This equation will change how you see the world (the logistic map)

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The logistic map connects fluid convection, neuron firing, the Mandelbrot set and so much more. Fasthosts Techie Test competition is now closed! Learn more about Fasthosts here: Code for interactives is available below...
Animations, coding, interactives in this video by Jonny Hyman 🙌
Try the code yourself:
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    Thanks. I love this channel. No one explains this stuff.

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    I was an ecology major in undergrad and everyone else thought we just went around hugging trees...

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    Chaos is natural order.

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    And no one thinks there is a creator that did all this by design? All these links and ratios no one can explain the existence of, and we think it all just came about by accident...

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    so random numbers are not so random.

  6. Rohit Neemwal
    Rohit Neemwal
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    universal constants are just some values given to simulator to simulate our universe.hece we are in simulator

  7. Rohit Neemwal
    Rohit Neemwal
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    so , we are in simulation .

  8. Steven
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    The mandelbrook fractal looks lika a turtle:)

  9. Vinyas Singh
    Vinyas Singh
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    I guess the made up/unexplained answer of "42" we get to hear about has something to do with this universal constant of "4.669", I'm not sure though.

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    You should make a podcast

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    I wish best portuguese subtitles for veritasium videos, because my english is a work on progress.

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    There is no chaos. Everything has a pattern at certain perspective.

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    That kinda looks like how a tree 🌳 grows lol cool

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    Seeeeriously fascinating!!!! 😲😲

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    Not to brag but... I've known about the feiganbaum constant since I was 21... so 20 seconds ago

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    Now someone still thinks we live in a simulation?

  19. Rohan Dongre
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    What kind of math is that?? Initially you said X is no. of rabbits, then you choose X=0.4, how's that possible?? Now, if R is the rate of growth, population next year isn't X*R, but X*(1+R). Further if suggest that the rate of growth will depend on the present population, the R, for any year, will be expressed as a function of (Ps, Pp) where Ps is the saturation population assuming limited resources and Pp is the present population for that particular year. Therefore, Xn=RX(1-X) is incorrect.

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
      Dag sedan

      The X is the percentage of population the theoretical maximum of the population. It makes sense to choose it arbitrarily, since what we care about is the value of X when it stabilises. And it will stabilise to the same value whether we choose it to be 0.4 or 0.9 or anything between 0 and 1. And secondly, it does make sense to multiply by the growth rate, as it makes an exponential model. The math here has been established since the 1970s, there are papers on this, of course it's correct.

  20. bereket taffesse
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    me: barely knows algebra The guy: Feigenbaum constant stays relative to the bifurcation diagram Me:i like your words magic man

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    so this is how the multiverse go

    1. Pillow
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    2. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
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      No, this has nothing to do with that. But if you want something that feels like the multiverse, you should check out Veritasium's video on the Many Worlds theory of physics

  22. Michael
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    Someone like you in his infatuation with chaos in Wuhan leaked the virus from their lab to cause chaos.

  23. God
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    THATS RIGHT!!! OH this got me so excited! :) Apply it to the cosmos and when a star releases energy to its surrounding planets. Chaos , adaptation to environment, then order but it evolves and branches out. The law of life. So many layers lol

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    13:44 oh god it's the zodiac killer

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    Great explanation & appreciate the effort/time put into the animating, editing and script, but my brain can't comprehend this haha.

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    Order begets chaos, chaos begets order.

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    The anti-life/death equation?

  34. ライアン
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    rx - the population will grow exponentially rx - is a linear equation

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
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      @ライアン but it is exponential, because x(n+1)=r*x(n) is equivalent to x(n)=r^n so it's an exponential model because it's raised to a power. Anyway, the math here is correct

    2. ライアン
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      @Релёкс84 nope he filled in the x n+1 after saying rx will grow exponentially so lies

    3. Релёкс84
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      It is a linear *differential* equation, which translates to an exponential solution.

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    Chaos is so subjective

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    Overpopulation debukned.

    1. Segala Nicolas
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      What do you mean ? That's not the point of the video, and I'm not sure what there is to debunk about overpopulation

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    CERN. August 1991. I believe it was few 6th.... But, yes, it was Switzerland's CERN that quietly switched on the first research website in the aim of studying particle based physics--atom smashing! Love it.

  43. Manuel Sánchez de Iñigo
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    YaHWeH is the designer the Programmer 4.669 - 1.61803399, 3-6-9

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    I have persistent atrial fibrillation (AFIB) going on over 10 yrs and I'm not dead yet.

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    These numbers are living things. This is extraordinary.

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    The real Question ist: how to apply this to the Stock market?

  52. Kryptonicul
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    Am i the only whos life is actually being changed by this stuff?? Its the only thing i can think about like all different types of infinity. Usually when im doing any task in my daily life ill spring into action or rather my brain does and starts think about how something can be infinite or is it infinite or can it be connected to infinity. The worst case of this is so simple but its almost hindering me, almost every two minutes in math class my brain just spits out "theres infinite amount of numbers in between ___ and ___" or "if you keep using that equation it will go for infinity" or even sometimes i try to make an infinite something like writing how many zeros after 0.0 before running out of room and having to put a 1 at the end. Tomorrow or maybe monday in class im going to use the mandelbrot equation to try and draw a small taste of a man made mandbrot set. Although I know I will be restricted by how much room I have on the page or whatever im drawing on. I almost feel restricted by reality or something. Considering everyone has ever told me that infinity is impossible to comprehend I seriously want to comprehend it or hear it or see it or just do anything that i could actually interact my sense with infinity. Of coure this will never happen considering there is no real infinity or at least not that we can "comprehend"

  53. Manners PUBGM
    Manners PUBGM
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    The only reason we call it chaos is because in order to see the chaos as a constant you would need to be in a higher dimension.

    1. Kim-André Johansen
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      Yes! But maths can take us there 🙂

  54. Leif Schmit-Kallas
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    The correct name for a population of rabbits is Fluffle.

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    4.669 hehehe funny number.

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    I haven't thought about Mandelbrot sets since I was 20 and they delivered the coolest graphics on the new VGA-card. The Mandelbrot set already has something organic about it, but this takes it to a new level: the actual underpinnings of the universe. The clickbait-like title was true. Blew my mind.

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    This video makes me feel genius even though I don't understand any of it.

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    So... we don't really need to worry about humans overpopulating the planet?

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
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      In a sense, we don't : the population will reach and equilibrium, when the richest people will be able to afford the few resources that are left, and all the poor people will die. There will be less people, and the remaining people will be able to survive. But is that what we want ?

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    Nice video

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    You may know a lot about Math, Physics etc... But this video doesn't really "change how people see the world". Not for the vast majority anyway. To achieve that, it needs to be simplified and shown. Sadly, none of these happened. Good luck with your future videos

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
      Dag sedan

      You missed the point : the video can't be boiled down to its title ! You should rather listen to he conclusion, where he says that he wants to teach people about interesting things like chaos, and that will make a few more people engage with and be interested in math. And judging by the number of views, he achieved that goal.

    2. Kouzoulos14
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      @Vad3r from ur answer it seems tht u are too dumb to even understand what i m saying... me, the "dumb". have a great day/night all of u

    3. Vad3r
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      so basically you mean you were too dumb to understand it and therefore it's bad

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    So what you're saying is releasing an endemic pandemic wasn't worth it?

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    Dude one flaw though. at r>=4 the equation will break and return negative values(eventually)[well it may show very quickly or a lot later]. Why did you not show that. I mean if complex numbers are real then it returning negatives values might also mean something intutive about our world. Ok genuine question though. When it returns negative values is it still cyclic or it completely breaks and goes near infinity. Never mind. Opened calculator it goes near negative infinity. Though ok is there a way to make it repeat while it is still negative. Like maybe it has some repetition in negative numbers too. What if we use complex numbers in the equations

  80. pravin rao
    pravin rao
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    Ok I am in highschool but i am pretty sure calling it fundamental constant of nature feels wrong. I think we can make equations and systems which take there previous state as input for there current state (and do anything) and get different constant. Just intuition i don't know anything. but it feels like you can relate previous thing to next thing and get constant. no wait though. Why would it be a constant then. If you are randomly relating stuff why should it be a constant.

    1. pravin rao
      pravin rao
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      Iterate it the way we have. So like you mean if we take previous value as input for the next value. So if single hump. Then no matter what we do. Ok what if i define a completely weird non algebraic function . Like without squares or multiplication . Will that work too. Ok though sin(x) can actually be written as a algebraic polynomial cause of Taylor series. So well anything can be written as that if we use Taylor series. Maybe something with polynomials. What if we use something which can't be approximated using Taylor series. WHAT IF WE USE A DERIVATIVE WHICH DON'T HAVE A ANTI DERIVATIVE. TO MAKE A FUNCTION(by manually computing that function on computer . ) LIKE WE CAN'T FIND A NEAT LITTLE FORMULA FOR IT IF THERE IS NO ANTI DERIVATIVE. WILL THE CONSTANT STILL EMERGE IF THERE IS A SINGLE HUMP. though what does similar mean does it just mean that new value is function of previous value.

    2. pravin rao
      pravin rao
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      15:30 huh that's pretty weird. Then it might actually be constant of nature or something. something is converging i think somewhere . Like something averages out somehow

  81. pravin rao
    pravin rao
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    Ok just watch 3lbue1browns video on complex numbers and you would understand it. Z (n+1) =Z (n)^2 +C Squaring complex is just rotating it by doubling it's angle and it's magnitude is squared. the C we add act's like subtraction probably from the total magnitude of complex number . So it just keeps rotating and getting subtracted perodically

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    Answer to the question at the end of the video: DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Association).

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    chaos knight in dota has varying critacal dmg (from 1.2-2.8) and lifesteal (20-120%) but i also am 23 and never heard of the particular constant 4.669

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    Good work! I Think you should have brought up more examples. Trees, rivers, brocooli and our lugns:)

    1. Dan iel
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      I agree. But it would be even more relatable:)

    2. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
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      I don't think they necessarily relate to this particular equation

  92. Ed Garzaro
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    Can you explain what is happening at 0:16 in your video? It's right after the equation appears and before you start speaking. Am I crazy, or does the environment suddenly look different and then suddenly normal.

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
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      It's just zooming in on the equation, nothing weird ?

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    Fantastic video. The section where the parabola is hand-drawn and the numbers punched into a calculator could have been substituted with a graphic showing how the height of the parabola is determined by r, and, how successive values are obtained by using the last y as the next x (reflected on the line y=x).

    1. Segala Nicolas
      Segala Nicolas
      Dag sedan

      I prefer the way it was presented in the video because it helps with the intuition of iteration. It helps people understand the meaning of an iterative equation, and the meaning of a negative feedback loop

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