This is why we can't have nice things

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This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren't better. Go to and use code VERITASIUM to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
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Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
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  1. michelle
    3 timmar sedan

    I have this yellow bulb ( dont know the material) in my house for 15 years that I haven’t change once. And then I have this horrible led bulbs that won’t last even a year before I have to change them, and those are suppose to be the new, modern and ecologic bulbs Wtf?

  2. Martin Optilon
    Martin Optilon
    3 timmar sedan

    If that only was true that you wouldn't need to replace a LED Lightbulb and it would be "everlastning". I've replaced noumerous LED bulbs in the last years of very known brands. So I think the lightbulb manufacturers still implement "features" to have them break down after a year or two.

  3. Al Rivera
    Al Rivera
    4 timmar sedan

    Apple does this now by prohibiting repair shops purchase of parts and opposing right to repair laws.

  4. FaultyTwo
    4 timmar sedan

    Alternate Video Title: 'Capitalism ruins everything."

  5. Benjamin D
    Benjamin D
    4 timmar sedan

    Except the LED bulbs have power supply bases that die on a schedule. So really we're back to square one, with the low quality LED bulbs it seems we're back to the cartel, and no way to discern a quality long-lasting light source from a low quality one. I for one would pay double if I knew the bulb would last 15 years!

  6. Vinod Adwani
    Vinod Adwani
    5 timmar sedan

    Anyone thought of breaking that bulb and running away, or it's just me?

  7. RawrItsTayL0R
    5 timmar sedan

    why do you have a flip knife? isn't that illegal? wTF

  8. David D
    David D
    5 timmar sedan

    It's almost as if Capitalism is inherently evil what a revelation

  9. jazz vir
    jazz vir
    5 timmar sedan

    You posted this video during all this vaccine thing going on😑

  10. Fourtii
    5 timmar sedan

    Yet again, another story centred around capitalism, surprise duh🙄 But again highly insightful video👍

  11. SoloPilot6
    5 timmar sedan

    My desktop computer was built a year and a half ago -- the monitor that is connected to it is from 2011. My cellphone dates back to 2014. My Toughbook laptop was made in 2007, and still performs the two jobs that I bought it for (navigation and word processing). My newest car was built over a decade ago, my motorcycles were made in 1970 (Honda Trail 90) and 1989 (Goldwing). It also helps to know how to maintain and repair these things (my cars and motorcycles drive as well as new, at a fraction of the price). I don't have to worry about "right to repair," common parts are easily found (new and used -- some of the parts on my sports car came from one just like it that has a twisted frame). Of that whole list, only the desktop computer and phone were purchased new. If not for people believing that they need new stuff (and thus they need to sell the old stuff), I wouldn't have a lot of what I have.

  12. Pratik Karande
    Pratik Karande
    6 timmar sedan

    This is why usa baned Huawei

  13. V Price
    V Price
    6 timmar sedan

    Light Emitting Diodes can easily last over 100,000 hours. The bulbs that house LEDs, however, have more components than just the LED. And therein lies the opportunity for the protection of profits. Problem solved.

  14. Benwin Thattil
    Benwin Thattil
    6 timmar sedan

    Exponential increase in quality videos from Veritasium

  15. Saumya Shalu
    Saumya Shalu
    7 timmar sedan

    Planned obsolescence is certainly not good for our environment.

  16. Harris Pilton
    Harris Pilton
    7 timmar sedan

    epic video.. everything's fixable ;)

  17. AckzaTV
    7 timmar sedan

    COMMENTS DISABLED lol How about when the CIA dropped pests animals over central American farms to get rid of a politician they didnt like in the 70s lol I mean agent orange wa sso bad and evil no conspiracy neede.d were gonna come bomb u now u guys think the peopel who carpet bomb arent afraid to also lie cheat and steal for a few decades ? lol theyre ready to bomb innocent civilians for fake wars. we can see them putting chemicals in the water , i mean the put frogs in the water of guetamala to get rid of their crops lol

  18. Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez
    7 timmar sedan

    Wait! As an American, I must stand up for my right to retail therapy. I have somethings that just won't break down. I've got a Whal hair clipper that's over 20 years old, a Sonic toothbrush, a Panasonic microwave and a Panasonic electric shaver that are all over ten years old. This is unAmerican! I'm sick of them and I wish they would die so I could shop for new ones. But how many guys are going to throw out something that still works? I demand built in obsolescence!

  19. Standard nnn
    Standard nnn
    7 timmar sedan

    I once saw a pair of Sony headphones. They were good headphone costing about $300. I asked how long can you use before the battery needs replacing... " About 3 years", and "u can't change the batteries.." What do I do with them after 3 years??? "Buy a new one" Wtf

  20. Standard nnn
    Standard nnn
    8 timmar sedan

    Non replaceable batteries and rubberized plastics in our consumer products are prime examples. These things don't last and they force you to buy a new one. I think German carmakers also adopted this idea. A lot of mercedes made in the 1970s can still run today. Today, when you buy a new German car, you will start having problems almost immediately. Few would want to buy a 5 year old used German car.

  21. Emote
    8 timmar sedan

    poor us, we are victims ... of our own ignorance the truth. The world moves thanks to us (consumers), if the products are not very durable it is by our pure and exclusive decision, that we prefer to buy something cheap (low quality materials, workmanship, etc.) instead buy something of good quality and that last longer. Why do I want an eternal computer? With all the advances in software that increasingly ask for more power. My motorola c115 was eternal, what was it going to do for me today with all the progress? (We are talking about some years). I prefer an ever-changing world where new cars basically drive themselves, to a static world where I would have to work like a dog aiming to buy the eternal Ford that was shown in the video ... thanks but no, if I want that I can go to Cuba (and I am very sorry for those who suffer in that country). The interesting thing about all this is that our dear Derek in the video gives a point of view, what he says is not an undeniable reality, but in the comments it is incredible how they take it as absolute truth, nobody questions why we live as we live ... I love veritasium videos but lately it points a lot to this type content of wash mind, without marking the different positions on it. Success to all

  22. Shadab Khan
    Shadab Khan
    8 timmar sedan

    I always use to think of these conspiracies in my mind now im clear with obsolescence

  23. PK-JIN
    8 timmar sedan

    It's a very niche industry, but the same troubling trend has manifested itself in the general aviation avionics (radios & instruments) industry. 20-30 years ago most of the aircraft radios and instruments were field repairable - i.e. your local radio shop could use relatively generic components like capacitors and IC chips to repair them. Service bulletins were issued to such shops so that they could perform modifications & upgrades as well. In the 2000s BendixKing (subsidiary of Honeywell) effectively revoked the rights of thousands of such repair shops around the world to perform these repairs, and instructed them to destroy all copies of maintenance/service documentation which, for most shops, amounted to entire bookshelves at that point. (Of course, most shops outright turned in their dealership status and outright refused to destroy these documents, and good on them). Thankfully, BendixKing since then has fallen from its previous status as the de-facto industry leader in general aviation avionics, and has been on a road of steady atrophy, amounting to nothing more than a shell of their former status. That said, the current leader in this industry, Garmin, is unfortunately undergoing the same story, wherein their avionics products from the 90s and early 2000s were easily field-serviceable and well-documented, but today their avionics are purposely designed to last no more than 5-7 years, their hardware/software architecture is intentionally obfuscated to deter other companies from attempting 3rd-party integration compatibility, and factory-repair fees are artificially raised to financially unviable levels to force users to "upgrade" to newer equipment. Most egregiously, some of their FAA-legal documentation (for those in the industry - STC permission letters) were retroactively amended to preclude "owners and qualified technicians/repair stations" - which were previously authorized to carry out installations - from installing some of Garmin's older equipment and to limit new installations to "authorized dealers" only, effectively stripping practical reuse of older products that could have been transferred in the used market to an aircraft owner who desires older (and perfectly functional) equipment for a fraction of the cost of a new one. When I asked of the true rationale behind this action to Michael Kerrigan, Garmin regional sales representative for the Eastern US, I was met with a very hostile response that boiled down to "keep your mouth shut or your dealership will be in jeopardy."

  24. Yellow Belle
    Yellow Belle
    8 timmar sedan

    This is why I don't buy iPhones

  25. Jake Lambuth
    Jake Lambuth
    8 timmar sedan

    Apple iphone engineers: pfft.....amateurs

  26. Andrew Shevchenko
    Andrew Shevchenko
    8 timmar sedan

    haha jokes on you. LED bulbs run at double the current they should making them hot and die sooner. check out philips dubai lamp for more

  27. Ari Okubo
    Ari Okubo
    9 timmar sedan

    cApItAlIsM lEaDs To InOvAtIoN

  28. iloveuniverseforeverandalways
    9 timmar sedan

    well i predict we can use forever lasting things on earth but its like 50/50 we can use things that can last forever and some things wont so ya but if so go outer space and start living in a spaceship which will be so advanced in the future there wont be money needed or food to eat or water to drink or oxygen to breathe well i dont have have any proof of that but anyways i dont need to prove you its just for me thank you and good luck

  29. Axel Daguerre
    Axel Daguerre
    9 timmar sedan

    good as always except for the 3 advertising ;)

  30. phantom walker
    phantom walker
    10 timmar sedan

    arnt farmers planned obsolecence people. ?.

  31. phantom walker
    phantom walker
    10 timmar sedan

    companies get,pay,people to test how long products last,then adjust them,,, does anything chinese last.......

    1. fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh
      9 timmar sedan

      so, capitalism made our lights shitty marxism intesifies

  32. phantom walker
    phantom walker
    10 timmar sedan


    1. fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh
      9 timmar sedan

      changing fashion of progress, and sometimes, regress (wars, natural disasters and such who deletes a lot of knowledge and advanced things). peace out.

  33. kaylor87
    10 timmar sedan

    As time goes on, and things like the right to repair become law, why wouldn't manufacturers just purposely design their products to be modular, and easily upgradable, so that they can continue to sell upgrades to their customers rather than trash the entire thing.

  34. Brad Buckner
    Brad Buckner
    10 timmar sedan

    Very good! Keep it going.

  35. Gaurav Patel
    Gaurav Patel
    11 timmar sedan

    This is an amazing channel!!!!

  36. George Henry Moore
    George Henry Moore
    11 timmar sedan

    QI XL 011 - Objects and Ornaments, is that where you got it from?

  37. trent wolfgram
    trent wolfgram
    11 timmar sedan

    The conspiracy is just capitalism dude. Like, c'mon. It's the same story with fruit companies. And mining companies. And oil companies. Etc..

  38. NoLeads Ent.
    NoLeads Ent.
    12 timmar sedan

    typical tyrant meeting to monopolize and steal the public money.

  39. Reapermask
    12 timmar sedan

    nice vid

  40. Nahid Bepari
    Nahid Bepari
    12 timmar sedan

    The problem isn't with products that lasts forever, the problem is in how geopolitics effects trade etc... In these day and age without money you can't even get food, and so you have to work for money to get your food, and the story gose a long way, I am kinda starting to think that we are being fed unhealthy food so doctors will have their business going 🙄.

  41. Fernando Luiz
    Fernando Luiz
    12 timmar sedan

    spectacular !!!

  42. Zach Islam
    Zach Islam
    12 timmar sedan

    Once that light bulb goes out, the world is fucked

  43. Luc-Angelo Sean Nepomuceno
    Luc-Angelo Sean Nepomuceno
    12 timmar sedan

    Another worth watching knowledge..

  44. maybekaitlin !
    maybekaitlin !
    12 timmar sedan

    “ah yes unemployment is a problem let’s make the government destroy things”...... WHY IS UNEMPLOYMENT A PROBLEM???? if we’re destroying anything it needs to be this horrid system

  45. Wes B
    Wes B
    13 timmar sedan


  46. MarceloACR
    13 timmar sedan

    Great video, extremely meaningful and helped me open my eyes and mind to a LOT of things (or at least broaden already opened eyes). BUT, one serious critic - you categorize progress as an essencially mechanical-technological thing. Explicitly, even, when talking about the spans attained by apple and idealized by some car company i don't exactly recall (ford, perhaps?). Progress, advancement, improvement or whatever you may call them, albeit there are differences in specific meanings in words, they are infinitely variable in expression. If this one new cellphone has a back that creates beauty in an actually more elegant, different, new, innovative or whatever combination of words such as these, they, by definition, ARE an improvement, they do attract more, because they essentially end up being more. And sure there are recyclings of style and whatnot amongst eras. It's a fallacy, however, to think such a thing as lazy or effortless. They end up happening more based on an eruption from the current age (whatever it must be) that is somewhat extremely similar to whichever other culture and age. It's like the phenomena where pyramids in several different parts of the world became built by unconnected civilizations. Some things flow to a common point based on biological behaviour connected to the (limiting and conditioning) external world, and thus things arise, but ever in a changing fashion of progress, and sometimes, regress (wars, natural disasters and such who deletes a lot of knowledge and advanced things). peace out.

  47. pascoe
    14 timmar sedan

    so, capitalism made our lights shitty *marxism intesifies*

  48. Alistair Lumb
    Alistair Lumb
    14 timmar sedan

    Very good most enjoyable

  49. shperax
    14 timmar sedan

    How do you make people pay fines made from no real laws

  50. Zac Shook
    Zac Shook
    14 timmar sedan


  51. Brunno Cavalcanti
    Brunno Cavalcanti
    14 timmar sedan

    This channel is godlike.

  52. Clarence Ewing
    Clarence Ewing
    15 timmar sedan

    The Free Market at work.

  53. Carlos Martínez
    Carlos Martínez
    15 timmar sedan

    No hay ni un comentario es español alv😭😭😭

  54. Kala Goyal
    Kala Goyal
    15 timmar sedan

    "Capitalism breeds innovation" The innovation: planned obsolescence

  55. Keaqa n
    Keaqa n
    15 timmar sedan

    It’s sad that today, we feel an urge to buy what we don’t need out of fear we’ll be punished if we don’t.

  56. Keaqa n
    Keaqa n
    15 timmar sedan

    This video was amazing. Keep up the good work, you’re awesome

  57. Brandon Zachman
    Brandon Zachman
    16 timmar sedan

    My LEDs die all the time. Obsolescence is still going strong.

  58. Christian Clements
    Christian Clements
    16 timmar sedan

    Exactly protecting the battery, this is important. I Remember having an early generation iPhone instead of slowing down the screen would just go black because the battery could not keep up

  59. Christian Clements
    Christian Clements
    16 timmar sedan

    Your argument has a massive hole concerning available and feasible battery technology of the time was not up to par with standards you can imagine today. Concerning the old iPod

  60. Shadow51
    16 timmar sedan

    That's why I hate Apple. The "i" in iPhone stands for inferior. SWITCH TO SAMSUNG

  61. Morten frost Hansen
    Morten frost Hansen
    16 timmar sedan

    The clothing business has taken this tactic to the max... they put of new lines of clothes every 3-4 month

  62. Morten frost Hansen
    Morten frost Hansen
    16 timmar sedan

    Because of shortage of paint, before Henry Ford bought up cheap surplus paint from the army, you could have a number of colours

  63. The Badger Den
    The Badger Den
    16 timmar sedan

    This isn't just lightbulbs either, it's most things-particularly motor vehicles. They could easily make an affordable car that can go over a million miles, but then they'd stop selling cars. Laptops, phones, batteries, televisions, routers, literally everything is designed to break so you have to buy more.

  64. Jack Aguirre
    Jack Aguirre
    17 timmar sedan

    God damn humanity.

  65. Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha
    17 timmar sedan

    I won't be surprised if this video gets taken down

  66. Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha
    17 timmar sedan

    We are living in a social media driven world where everyone acts like they have to have things better than your friends. People act with their phone like it's a trophy not a communication device. I have been using the same phone for just under 4yrs. My friends replace theirs every year and some of them told me to change the phone. But mine is perfectly fine and would change only when it's actually obsolete. It's actually the smarter and cost effective way

  67. Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha
    17 timmar sedan

    this is exactly what Apple did with their product and got away with it. Now 90% teens use Iphone despite knowing it. Either they're too stupid or have access to too much money the didn't deserve.

  68. Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha
    17 timmar sedan

    We are living in a gig Economy. Capitalism turned into Corporatocracy. People having 10$ coffee, 25$ burger and 100$ steak, 10k vacations, 45k car and 500k house all with credit cards bcz they earn 40k pre tax yearly. Bcz we have been programmed by social media into this kind of lifestyle. We should differentiate the necessity vs luxury and prefer independence over unnecessary luxury

  69. Amaterasu Susanoo
    Amaterasu Susanoo
    17 timmar sedan

    Is the LED light bublb essentially last forever so the company has to control its life span by planned obsolescence ? Technically, if you just have a good cooling system like e.g. Dyson desklamp, the LED will last very very long.

  70. camaro man
    camaro man
    17 timmar sedan

    Everything in the world is made to break they spend millions of dollars in testing that their product breaks at a certain point which is usually just after the warranty expires

  71. TheGreatArloMan
    18 timmar sedan

    No idea what this video was about but at 0:10 it dawned on me "Planned Obsolescence"

  72. Andrew Pierce
    Andrew Pierce
    18 timmar sedan

    Another example of capitalism stalling innovation and progress.

  73. Satan
    18 timmar sedan

    so basically capitalism and the never ending hunger for profit is why we cant have nice things

  74. XblacksocksX
    18 timmar sedan

    20 years later and I finally know why I shouldn't be flicking the light switch

  75. Tiffany Holmes
    Tiffany Holmes
    18 timmar sedan

    Wonderful. This all explains why we're all walking on a planet of garbage.

  76. Baterodalo
    18 timmar sedan

    If humans stop caring about $ and power we would have so much more knowledge, take the spanish empire for ex

  77. M L
    M L
    18 timmar sedan

    Planned obsolescence is not required where improvements are valued. People will always want the next best thing. So purposely gimping your product is purely dishonest.

  78. gecorp gecorp
    gecorp gecorp
    18 timmar sedan

    anatomy of a headshot

  79. TheFlambeau
    19 timmar sedan

    Aliens have no comment

  80. Matthew Horrocks
    Matthew Horrocks
    19 timmar sedan

    I remember chatting with a man who worked for Gillet and he was part of a team working on the blades in the Mach 3 razor so that they would last exactly 3 shaves. Interesting how he explained that it should work and feel just as well for the first three shaves but be irritable and obviously worn for the 3rd.

  81. Gagan Kumar
    Gagan Kumar
    19 timmar sedan

    I have purchased multiple LED light bulbs from Philips, many of them just died after few months.

  82. Derek White
    Derek White
    19 timmar sedan

    So basically built in obsolescence keeps consumerism alive Consumerism literally kills human evolution....... It all makes since now

  83. Ashnikko
    19 timmar sedan

    lmfao why does the title remind me of Taylor swift-

  84. MauM / Mauro Miceli Consigli - Vivamos Mejor
    MauM / Mauro Miceli Consigli - Vivamos Mejor
    20 timmar sedan

    Let them do percieved obselesence. That's on us. But I wish we get rid of technical planned obsolescence for good.

  85. Rice Cube
    Rice Cube
    20 timmar sedan

    who cares about Kelvin lol talk in Celsius mate

  86. l1mbo
    20 timmar sedan

    But you didn't really address the concern of workers losing their jobs? Just ended with an empty declaration that we should only support technological obsolescence. Who is to say that in every sector technological obsolescence will be fast enough to ensure jobs stay, and will continue to be in the future? How would automation affect this?

  87. Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez
    20 timmar sedan

    Goose and Ganders agree: You can light one just holding twixt your buttcheeks.

  88. Djuntas
    20 timmar sedan

    People just need to be better at using things until they break. Im sure many do, but its still the best we can do...

  89. adam blaedow
    adam blaedow
    20 timmar sedan

    LEDS such tgey don't last

  90. Terry Thompson
    Terry Thompson
    20 timmar sedan

    None of this would be a problem if it didn't threaten the survival and independence of people. Scientists if they really wanted to could engineer food production and such that people wouldn't need to do unnecessary labor to exist. They choose not to.. because the financiers and shareholders of stock do not want that. People can still have purpose.. they just need not pursue it doing mindless boring jobs.

  91. Zaid Lacksalastname
    Zaid Lacksalastname
    21 timme sedan

    Personally, I think silencing skeptical people is harmful, it doesn't matter how batshit crazy their theories are, stamping them out makes people mord likely to accept actual issues as "just life"

  92. George Reynolds
    George Reynolds
    21 timme sedan

    Conspiracies and cartels are often invoked to explain similar behaviour on the part of rival businesses. However, the economic theory of "oligopoly" has an alternative explanation which doesn't require any nefarious activity at all. Three service stations are competing in a small town. The prices are visible to all and one of them decides to increase prices. The others will watch to see if business decreases or stays the same. If they see that the rival is still doing the same business at a higher profit margin, then they will follow suit and increases their prices as well. Likewise, if one lowers prices and seems to be doing better, the others will follow suit. No need for clandestine meetings or skulduggery! It means that the market is not competitive, but rather based on "signalling". How to recognize oligopoly? - look at the advertisements - they will always have claims of better products or services. Monopoly and competitive markets hardly need advertisements at all.

  93. Llia Olsen
    Llia Olsen
    21 timme sedan

    Interesting. We are consumers, so the things we buy should by nature be consumable in some fashion. Most likely consumed by age/time. The things that degrade in value the least or go up tend to last a lot longer by design and or by maintenance. Property, Houses, classic cars. Where does art fit in? Pictures, Film, Music... I own multiple copies of my favorite media on different formats. All the companies need do is rerelease them. Though usually following releases add value with extra content. The most expensive art becomes subscription based... we pay to see them in person and don't get to own the actual copy. 😅

  94. Javi Martinez
    Javi Martinez
    21 timme sedan

    How is that even legal?

  95. Harsha Adithya
    Harsha Adithya
    21 timme sedan

    Thank you so much for making this video You can't imagine what you have just started

  96. Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar
    22 timmar sedan

    Awesome information

  97. Teemo
    22 timmar sedan

    I've had to replace at least 3 LED bulbs in my house over the past few years, one of which barely lasted 200 hours. the LED element itself may have an incredibly long lifespan, but the shitty electronics in some of the cheaper bulbs still die on a regular basis.

  98. Teemo
    22 timmar sedan

    8:54 could you imagine if the government went around taking peoples appliances and forcing them buy new ones when they got too old?

  99. alcldes
    23 timmar sedan

    1:32 demand would dry out when houses would stop being built. any new building would for sure use those lights, & they’re still breakable. maybe thats j me though

  100. Rabih Badr
    Rabih Badr
    23 timmar sedan

    It's called Cartel for a reason.