Tusse - Voices - Sweden 🇸🇪 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021

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Tusse will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song Voices.
Photo credit: SVT/Stina Stjernkvist
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  1. Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest
    Månad sedan

    Read more about Tusse’s victory of the National Final in Sweden here: eurovision.tv/story/sweden-melodifestivalen-2021

    1. Elnur Memmedov
      Elnur Memmedov
      4 dagar sedan

      It is literally copy of The Weeknd-Star boy ...

    2. Ana M
      Ana M
      4 dagar sedan

      @Build You Jag håller fullständigt med dig.

    3. bb5813
      13 dagar sedan

      @Cillian McGovern {{

    4. Alfaru ASMR
      Alfaru ASMR
      14 dagar sedan

      I don't know but at the beginning it always reminds me of Hips don't lie by Shakira

    5. Strict Xylophone
      Strict Xylophone
      16 dagar sedan

      @Build You Om det är någon som är ett barn är det du. Du kan inte ens svenska du får använda dig av Google hahahaha

  2. Dani Filigno
    Dani Filigno
    41 minut sedan

    A million voices from Germany go to...........SWEDEN! 😍 Absolutely stunning!! 😭🤤😵 From the first seconds I got goosebumps on every part of my body. ASMR next level. Sweden never disappoints 🙏 It's just perfect. Tusen poäng go to Tusse 🙌🇸🇪🥳

  3. Antonia Sg
    Antonia Sg
    Timme sedan

    ok the weeknd i see youuuu! good luck from greece

  4. Florian Vornhof
    Florian Vornhof
    2 timmar sedan

    WOW Good Luck From Germany

  5. Chuky'nin Gelini
    Chuky'nin Gelini
    2 timmar sedan

    Good luck SWEDEN .... WE LOVE YOU FROM TURKEY....

  6. Katerina Rotaru
    Katerina Rotaru
    3 timmar sedan


  7. nonimbo
    11 timmar sedan

    For the last xx years I didn't like the Swedish songs, but now everything is fine 💖 .....12x👍.....12x👏

  8. Adnan Bukvic
    Adnan Bukvic
    13 timmar sedan

    Swede here! I actually preferred Dotter to win, but Tusse is great! I don't think we will win Eurovision, I'd say top 5. I really like El Diablo from Cyprus so I hope they win!

  9. Anouad Bahssin
    Anouad Bahssin
    14 timmar sedan

    Happy Ramadan to all muslims in Sweden from a muslim in France

  10. Gynel Musayeva
    Gynel Musayeva
    15 timmar sedan

    Oh my God voice is incredible 😍 love from Azerbaijan

  11. Hraði Grieg
    Hraði Grieg
    16 timmar sedan

    I like this song!

  12. Francisco A Cárdenas
    Francisco A Cárdenas
    17 timmar sedan

    Sweden ?? Really ??? 😂😂😂😂

    1. Adnan Bukvic
      Adnan Bukvic
      13 timmar sedan

      What's wrong with it?

  13. Renate Augustin
    Renate Augustin
    18 timmar sedan

    Wow what a amazing song. It's my favourite.❤ I hope you will win. Good luck.🍀🍀🍀 12 points from Germany 🇩🇪

  14. Jenifer Morais
    Jenifer Morais
    19 timmar sedan

    Amazing! Good luck from Portugal ❤️🇵🇹

  15. Cancer Mouse
    Cancer Mouse
    19 timmar sedan

    He's not Swedish.

    1. Svetlana Nazarenko
      Svetlana Nazarenko
      3 timmar sedan

      Its just blm propaganda

    2. Adnan Bukvic
      Adnan Bukvic
      13 timmar sedan

      He is Swedish.

    3. Anouad Bahssin
      Anouad Bahssin
      14 timmar sedan

      Sweden not white go cry

    4. Erik Ekelund
      Erik Ekelund
      19 timmar sedan

      The racists are here! Beware.....

  16. I J
    I J
    19 timmar sedan

    ..✍T 1:50_2:19_2:29 🤗👋 2:37_2:41_2:58.. ..0:10_0:19_0:27 0:35😉 0:55_1:03_1:18 1:24_1:31_1:38_1:42_1:55😉 2:16_2:33😉2:35 ..0:33_0:38_0:42

  17. P4V3LUS
    20 timmar sedan

    The most swedish person I have ever seen.

  18. Karolina
    21 timme sedan

    The best song 🤩🔥

  19. Wenche Nergaard
    Wenche Nergaard
    22 timmar sedan

    Heia Tix!!

  20. John Arne
    John Arne
    23 timmar sedan

    I'm Norwegian, and I think this is a really nice gesture from Sweden. Sweden saw that Norway is sending the worst song ever, and they decided to do the same so that we can lose together

  21. Spooner
    23 timmar sedan

    This song is on every radio station here in Montenegro 🇲🇪🌅🇸🇪 Good luck in Rotterdam Sverige 😎

  22. Dion
    Dag sedan


  23. hey jessay
    hey jessay
    Dag sedan

    Sweden is always so overrated always

  24. aksel soderling
    aksel soderling
    Dag sedan

    6000 persons don't like or don't want to see Sweden win ? lol I don't vote for a contry but for a singer so if Sweden is another time super, i vote for !

  25. Jake Brunel
    Jake Brunel
    Dag sedan

    This song is awesome. Good luck Sweden!

  26. Владислав Ситдиков
    Владислав Ситдиков
    Dag sedan

    Сразу видно чистокровный европеец

  27. Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen
    Dag sedan

    Every year Sweden’s song gives me a heart attack because I’m afraid they’re coming for Ireland’s 7 Eurovision wins record.

    1. hey you
      hey you
      Dag sedan

      We are trying lol

  28. annablomma79
    Dag sedan

    Proud to be a swede! Good luck Tusse! 🤩

  29. David Guerreiro
    David Guerreiro
    Dag sedan

    AMAZING👏 Good Luck from Portugal🇵🇹🇸🇪

  30. Bill Holder
    Bill Holder
    Dag sedan

    He sure can sing.

  31. I J
    I J
    Dag sedan

    ..✍2:14_2:21_2:24.. ..0:31 🤗

  32. I J
    I J
    Dag sedan

    ..✍1:50 _1:57_2:03 _2:16 .. _2:21_2:26 _2:40 🤗👊👍 2:48_2:51 _2:58 ..✍1:17 👊👍 1:21_1:36 1:51 2:26_2:35 🤗👏 2:56 👋0:23_0:28_0:39 0:48 1:04 1:25 1:30 ..😉👍 1:51_1:56 _2:01 2:17🤗

  33. Ruslan Habrus
    Ruslan Habrus
    2 dagar sedan

    02:33 I have no words for this masterpeace. So explosive and strong🔥🔥🔥

  34. Robert Neumann
    Robert Neumann
    2 dagar sedan

    I´am the only one who thinks that there is a really strong (too strong imho) connection to Daft Punk´s Get Lucky (Tusse at 0:36 and Daft Punk´s Get Lucky at 0:50)

  35. Helen P
    Helen P
    2 dagar sedan

    Great song! 🤗 Good luck Sweden 🇸🇪!

  36. TV X
    TV X
    2 dagar sedan


    1. Adnan Bukvic
      Adnan Bukvic
      13 timmar sedan

      This is Sweden miss girl.

  37. Наталья Борисова
    Наталья Борисова
    2 dagar sedan

    👏👏👏 100% Победители😍🤩

  38. orhan çetin
    orhan çetin
    2 dagar sedan

    Love from Turkey ❤️🇹🇷 my winner Sweden 🥳❤️

  39. Peri Huseynova
    Peri Huseynova
    2 dagar sedan

    00:35 It reminds me the music of Weeknd "Starboy".

  40. Oskar Schylström
    Oskar Schylström
    2 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry zero points, since 2019 Sweden has been sending the same kind of song!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. 1000 subs without any video channel
      1000 subs without any video channel
      Dag sedan

      totally :(ñ

  41. Aisha BAYDAROVA
    2 dagar sedan

    Fine, from Azerbaijan👍

  42. I don't know what to write lol
    I don't know what to write lol
    2 dagar sedan

    i like the song, though the production of tusses voice sometimes is a bit unnatural, excited for the live performance though.

    1. Martin Ek
      Martin Ek
      2 dagar sedan

      This is a live performance 👍

  43. Сергей Фимин
    Сергей Фимин
    2 dagar sedan

    Очень хорошо.

    2 dagar sedan

    1. Литва 2. Азербайджан 3. Швеция

  45. Ventan Claaser
    Ventan Claaser
    2 dagar sedan

    Wow! This is The best song i've heard since Armenia 2014, netherlands 12 points to sweden

  46. Jipen& Nilsner
    Jipen& Nilsner
    2 dagar sedan

    Europe don't get tired of our pop songs, there is many countries that have pop songs, plus this is my favorite esc song ever, so pls vote on tusse

  47. Freeney 578
    Freeney 578
    3 dagar sedan

    Not to sure about this one 😐

  48. project Hyunjin
    project Hyunjin
    3 dagar sedan

    Sorry but if this not win idk. I got goosebumps everywhere and his voice is magical

    1. D Gray
      D Gray
      2 dagar sedan

      Magical? He is off-key at the moments that matter. Or does he get a pass for mistakes that others get shot down over? During the first Chorus, he is going off when he pitches up. It also stays too much on 1 tone length. Making it more of a repetitive drag as the song keeps going. He is a good singer no doubt but the song.

  49. alida flus
    alida flus
    3 dagar sedan

    Why this song has 5700 dislikes? How childish is this? There is really nothing bad about it, and vocally this is pure class. Good luck Tusse and Sweden from Belgium!

    1. Marcus Stålby
      Marcus Stålby
      Dag sedan

      @D Gray 100% sure that he is going to make it. Tusse can sing live tho. Many other countries can have problem with that! But Yes, i somewhat agree with you.

    2. D Gray
      D Gray
      2 dagar sedan

      Compared to the other pop songs he will seriously struggle. Azerbaijan, Israel, Malta and Cyprus are all fishing in that same pond. Don't be surprised if he doesn't make it. With Israel Azerbaijan and Malta all performing in the second half near the end, which is the sweet spot for all contests so far. 12/14/16 respectively while Sweden performs as 4th. Worse maybe that Australia is coming after Sweden, Montaigne with Technicolor. Talking about someone with a good live voice. Every note dead set on key. And the song is also pretty much pop. And Australia always seems to gather votes from all over Europe.

  50. Ursila Taloon
    Ursila Taloon
    3 dagar sedan

    Best Song .....12 point from Belgium

  51. Chudo Fate
    Chudo Fate
    3 dagar sedan

    Sweden... I think this is your end. The song is terrible, by the way.

    1. alida flus
      alida flus
      3 dagar sedan

      👏👏👏❤️👍❤️👍❤️ Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ from Iceland 🇮🇸 🦋🦋🦋

  52. Pog Champ
    Pog Champ
    3 dagar sedan

    Get out of Sweden

    1. Pog Champ
      Pog Champ
      12 timmar sedan

      @Adnan Bukvic hes an African living in Sweden. Swedish is Swedish, African isn't.

    2. Adnan Bukvic
      Adnan Bukvic
      13 timmar sedan

      The guy is a swede...

    3. Pog Champ
      Pog Champ
      Dag sedan

      @THE AK 69 Banana yes, yes, covid

    4. THE AK 69 Banana
      THE AK 69 Banana
      Dag sedan

      @Pog Champ Covid?

    5. Pog Champ
      Pog Champ
      Dag sedan

      @THE AK 69 Banana you know damn well who

  53. Ahmed Al-Amed
    Ahmed Al-Amed
    3 dagar sedan

    this is an amazing song! we love you Tusse, you are amazing!! love from Saudi Arabia!

  54. bim bam BOOM
    bim bam BOOM
    3 dagar sedan

    guys i’m so ready for clara & klara 2071

  55. Gregor Armstrong
    Gregor Armstrong
    3 dagar sedan

    Sweden always has great music. I love the country and am currently learning its language. Since heroes in 2015 I have really appreciated Swedish music.

  56. Ata L'Illogico
    Ata L'Illogico
    3 dagar sedan

    Is the bridge with the melody of Starboy's bridge? Talkin' about the song of The Weekend

  57. Serena Michelini
    Serena Michelini
    3 dagar sedan


    3 dagar sedan

    А это мальчик или девочка я уже в ваших участниках запутался окончательно.

  59. Sad1T343WON :D
    Sad1T343WON :D
    3 dagar sedan


  60. Sławek Nowok
    Sławek Nowok
    3 dagar sedan


  61. Дарья Верховод
    Дарья Верховод
    3 dagar sedan

    Как он прекрасно поёт...я не могу..это прекрасно

  62. what am i even doing
    what am i even doing
    3 dagar sedan

    this'll be in top 3

  63. bilinas mini
    bilinas mini
    3 dagar sedan

    What a song. One of the favorites to win it

  64. toni cons
    toni cons
    3 dagar sedan

    Nothing special...an average song but good luck 🙂

  65. DJ 1
    DJ 1
    4 dagar sedan


    1. bilinas mini
      bilinas mini
      3 dagar sedan

      Omg! This is amazing😱 Good luck Tusse! This is my winner!

  66. Hafdís Sigurdardóttir
    Hafdís Sigurdardóttir
    4 dagar sedan

    👏👏👏❤️👍❤️👍❤️ Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ from Iceland 🇮🇸 🦋🦋🦋

  67. Patricia Wildbaum
    Patricia Wildbaum
    4 dagar sedan

    12 points from israel! Beatiful song!!

  68. Milana Aliva
    Milana Aliva
    4 dagar sedan

    12 points from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  69. Theresia Lynch
    Theresia Lynch
    4 dagar sedan


  70. Godno TA
    Godno TA
    4 dagar sedan

    будущий победитель

  71. Jean
    4 dagar sedan


  72. Graif
    4 dagar sedan

    This song № 1 for me on Eurovision 2021. And i hope this artist will be winner. Good luck dear Tusse!

  73. Cat Bialcovsky
    Cat Bialcovsky
    4 dagar sedan

    The best one this year. Good luck 🤞

  74. gd Papafant
    gd Papafant
    4 dagar sedan

    Parpdi gagarina

  75. Леонид Николаев
    Леонид Николаев
    4 dagar sedan

    Почему от Швеции негр поёт? Это не расизм, если что, просто спрашиваю.

    1. Martin Auram
      Martin Auram
      3 dagar sedan

      Так он мог родиться и прожить всю жизнь в этой стране

  76. fergusrobertson
    4 dagar sedan

    Song is OK but it won't win

  77. hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa
    4 dagar sedan

    The first time ever i really want sweden to win

  78. Selbstdenker 1986
    Selbstdenker 1986
    4 dagar sedan

    Wofür überhaupt noch das Ganze, wenn sowieso alles durchmischt wird. Was ergibt das für einen Sinn? Egal ob beim Sport oder sonstige Wettkämpfe an den verschiedene Länder teilnehmen. Und nein! Das ist kein Rassismus! Jeder sollte stolz auf seine Herkunft sein und die repräsentieren. Wir sind nicht alle gleich und das ist auch gut so und schön.

    1. Selbstdenker 1986
      Selbstdenker 1986
      3 dagar sedan

      @Felix Bucker Ein Maus die im Pferdestall geboren wird, ist auch kein Pferd. Er??? Wo leben wir nur??? Grausam wie viele Menschen nicht wissen wer sie sind.....

    2. Felix Bucker
      Felix Bucker
      3 dagar sedan

      Er ist Schwede und tritt für Schweden an. Was ist dein Problem?

    3. hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa
      4 dagar sedan

      Stor lycka till Tusse Du är så oerhört duktig 👍👍👍 Och begåvad ✨✨✨✨✨👏👏👏👏👏👏

  79. Markku Heinonen
    Markku Heinonen
    4 dagar sedan

    Ruotsi ???

    1. Rightback At you
      Rightback At you
      2 dagar sedan

      Japp... 2021...

  80. Olivia Jergander
    Olivia Jergander
    4 dagar sedan

    Omg! This is amazing😱 Good luck Tusse! This is my winner!

  81. VEZBI
    4 dagar sedan

    it's beautiful

  82. Степан Разин
    Степан Разин
    4 dagar sedan

    Песня огонь, но с аксессуарами перебор

  83. ThatOneGensixer #Ninki4WorldPrez
    ThatOneGensixer #Ninki4WorldPrez
    4 dagar sedan

    vote sweden for clear skin

    1. ThatOneGensixer #Ninki4WorldPrez
      ThatOneGensixer #Ninki4WorldPrez
      4 dagar sedan

      @BAKU Esc wut

    2. BAKU Esc
      BAKU Esc
      4 dagar sedan

      Azerbaijan is not black 😍

  84. Leyla Ö
    Leyla Ö
    4 dagar sedan

    Good luck Tusse!😊

  85. Ida Marklund
    Ida Marklund
    4 dagar sedan

    I live in swiden so i saw him on live tv it was good he von the contest the vodio has gon viral

  86. Pajter
    4 dagar sedan

    absolutley love the song,great artist

  87. esc. tintin
    esc. tintin
    4 dagar sedan

    🏆 🇸🇪 🇲🇹 🇫🇷 good luck 😉 Greets from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  88. DDJ R
    DDJ R
    4 dagar sedan

    Sweden *always* delivers - and with that key change!

  89. Elnur Memmedov
    Elnur Memmedov
    4 dagar sedan

    It is literally copy of The Weeknd-Star boy ...

  90. litsave se
    litsave se
    4 dagar sedan

    My big and I mean my BIG complaint with the international scene is that they are so judge mental of Sweden in ESC. Sweden are one of the greatest music countries, yes but it doesn’t mean that Sweden will send a good song. Also the international public is more aggressive of someone winning than actual Swedes. Isn’t that mind blowing. What I am saying is that the international public should tone down a bit because me as a Swede myself, I don’t have as much of problem with the wrong song for me being chosen. One more thing, because Dotter got robbed last year doesn’t mean she should win this year. Have a great comment scroll!

  91. Hiiri lps1
    Hiiri lps1
    4 dagar sedan

    This is fire I am Finland btw

  92. Mister Myrslok
    Mister Myrslok
    4 dagar sedan


  93. MaybeXsuma
    5 dagar sedan

    this is one of my fav song

  94. KING CAT
    5 dagar sedan

    Stor lycka till Tusse Du är så oerhört duktig 👍👍👍 Och begåvad ✨✨✨✨✨👏👏👏👏👏👏

  95. Argine Avetisyan
    Argine Avetisyan
    5 dagar sedan

    So good,, Love from Armenia 🇦🇲 🇸🇪😍

    1. GamingWithOwa lol
      GamingWithOwa lol
      4 dagar sedan

      Good luck in eurovision! From 🇸🇪

  96. Daisy
    5 dagar sedan


  97. Темур Козырев
    Темур Козырев
    5 dagar sedan

    1 000 000 voices by Rus. Gagarina was hardly worse than this one million :-) You should have called it "Billion voices"

  98. MachGod
    5 dagar sedan

    definitely on my top 10 favorites! goodluck sweden 🇸🇪!!! love from poland 🇵🇱

  99. kubra xudaverdiyeva
    kubra xudaverdiyeva
    5 dagar sedan


  100. doliio volay
    doliio volay
    5 dagar sedan

    Douze points from UK. Better start packing for Sweden 2022.🇬🇧🇸🇪