can we the public give up the monarchy? No we have to deal ..... You can't pick and choose when it comes to dictators

  38. Ivy Smythe
    Ivy Smythe
    3 timmar sedan

    Good on you Piers, I stop watching I.T.V boring, without you, Opra will always be a snake,

  39. Jennifer Michelle
    Jennifer Michelle
    3 timmar sedan


  40. Retta B
    Retta B
    3 timmar sedan

    With the squelching of freedom of speech in every form so goes the end of all your right because the freedom of speech is what our rights are based upon. Lose that and so goes your freedom.

  41. sterlihalla
    4 timmar sedan

    Piers is definitely going to get into politics now lol

  42. House Arrest
    House Arrest
    4 timmar sedan

    Meghan's biggest lie is yet to be addressed. She was never pregnant with Archie and the world knows it. We all saw her moon bump fall to her knees when she wore that red and purple copycat Diana outfit.

  43. Benjamin Todd
    Benjamin Todd
    5 timmar sedan

    Piers Morgan is a tosser though

  44. Patricia Medina
    Patricia Medina
    5 timmar sedan

    Goood piers we love you good for you

  45. CajunSweetTart
    5 timmar sedan

    Harry is dumb for putting dirty laundry out to the world about his family! Lost respect for him because of that. He should've put his foot down and NOT let Megan set up such a forbidden interview with Oprah!

  46. Schmovid 84
    Schmovid 84
    5 timmar sedan

    Well Piers this is what you get for voting leftist ..

  47. Rock Bottom Studio of NY
    Rock Bottom Studio of NY
    5 timmar sedan

    These 2 really deserve each other

  48. Taint Man
    Taint Man
    5 timmar sedan

    remember when piers was too liberal for america? now hes too conservative for britain.

  49. Tara Von
    Tara Von
    6 timmar sedan

    Meghan never said the “secret wedding” was officiated, nor were people present for it. She said her and Harry wanted to exchange vows in privacy and have there own little thing that was just for them, not for the whole world. Nothing wrong with that. It’s standard that you apply for the wedding license before your actual wedding day. So yes, they were technically legally married before their actual wedding. She said that Harry mentioned to her after Archie was born, that someone in his family wondered what the color of his skin would be. She never claimed that it was told directly to her. Harry then came out and confirmed that it was mentioned while they were dating. He clearly didn’t tell her until later in their marriage after Archie was born. Whoever would ask such a question is beyond me. A baby’s health should be the only thing that matters. And yes, given crazy obsessive people like Piers Morgan, they 100% need security. Part of Royal protocol is that only those with a title get security. Maybe Meghan was confused on the protocols but regardless, they are Royals. Surely they could afford to protect their family members? Maybe sell a jewel or two. Instead, they allowed one story after another bashing Meghan in the UK tabloids. How much can one woman take? Any person who says they would handle all that slander with no problem, obviously is lying. Saddest part is that there is a video of Piers Morgan admitting that Meghan stood him up on a date and then ended up meeting Harry shortly after. Piers narcissistic ego got butthurt and he can’t let it go. His level of hatred towards a woman he barely knows is not justifiable in the least but clearly abusive and that deep rooted hatred spreads faster then covid.

  50. Bryan Mortenson
    Bryan Mortenson
    6 timmar sedan

    Piers is still a TWAAAAT!!!!

  51. Deebo Smith
    Deebo Smith
    6 timmar sedan

    Many many people don't believe hardly anything she said...your right she's a liar and a fake.

    1. Deebo Smith
      Deebo Smith
      6 timmar sedan

      Only her TRUTH....she thinks she could ever be president would ONLY happen with DOMINION MACHINES....lol lol

  52. Joelle Xaverie
    Joelle Xaverie
    7 timmar sedan


  53. David Abarzua
    David Abarzua
    7 timmar sedan

    Billionaire oppressed Meghan and poor harry. Going the most oppressed oprah windbag show. Whar morons.

  54. richiesworld1
    7 timmar sedan

    Piers Morgan? The man who walked off and cancelled himself, Piers Morgan?? K

  55. cruiser james
    cruiser james
    7 timmar sedan

    piers Morgan come on get yourself together and run for uk prime minister most off the uk are behide you even me we had enough off the snowflakes and you can change that

  56. TYUAN2009
    7 timmar sedan

    I don't believe her either and I am not a racist!

  57. CeCe Adkins
    CeCe Adkins
    7 timmar sedan

    No I don’t believe Meghan Either. She was a shamed of her black side.

  58. salinagrrrl69
    7 timmar sedan

    Why do the Royals matter? Oh BRoyalLM

  59. Jean Boggess
    Jean Boggess
    7 timmar sedan

    The talk had this show afterwords about Sharon. It was ridiculous.

  60. SuperPhdiva SRB
    SuperPhdiva SRB
    8 timmar sedan

    Free country? 😅😅😅😅😅

  61. The Accented Guy
    The Accented Guy
    8 timmar sedan

    "Fake dutchess"? Tucker is an idiot

  62. C.S.R
    8 timmar sedan

    I don’t agree with them that he should have to apologize but I think anyone that’s associated with the news of any kind should just be impartial. I don’t wanna know your political views I don’t wanna know anything! Just give me the news give it to me straight and let the people decide on what they think is the truth with the information given. Now having said that I don’t know what he was exactly on? Was it a regular news program or is it something that actually is about his opinion and what they think because if that’s the case then what are we talking about? He should be allowed to say whatever the hell he wants! Unless it’s an actual legit news program then he should just state the facts.

  63. Lydia Velazquez
    Lydia Velazquez
    8 timmar sedan

    Carson and Piers are White supremacist!! I Hope they both lose their Jobs losers!!

  64. Allen Perdue
    Allen Perdue
    8 timmar sedan

    SOD Megan, Harry and ITV! They are all beneath you mate! Good for you to continue to speak out!

  65. Eileen Napier
    Eileen Napier
    9 timmar sedan

    The very best interview Piers could ever do would be to interview The Meg one, the people need it and deserve it, No better Man to do . I hate injustice and injustice was done. Get the ball rolling Piers, Get the job done. Only you can do it..... PLEASE

  66. Katy Fussell
    Katy Fussell
    9 timmar sedan

    How oppressed are you when you can get someone fired for not believing the words coming out of your mouth?

  67. SuzieQ 4Vols
    SuzieQ 4Vols
    9 timmar sedan

    Forced off the air...lol! Morgan walked out and quit because people called him out over his racism. He's just a big old titty baby!!! Pissed because Markle dumped him because she wasn't allowed to give him the secrets he wanted to further his job and ego. Good Lawd.

    9 timmar sedan

    What happens when white supremacists run a country against God's will.

  69. brachios squill
    brachios squill
    9 timmar sedan

    you know things are bad when piers Morgan appears on fox news

  70. Richard Vezzani
    Richard Vezzani
    9 timmar sedan

    Ive had some strong disagreement with Pierce Morgan on gun control and our American 2nd Amendment, but one thing I would never disagree with is whether he has character....he most certainly does.

  71. Doug Fraser
    Doug Fraser
    9 timmar sedan

    Ya Ya...... Bullsh/+. Who cares little Tucker.

  72. Lynn James
    Lynn James
    9 timmar sedan

    Leave the networks, all of them.

  73. Schmovid 84
    Schmovid 84
    9 timmar sedan

    Never apologize to a leftie , they'll see it as a weakness and will triple down on the attack .

  74. bluebird
    9 timmar sedan

    Lines continue to be drawn with the "woke" bullcrap.

  75. Sarah Gold
    Sarah Gold
    9 timmar sedan

    It's about time someone FINALLY stood up for FREE SPEACH! And for calling out the FAKE NUT Meghan Markle

  76. Demetris Giovanni Edwards
    Demetris Giovanni Edwards
    9 timmar sedan

    Did he quit? Or is he trying to change the news into Meghan markle pressuring to get him fired!??

  77. Mr Key
    Mr Key
    10 timmar sedan

    Megan is everything that is bad about this world....Im sorry i just woke. If you were ever pressed to look up narcissism and classic projection, in the rest of the world's book you'd get the word Markle. She is no Dutchess. She is celebrity. You're welcome - when it suits. The Commonwealth.

  78. Dieter Schors
    Dieter Schors
    10 timmar sedan

    Piers is a duesch

  79. Fovuy
    10 timmar sedan

    That's literally censorship,and forcing him to comply and believe what they say and think otherwise he will be kicked out and cancelled.

  80. THE
    10 timmar sedan

    Apologizing means you admit you were wrong. That is when they are allow to throw the first stone. Never do it.

  81. RBR
    10 timmar sedan

    She blew him out and he couldn’t take it!

  82. Kimberly Herman
    Kimberly Herman
    10 timmar sedan

    Piers we love you too. You have guts. Your brave and that is rare. Always will stand by you !!!!

  83. Katty Contreras
    Katty Contreras
    10 timmar sedan

    Im a liberal & I dont believe Meghan was being truthful too, like Pierce Morgan. He should not have been fired.

  84. Kimberly Herman
    Kimberly Herman
    10 timmar sedan

    Tucker we all love you. Not FOX but you !!!!!! Keep up the great work. You are fearless !!!!

  85. Su McLeod
    Su McLeod
    10 timmar sedan

    On T. V. You should be able to prove your point. Fake news P.s. nobody cares about Piers Morgan or Megan Markle

  86. BelieveNoGod
    10 timmar sedan

    Great video. I have come to admire Piers, more and more. Tucker are a great person, as ever. And yes, I am subscribed.

  87. Norma Murray
    Norma Murray
    10 timmar sedan

    Sick of hearing about Meghan....she's an actress and just plain nasty! Good luck in the future Harry, you poor soul, you're going to need it! I would get in trouble if I said what I think about Oprah! Way to go Piers!!!!! Love your rebuttals....you are one smart man!

  88. pam t
    pam t
    11 timmar sedan

    Oprah will pay the price for that interview. Karma will catch up with Megs. We will stand back and watch applauding!!

    1. Chris Walker
      Chris Walker
      10 timmar sedan


  89. Kjoyce Nunya
    Kjoyce Nunya
    11 timmar sedan


    1. Kjoyce Nunya
      Kjoyce Nunya
      10 timmar sedan


    2. RBR
      10 timmar sedan

      Absolutely. She blew him out!

  90. Annon Walangpangalan
    Annon Walangpangalan
    11 timmar sedan

    i think this is not the issue as well as being racist if you dont believe what mk what is saying, he should have taken the criticism of his colleague during that time.

  91. Kyle
    11 timmar sedan

    I agree with almost everything he says.... I don’t however, accept 3 million dead from COVID....

    1. Chris Walker
      Chris Walker
      10 timmar sedan

      Hi kyle

  92. We sell it: games & electronics
    We sell it: games & electronics
    11 timmar sedan

    This is just fake I'm sorry I'm a Fox supporter but when it's fake it's fake

  93. We sell it: games & electronics
    We sell it: games & electronics
    11 timmar sedan

    He wasn't forced he was actually need to come back he quit left middle of the program

  94. S Kirk
    S Kirk
    11 timmar sedan

    There is a difference between being governed and being ruled. Governed is freedom of choice. Being ruled is you have no choice. Believe it or not vs. believe it or else! The “woke” cancel culture are bullies. They have power. But only so long as people go along with it. The sheep have to be willing. So far....we have been good sheep. Keep spreading the word just like they do. Freedom of speech doesn’t just belong to some people and not others. When someone accuses racism over some ridiculous reason ....just say “No it’s not”. Just say NO to stupidity and oppressive force.

  95. Calee Norris
    Calee Norris
    11 timmar sedan

    You’re not a journalist and neither is Tucker. You’re 2 entitled white men scare by a woman speaking her truth

  96. Jessica J
    Jessica J
    11 timmar sedan

    The Royal family is a billion dollar welfare system that takes money for basically nothing. There has always been illnesses and poverty throughout history, yet, the royal family continues to collect a salary, gold, jewelry, etc.. The nerve to talk about Harry and Megan making money from their titles. Harry was born into his titles just like they were. Megan and Harry are at least getting their money from corporations instead of the poor.

  97. Jessica J
    Jessica J
    11 timmar sedan

    You don’t have to believe her, you just add lies to your story. I’m glad you got fired!

  98. Jimmy johns
    Jimmy johns
    11 timmar sedan

    Just another illuminati cabal puppets. Can't wait for all these NBA MLB NFL Fake news media Hollywood and the music industry cabal illuminati pedo's child Traffickers to be removed from this planet the sooner the better. These people are all being removed off this planet as we speak. Your just all asleep and have no clue what is really going on and what they have done. Do some research instead of drifting thru life with no clue of what is happening right now. Crimes against humanity.